Friday, July 4, 2014


I think this look is going to be very appealing to the masses, as the whole outfit is from our beloved Primark! Obviously this means it's completely in budget, and hopefully easy to get your hands on! 

Now I work in my local town centre, I have much easier access to Primark, so every few days I take the opportunity to search the racks and rails for a gem or two. On my latest trip, I found this b-e-a-utiful 'retro' style halter-neck playsuit. I love halter-necks. They are the classiest neck-line in my opinion, yet also incredibly.. 'sexy'. (I shudder at that word). 
It's really comfortable as well, with none of that zipping it up nonsense. It's elasticated, but the material is chiffon, (with underlay of course), so it looks a lot more expensive than it is! 

I've featured this Grafea-esque bag in my previous post, so I won't bang on about it, but how fabulous? I needn't say more!
These shoes are the most, 'I don't believe these are Primark', shoes I have ever laid my eyes upon. (Does that make sense? Just roll with it). Who knew Primark would provide my feet with magical, chunky, holographic goodness?

If Primark carries on poppin' these gems out left, right and centre, I will be one very happy girl, (with a few extra pennies to spare!)

(Just having a chat mid-picture, yep).

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