Monday, March 31, 2014


If you've been following my posts, you'll know i'm a huge fan of co-ords, and I seem to be building quite the collection!
Back in February, I spotted the black version of this two-piece in Primark and I immediately picked it up, unaware of it's pretty pastel sister. I later returned it in the hope i'd pick up the pink version, and I absolutely love it. 
The material feels very similar (if not the same) as the on-trend neoprene fabric, which is super flattering might I add. I love the boxy top contrast with the fitted skirt as it shows off all the more forgiving parts!
I couldn't resist putting this outfit with my new La Moda holographic sandals, they go with everything! I wore them yesterday for a trip to Manchester, and they were the comfiest heeled sandals i've ever worn so I would highly recommend! (They also do a variety of colours which i'm dying to add to the collection!).
I'll leave a link to my previous post here including these sandals for more details.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014


As you all probably know, orange is hot this Spring/Summer, and I for one am all for it!
I've always thought that purples and orange go beautifully together, or maybe i'm just nostalgic for the times of Spyro the dragon? Either way, my current picks are based around these two colours and I hope to be the proud owner of all of these pieces soon.
I will leave clickable links below of where to find these products. 
I will add, I don't think the lilac jellies are in stock at the moment, but hopefully they will be soon so I can get my hands (and feet) on them!

Lilac Jellies - La Moda  
Amethyst Necklace - Empty Casket
 White Pool Sliders - Topshop
 Bikini - Triangl 
Skort - Topshop 
Cigarette Trousers - Topshop

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Saturday, March 29, 2014


As i'd mentioned in my previous post, i'd been shopping with my friend in Manchester. Unfortunately, there wasn't much time to whip the camera out and take some pictures of my outfit, so decided to re-create the look before I go to work today. 
Somehow.. accidentally.. I ordered clothes from New Look whilst I'm supposed to be saving.. ANYWAY, I completely fell in love with these two pieces in particular, and they actually go together like a dream! 
The top is just a simple 'waffle material' tee, and is possibly the definition of 'smart-casual', as it can be worn for any occasion, (paired with the right clothes). 
I seem to have developed a wild obsession with plaid skirts in these gorgeous brushed wool materials, and to-date, I own six, (oops). They're so cute and girly, and with New Look insisting on bringing out new ones all the time, how am I to resist?!
I only received these beautiful shoes in the post today, so I hadn't originally wore them with this outfit, but.. wow. How amazing are they?! I recently discovered La Moda through other bloggers, and I haven't looked back since. I can't fault them. From style, to price and to delivery time! I was hoping to purchase the lilac jellies as well, but unfortunately they were out of stock. I highly recommend checking their website out, La Moda, I promise you will be in awe at their stock. 
I've shown this coat in a post previously, which you can view following the link 'coat'.
I've been using this bag non-stop since it arrived. I can't find it online anymore, but I believe some stores still stock it in H&M. I've found it goes with practically anything because of the light shade of blue, and is the perfect size to carry all of your handbag junk!
Also, my dog seemed to enjoy jumping in on my pictures and wondering what on earth I was doing, so he may feature in a few shots!

TOP - NEW LOOK - £12.99
SKIRT - NEW LOOK - £17.99
BAG - H&M - £34.99
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Friday, March 28, 2014


It can be difficult to keep on top of 'outfit posting', but I have discovered a useful tool which will allow me to post more frequently when my designated photographer is busy, and that tool is the timer option on my camera! (Although I guess you could say the tool is me for not figuring it out sooner!). Yes, I have taken these pictures myself, involving lots of running back and forth, and lots of out-of-focus shots. However, I have managed to narrow it down to a neat selection!
It needn't be said that I am thoroughly obsessed with pastels, and with the high-street stores continuously bringing out gorgeous ice-cream pastel shades, I'm spoilt for choice!
I have shown this blazer in a previous post, here, and I was really disappointed there wasn't a matching bottom half to complete the set. I certainly wasn't expecting to find this blazers' other half in Primark, yet there it was, in all of it's pretty pastel delight. 
I was in awe at the rails of pastel skorts in every shade. I tried on the yellow and lilac also, but decided the green was perfect! I think i'll have to pick the others up on my next trip.
This top is part of a co-ord that has been around the block and back in the blogger-world, and I did used to own the black and white version, however I returned it and purchased this one as it's perfect for this season. 
Unfortunately, these white flatforms are no longer available, and I purchased mine very cheap on eBay! I absolutely love flatform sandals, and i'm currently waiting on some holographic ones from La Moda.
Finally, my beloved bag. I have been after this bag for so long, but I thought I wouldn't get much use out of it due to the loud colours and print. It then occurred to me that I don't care! I thought, 'This is a beautiful bag and must be thrust upon the world'. So I am currently thrusting.. (the bag, that is). 

BLAZER - NEW LOOK - £24.99
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Okay, first off, I would like to apologise for my lack of outfit posting/general posting in the past week. I've been struggling with negative body image, so I couldn't face posting my body online. However, I am back, and completely decked out in New Look's finest!
New Look has really been getting it right for the past few months, price, styles.. the works!
With the last scraps from last months pay, I've been managing to accumulate lots of lovely pieces for SS14. 
I've been dying to blog about this gorgeous mint green blazer. The fit is absolutely perfect as its slightly oversized, yet extremely figure flattering. I'm hoping they drop a few more pastel colours so I can add them to my growing collection!
For quite a while, I'd been eyeing up this gingham crop top in my local New Look, and I finally took the plunge! I do love crop tops, however i'm not the biggest fan of me wearing them, but I thought for £9.99.. why not?!
Of course, as co-ords are back with a vengeance, I should have expected New Look to create some beautiful pieces for the bottom half to match! They have the option of a midi skirt, or a skort. I personally would get more wear out of the skort as I love the fact it looks like a skirt, but with the benefits of wearing shorts! 
I've worn these shoes quite a few times in my posts as I find they go with so many pastel outfits. Again, they're New Look, (as is all of this outfit), but I purchased mine via ASOS. 
I'm completely in love with New Look's current products and I have just received another order, (oops!). Move aside, Topshop!

 BLAZER - NEW LOOK - £24.99
SKORT - NEW LOOK - £17.99
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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


March Glossybox 2014

I don't normally do 'beauty' related posts, however it doesn't mean I don't thoroughly enjoy beauty and all things make-up!
I've been a subscriber to Glossybox UK for around 7 months now, (according to the ever-growing stack of boxes on my desk), and I still get that child-like excitement each time the pretty pastel pink box arrives. 
It can be rather 'hit and miss' with these boxes as the products are chosen for you, so you may find a couple of products that you wouldn't put to use, however I must say I am pleasantly surprised with the contents of my March box!

Obviously as i've just teared into this package, I haven't tried the products out in a 'reviewable' way, but I just thought i'd give you all an insight into what I received in my box this month.

Mitchell and Peach Body Cream

I'm a big fan of creams/lotions/moisturisers, and I have been since I was very small as I've always had an absurd obsession with moisturised hands, so I was thrilled to receive this and i'm hoping it meets my expectations!

Dove 60 Second Treatment Shot

I wish I had a wonderful hair story involving bleached hair, crazy hairstyles etc, but unfortunately, my damaged hair is due to the misfortune of having essentially 'rubbish' hair!
I'm always on the look out for deep conditioning products to apply to the ends of my hair, and i've heard a few things about this product, so who knows? Maybe this could be the answer to all of my hair troubles?

Juicy Couture 'La La Malibu' and 'Malibu' Perfume

I have never tried out Juicy Couture's perfume range, so when I opened this, I immediately had a little spritz on each wrist. I can't particularly notice a difference in each of the scents, but  it's a really lovely summery scent and it makes me feel as though i'm relaxing on South Beach! (I wish).

Sleek Pout Polish in 'Raspberry Rhapsody'

How gorgeous is this colour?! I was so excited to try this product out when I opened it up, however i'm a little disappointed in the colour pay-off. I was expecting the colour to pop on my lips, given the bright shade, however it's just a sheer pink gloss. It's a lovely product, nonetheless, but I prefer an opaque lip. 

Bellápierre Cosmetics Ltd Shimmer Powder in 'Whesek'

The final product in my Glossybox! Quite often in my Glossyboxes, I receive some form of eyeshadow. I love experimenting with different eyeshadows, and my eyes are generally the focal point of my make-up. Recently, i've been wanting to dabble in the arts of the 'smokey-eye', and this product is perfect for the look i'm going for! It's a pretty, metallic grey powder, and the colour pay-off is excellent. I'm really looking forward to having a go at the smouldering, Kim Kardashian eye look with this product!

Check out Glossybox yourself here!
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Friday, March 14, 2014


My absolute favourite colours are pastels, so i'm delighted that they're huge this Spring/Summer. Of course, I have been emptying the contents of my bank into the shops in return for a beautiful pastel-filled wardrobe. 
During one of my recent 'accidental' shopping sprees, I spotted these gorgeous pastel pink trousers. Like a moth to a flame. H&M has always had a very appealing price tag, and these trousers were no exception at only £12.99!
Straight from picking up those trousers, I found a very smart co-ord which I fell in love with! I feel rather posh now owning a 'skirt-suit', all I need is some Miu Miu shades and Louboutins to finish the look off! (I can dream, okay). 
Whilst heading to the checkout in Primark, I noticed this very smart, (but cute), pink tweed top. My favourite detail is the tiny sparkles intertwined with the material. 
Although this look is generally quite smart, I couldn't resist slinging on a pair of white jellies! I bought these last year from New Look, and I believe they're still available.
If you've been following my last few posts, I needn't say more about this bag other than, 'well done, Primark!'.

JACKET - H&M - £29.99
TROUSERS - H&M - £12.99
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Monday, March 10, 2014


As the weather has been gorgeous yet again, it was clear that blogging was on the agenda!
I think 'blues' are becoming quite a theme in my posts, and this is no different. 
I'm a big fan of  loose crop tops, and last summer I bought quite a few. Primark was stocking lots of them back then for around £3, so i'm hoping they bring them back this summer in lots of pretty pastels!
My skirt is another favourite from last summer. You may not be able to tell, but it's quite a stiff denim material, (which isn't always a good thing as it frequently bunches up where there's excess material which is noticeable in the pictures!). I bought a matching crop top at the time, but I decided to go with something a little more casual for a simple daytime look. 
(The co-ord put together makes a cute sailor-theme outfit!).
Chunky shoes are going to be the death of my bank balance, I just can't resist them! When I spotted these, I instantly knew they were mine and off I went to the checkout. They were quite pricey, but definitely a staple piece for me this spring/summer.
The rest of my accessories are Primark bargains, which are featured in my last post. 
Let's hope the weather stays this lovely so I can blog in the beautiful sunshine!

 Tom got out of the picture, damn it!


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