Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Makeup That Lasts 25 Hours?!

If there's one thing that I get excited to test out more than anything else, it's foundation. Foundation is the make or break of a make-up look for me, if my base isn't right, my face isn't right! (Proud of myself for that one..).

I was so excited to receive the new Rimmel foundation and concealer by Influenster complimentary to test out as I haven't actually tried a Rimmel base product since my first every foundation which was the super well-known Lasting Perfection! I'm open to trying all foundations as some of my all-time favourites are right out of the drugstore. As far as concealer goes, I'm super picky and I almost get anxious when trying a new one incase it goes horribly wrong. My all-time favourite concealer is from the drugstore, so I usually have high hopes that I'll discover a gem!

Now, these products claim to wear for 25 hours. I don't know about you, but I have never and never intend to wear my make-up for 25 hours, but what I draw from that claim is that the product will be super long lasting! After testing out the foundation, I can absolutely confirm that it's super long lasting. I can't officially say 25 hours, but I can say from morning until I take my make-up off at night. It also claims to offer medium coverage and I agree with that. My skin was totally evened out and looked flawless all day with a natural skin-like finish. I also love love love the wand applicator, it's super soft and helps me deposit just the right amount of foundation on my face. This has shot to the top of my favourite drugstore foundations and I catch myself reaching for it over high-end options. If you're looking for a drugstore foundation, this is a great one to try. 

For me, the concealer was a miss. I love my full-coverage concealers and this only offers a very light coverage. It does dry down beautifully and keep in place, but for someone who likes their under-eye area to look immaculate, I'll have to pass! If you're looking for a super natural concealer then I think you would be a fan as the formula is great and it still remains long lasting. 

I'll definitely be recommending the foundation to people that I know as it's such a great buy! What do you think of drugstore foundations and concealers?


Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Beauty Line That Shook The World

You guessed it, it's Fenty Beauty! Yes, Rihanna has released her own make-up line and everyone has lost their minds for it. We were aware she was releasing one in September for a while and I personally wasn't too excited since there's so many new beauty lines coming at us from all directions and it becomes hard to decide what's worth the investment. 
As soon as everything was revealed and reviews started hitting the internet, my interest slowly peaked and suddenly I found myself in a two hour queue outside Knightsbridge Harvey Nichols?! Of course, I picked up a few things including the highly coveted foundation.

It seems right to start with the base of your make-up, your primer. If this was priced much more than the £24 it is, I probably wouldn't have made the initial purchase. That aside, I'm so glad that I did as I haven't put it down since! I love when I find a product that I want to use over and over again as being a make-up junkie, products can be easily switched around. It doesn't necessarily blur or 'retouch' my skin, but it feels beautiful and soft and absolutely increased the longevity of my make-up no matter what foundation I use.

I was most excited about this product, as I'm sure everyone is! To begin your brand with a huge launch of 40 foundation shades is super impressive, and I couldn't wait to get matched to my perfect colour and try it for myself. It took all of 10 seconds for the beauty advisor to discover I'm a '250' and I'm very happy with my match. The foundation meshes with my skin beautifully and is virtually undetectable. I'd even go as far as to say my skin looks it's best with this foundation on. Smooth, even yet natural. If you were considering picking this up, I say go now! I'd strongly suggest getting matched in store as the online shade finder is pretty off in my opinion. 

I was sure I was going to pick one of the highlighters up but I had a little browse in the store before settling on one of the duos in 'Mean Money/Hustla Baby'. I'm mostly into the blinding highlighters but recently I've enjoyed a more subtle glow. I made a beeline to 'Trophy Wife' and quickly realised it wasn't the highlighter for me, but it looks seriously cool! I opted for the  one above as I thought I'd get much more daily use out of it. 'Mean Money' is super natural, so much so that I can dust it over my face for a beautiful lit from within glow. 'Hustla Baby' is a happy medium between soft glow and light beams on the cheekbones! The other shades in the range don't speak to me as much as this one, but there's absolutely something for everybody.

I can totally see why people have gone crazy for this make-up line, I'm already itching the snap up future products! I'd love to see bronzers and lipsticks! Have you tried Fenty Beauty? Are you interested in the new hottest make-up line?

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