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Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Foundation Stick: Review

Any Jaclyn Hill lovers out there dying to try this foundation as much as I was??? As soon as this got the 'JH' seal of approval, I wanted it almost immediately, the only problem being getting to a store to find the correct shade! As soon as that opportunity arose, I picked it up immediately, along with the regular HD liquid foundation!

I chose mine in the shade 'Y315', which is the perfect match for me. If you already own the liquid foundation, you can get away with purchasing this in the same shade, but bare in mind it isn't as yellow toned! I thought that would be a problem for me, since I kind of love that 'Simpson-chíc' look.. but nope! It's perfect. 

As for application and 'blendability', (is that a word??), it's an absolute dream. I was incredibly dubious about using a foundation stick as it brings back painful memories of using them as a young teenager, and the stick literally dragging my skin off and being incredibly waxy and tacky. I was SO wrong. This glides onto your face in any which way you like. I draw a few lines on the sides of my face, one on my forehead, and I dot some on my chin and my nose. I use a buffing brush to blend it all over my face and it gives super full coverage, but it's super glowy! It's not heavy either, so you needn't worry about being 'cakey'.

It wears beautifully, and lasts until I want to remove it. I have a very oily t-zone, particularly my nose, and at first I thought it was making me produce more oil, but it turns out that's just what hot, sweaty London does to you! After wearing it in a less.. sweaty.. environment, it didn't budge. 

I'd say this is perfect for those who want full-coverage, but still want to look dewy. I can't speak for those with dry skin, but on my oily skin, it didn't cause me any problems. Any scars or blemishes are completely sealed away, this has climbed to the top of my 'foundation' ladder pretty fast!! 

I will continue to test out the liquid version, and I will definitely review that one too! I have a whole host of new base products that I'm trying out, so expect more from me on that topic! 

You can purchase this foundation from Debenhams here!

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Gerard Cosmetics Lipsticks: Review

If you're like me and spend every waking moment trawling through beauty pages on Instagram, you'll be no stranger to Gerard Cosmetics and their huge selection of gold bullets.. (and by that, I mean lipsticks!).
I began my collection with cult favourites, '1995' & 'Underground', and evidently, I haven't looked back since! With the help of the copious amounts of discount codes flying around, these lipsticks become incredibly affordable, so I really wasn't sure what to expect. 
I own a mixture of 'matte', 'cream' and 'satin' finishes, all of which are incredibly moisturising, long lasting and super pigmented. 

(From L to R) - Mystic Moon (satin), 1995 (matte), Underground (satin), Cherry Cordial (matte), London Fog (satin), Berry Smoothie (cream), Rodeo Drive (satin), Enchanté (cream), French Toast (cream).

Mystic Moon - This is a very 'on-trend' greige shade, the shade you've probably seen all over the beauty world! I find this to be a little too grey on me, and unfortunately it washes me out a little bit, but the formula is excellent and moisturising on the lips.

1995 - This is possibly my favourite lipstick from Gerard Cosmetics, from the formula to the shade. It reminds me so much of MAC's Whirl, which is my favourite MAC lipstick. It's the perfect warm brown on my skin-tone. Even with the matte finish, it locks in moisture on the lips.

Underground - A close second, if not joint first with '1995'. This lipstick is supposed to be a satin finish, but I find the formula comparable with Gerard's other matte lipsticks. This is definitely my perfect 'grey-toned' lipstick and it has the slightest pink undertone to it.

Cherry Cordial - This was a purchase inspired by Huda Beauty as I've spotted her wearing it sooo many times. It looks so beautiful and rich on her. It's the perfect deep burgundy shade, and as always, the formula of the mattes is excellent.

London Fog - So this is unfortunately my least favourite. It's a beautiful shade on other people, but it's waaay too blue toned on me, it almost looks like a blue-grey lipstick on my lips. I've seen it on other people and it looks amazing, but on me, nope! No problems with the formula, but I definitely recommend checking out swatches on a variety of skin tones.

Berry Smoothie - This is quite a nice light raspberry shade on my lips. A very easy lipstick to just swipe on and be done! This is the kind of shade that will look completely different on each person, so definitely check out swatches. I love the cream finish, it's not glossy, but it adds a little bit of dimension to the lips.

Rodeo Drive - I find this to be slightly deceiving in the tube. It looks like a brown-berry shade, but on my lips it looks very similar to 'Berry Smoothie'. Not that that's a problem, but they're very similar shades on me. I probably prefer this one to 'Berry Smoothie', but they are quite alike!

Enchanté - This is a collaboration with the 'Dupe That' girls, who I absolutely love! It's incredibly similar to MAC's Up The Amp, and it tastes like candy floss!! I wouldn't say it's an 'everyday' shade, but it's a beautiful dark lilac-y shade. 

French Toast - I've wanted this lipstick for so ages, I don't know why it took me so long to pick it up! It's the perfect orange-toned brown. That sounds quite bad, but it looks beautiful on the lips, particularly with an overall warm make-up look. This has shot up into my top 3!

Overall, I 100% recommend these lipsticks. The mattes and satin shades last longer on the lips than the creams, but that's typical with any brand. I obviously couldn't leave out the packaging.. who doesn't love a gold bullet, eh??

On that note! If you'd like me to do a similar review on the 'Hydra-Matte' liquid lipsticks, please let me know! 

You can purchase them via the Gerard Cosmetics website here, (be sure to check out their Instagram for amazing discounts!), or via Beauty Bay here!
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