Saturday, June 28, 2014


How dreadful has the weather been recently? Not a speck of sun to be seen anywhere! Which makes it incredibly difficult to get out and blog some of these gorgeous summery pieces i've been collecting recently, but in true blogger style, I went out and shot some pictures regardless!

I was very kindly sent this super bright two-piece to review from FD Avenue, an online store that sell on-trend pieces for very affordable prices. I was a little skeptical on how it would fit to begin with, as having a larger bust, means I normally have to size up on a top, and as both pieces have to be the same size, I was worried I would struggle! I'm pleased to say, that as it's a lovely stretchy material, I didn't struggle at all and it fits perfectly! So all you busty mamas out there, stick to your normal size! It's a lovely thick scuba material, so it's very flattering on, and you won't be having to contend with all that VPL business. 

As the base of the two-piece is a lovely mint green, I decided to put it with my mint green kimono from H&M, and to add an extra somethin', (not that it needs it), I wore my new holographic sliders from Public Desire. I placed a huge order with them recently, so I have lots of new shoes to show you! 

KIMONO - H&M - £7.99
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014


Ha, giggling at the title of this blog post, sound like anything? A naughty cocktail maybe? 
I've given it this name with good reason though as you will see! I was unsure about whether to document my outfits during my holiday to Greece, and eventually I decided not to, as I know how stroppy I am in the hot weather and I won't want to stand still for longer than 3 seconds! However, flicking through my photos, I found enough pictures of me in this outfit to justify sharing it with you all!

Months and months in advance of my holiday, I purchased this Topshop beach cover-up dress in both mint and white as I thought it'd be perfect to transition me from a casual beach day, to a smarter evening. It was the perfect holiday dress for me, however it's very see-through, so I took the opportunity to wear my Triangl bikini underneath!

Me and my boyfriend hired bikes as we had little way of getting around, (that didn't involve exhausting our feet!), and I didn't want to be on a bike with my dress blowing up, so I borrowed his check flannel shirt to cover my modesty! Also, it gives the outfit a bit of an edge I think?!

I'll leave the rest to the pictures, which show nice variety of what we did that day! 
I do regret not taking more pictures blog-wise on holiday, so I guarantee i'll suck it up and do it next year!

Oh, and as you can see, I took full advantage of the Triangl bikini bag and used it as my bag for the entire holiday! 

BIKINI - c/o TRIANGL - $79
BAG - c/o TRIANGL - (comes with bikini)
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Sunday, June 22, 2014


Wedding season is here, and I've only been to a handful of weddings in my lifetime, all of which I was dressed by my mum, so i've never had the opportunity to experiment with elegant wedding pieces. I'm a huge fan of classy long dresses, and cute swishy skirts, so when I was contacted by Hedonia to style one of their gorgeous pieces, I immediately took the opportunity! 

Of course, i'm a two-piece girl, and this set is the epitome of class. I have to say, it's the most flattering fitting two-piece I own, and such incredible material! The skirt has a gorgeous  silk underlay, which builds volume and gives the skirt a little swish! The reason I mentioned wedding attire is because for me, this is perfect for a wedding or a formal party! Personally, I don't really like to wear fitting clothes, especially for long periods of time, and this crop top is the most amazing style. It fits around your bust, and floats past your middle, and as the skirt comes in at the waist, it creates a super flattering silhouette. 

I paired this with my holographic La Moda sandals as for me, they're my smart-casual chunky shoe! 

I believe if you register with Hedonia, you receive £10 to spend in their store! So much better than you're average 10%. I'll leave the links to my outfit below so you can check it out for yourself, and their other amazing products.

Thank you again to Rachel for giving me the amazing opportunity to own this super beautiful set!

TOP - c/o HEDONIA - £28
SKIRT - c/o HEDONIA - £40
BAG - NEW LOOK - £12.99
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Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Oh it feels very strange writing up a blog post after two whole weeks!! I was a little busy enjoying the magical islands of Greece with my boyfriend! 
We did lots of island hopping, swimming in a cave, indulging in (too much) olive oil drenched foods, and exploring the island of Lefkas. Oh, and we also spent the rest of the time watching Angel and eating our body weight in Kinder Bueno. 
If you'd like me to do a little post about my holiday etc, let me know and I will!

Anyway, on to the outfit, which is what I assume you came for!
I've recently got a new job at Debenhams, which just so happens to be in my local town centre. Obviously this means i'm right next to the likes of Topshop, Primark and New Look etc, which also means i'm seriously going to be out of pocket!
After my first shift I did a little bit of shopping, and ended up with quite a few new bits!

I love simple floaty dresses, and this is just perfect for my style. It's your basic swing dress, in a 'baby doll' style, (which is my favourite as it's super flattering!). 
Kimonos are essential for me in warmer weather, as i'm not entirely comfortable baring it all! 
This one is a bargain from Primark, the lace detail is gorgeous and makes it look a lot more expensive than the measly £15 it was. 

Before I went away, I placed quite a few orders, (luckily most of them arrived before I left!).
One of them is this insaaaanely beautiful necklace. I'm kind of obsessed with big jewelled statement necklaces, but unfortunately they can break the bank so I tend to hold out for a Primark gem, (no pun intended), but this was very much in budget, and i'm in love with the silky ribbon alternative for a chain. It's from Taupe & Pearl, who sell some beautiful statement jewellery and rings. I can't tell you how many pieces i'm after!
The other item I ordered is these pretty pastel pink chunky sandals from Spy Love Buy. I've been after these for so long, and I finally bit the bullet, and they are the comfiest heeled shoes on planet Earth, i'm sure of it. I wore them to and from the airport, and they served my feet very well!

A bit of a hefty post, I hope you've managed to stick around! 
Posts are back to normal and shall hopefully be frequent as ever as I have quite a few bits to share with you all.

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