Monday, October 3, 2016

Influencer Collabs & Why We Should Support Them

More and more we're seeing our favourite social media influencers teaming up with huge brands to bring us exciting products they've collaborated on. I, for one, get so excited about these launches in particular because I know that these products have been perfected by people who's opinions we trust, and recommendations we swear by. 

Over the past year or so, there's been a huge increase in influencer collaborations, and I generally purchase every collaboration from somebody I'm a huge fan of in support, but I also like to explore with influencers I'm not so familiar with! 

I don't know about you guys, (those who don't live in the USA), but have you ever tried purchasing directly from the Morphe website? The shipping fees are astronomical! Thankfully we can get the majority of their products from places like Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty, but unfortunately, their collaborations only ever seem to be available on their website! (I was a very lucky birthday girl, and received this as a gift).

I had never heard of Deysi Danger until this collaboration, but as a huge fan of Morphe, I trusted this would be of excellent quality. There's a variety of shades and finishes for all skin types and preferences. I personally favour the bottom row, with the beautiful golden tones, but there's a lovely mix of pinks, duochromes, and even two matte shades! You can see the thought and attention thats gone into this palette, to ensure there's something suitable for everybody. Big thumbs up from me!

This is one HELL of a collaboration. One of the top beauty vloggers and top beauty brands joining forces to create a capsule collection. I'm constantly in awe of Nikkie, and her insane talent, so it didn't really matter what she came out with, I was having it! 
She carefully put together a beautiful palette, along with a purple 'Better Than Sex' mascara, full-size sketch liner, glitter pigment and a small shadow insurance. 

I was actually in London at the time of her meet up and release in Debenhams, so I swung by to check it out! I'm not patient enough to queue for hours, but I got so close to Nikkie! I can't believe I saw her in the flesh, crazy. Anyway, I grabbed my palette and went about my day. 
I wasn't actually all too excited about this, as I'm usually a 'warm-tones-only' kinda gal, however, I've used this so much! I'm particularly loving the bottom half, (hah).

The last collaboration I wanted to share with you is brought to us by one of my all-time favourite vloggers, Kathleen Lights. I purchased this some time last year, and it actually introduced me to one of my favourite liquid lipstick brands! Another benefit of these collaborations is often discovering new holy grail beauty brands! Ofra is a brand I'd never even heard of until this collaboration, and now I have an extensive collection of their liquid lipsticks and their highlighters.

I'm loving how involved brands are getting bloggers and vloggers in the industry. It's so much more personal than them picking any old celebrity off the red carpet to slap their name on the front of something they have no idea about, and you can guarantee you'll love the product! 

Have any of your purchased an influencer collaboration? Have you discovered new brands/influencers through these? Comment below!

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Friday, September 30, 2016

10 Signs You're A Make-Up Addict

1. You're a proud owner of some Muji storage, or any acrylic storage for that matter.

2. 50 shades of grey? More like 50 shades of 'the same but totally different' nude lipstick.

3. Boots has a 3 for 2 offer on make-up? Well you're practically making money!

4. You have just about every eyeshadow palette under the sun, but you still need the latest in your collection!

5. Swatches make your heart flutter. The minute your eyes catch the twinkle in that shadow swatch, you fall in love.

6. You're regularly found refreshing the Kylie Cosmetics website during new launches..

7. You have a set of Alex drawers dedicated entirely to beauty products.

8. The perfect Friday night consists of watching beauty hauls, make-up tutorials and a sweep of Beauty Bay!

9. Despite those nasty customs fees, you can't resist a bit of international online shopping. Hello Sephora!

10. Your vocabulary consists of, 'buttery' and 'so pigmented'.

I know these ring true with me, can any of you relate?!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

USA Beauty Brands You Didn't Know The UK Sold

Alright, maybe you did know about these beauty brands in the UK, but that wouldn't make a very good title would it?! 
Anyway, I'm sure most of us are huge fans of USA beauty brands, some of us being lucky enough to purchase whilst visiting the states, and some of us mad enough to order internationally, (me). Either way, the words on the tip of our tongue is always, 'why can't they sell this in the UK?!'. Our prayers are slowly but surely being answered, with US brands creeping over to this side of the pond. I decided to share three of the most current brands with you all, and show you a couple of bits I've purchased too!

First up is a biggie, Kat Von D! When they announced they were coming to the UK, I freaked out. This was one of those brands that I was willing to fly to the US for just to grab everything I possibly could! Since September 13th, the brand became available to us UK folk on Debenhams online, (soon to be coming into stores). I made quite a hefty order, so I'll share the things I purchased!

In the image at the top of this post, you can see I picked up my staple tattoo liners in Trooper and Mad Max Brown. This is my all time favourite liquid eyeliner, and I strongly suggest you grab them asap!
I also picked up one of the Shade and Light Eyeshadow Quads in 'Rust', purely because I just wanted one of the quads! I already have the original Shade and Light Eyeshadow Palette, so this was just a little add on. Okay, so I've just remembered I forgot to photograph the individual eyeshadow I purchased.. well, to sum up, I'm not a fan of single shadows, and this one was very high quality, but I doubt I'd purchase any more! (I have the Metal Crush Eyeshadow in 'Thunderstruck').
Lastly I picked up a couple of lip products, I was well restrained in my opinion! The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick formula isn't my all time favourite, (check my post on my all-time favourite here), however the colours in her range are so gorgeous that I had to grab a couple! I have Bow & Arrow and Lovesick to accompany my existing collection of Lolita and Jeffree! (I wonder if she'll change the name of that one?!). I also have the Studded Kiss Lipstick in 'Cathedral' which is the most beautiful shade of lipstick I have ever seen. The formula of these are perfect, and I will be expanding my collection very soon!

Next up is a brand that's fast circulating the web, and jumping straight into our wish-lists. Jouer Cosmetics! Who else wishes they were on the Paris trip rubbing shoulders with Manny, Patrick & Nikkie?!
Jouer has been on Cult Beauty for quite some time now, but it's only since the launch of the lip toppers and highlighters that the brand has really blown up. I have a selection of lip products which I've swatched below, and I also have the highly sought after 'Citrine' highlighter, although mine has smashed!! Devastating. I can certainly vouch for its greatness though, (despite its demise). 

From L to R, Skinny Dip, Filigree, Tan Lines, Tawny Rose, Snapdragon & Noisette

The lip products are so well priced for a higher end brand, ranging from £13.50 - £15. I'd sooner invest in one of these than a MAC lipstick! I really want to try more products from Jouer, now to decide where to start!

Ahhh, Tarte Cosmetics! A brand I've always wondered as to why it was never front and centre in UK department stores. I love Tarte, every item I own from them has been incredible, and I'm yet to be disappointed. While you can order Tarte directly from their US website, you can also purchase it from QVC! No customs, no nasty extortionate shipping fees, it's right on our doorstep! (Kind of).

I thought I'd use this opportunity to talk about the Shape Tape concealer, and how it's taken pride of place in my makeup routine. My best friend actually got me this for my birthday, (how well does she know me?!), and I haven't stopped using it since! It comes in the biggest tube I've seen, (in regards to concealer), and the applicator is like a doe-foot on crack. I'm provided with flawless coverage, and 0 creasing/caking.. yes, that does exist!

There's plenty of brands I want to talk about, but I thought by narrowing it down to three, your bank balances can take just a minor hit!

Please share other US brands us UK folk can get a hold of in the comments below! (Any opportunity to spend..).

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Friday, September 23, 2016

Beauty Trends: Duochrome Highlighters

 Beauty Trends posts are always exciting for me, as it means there's something new for me to get acquainted with and stuck in to!
Today's topic is 'Duochrome Highlighters'. As we all know, highlighting, strobing, and general glowing of the skin is something that's bang on trend, so of course, brands are looking for new ways to stand out from the (huge) crowd. That means we're seeing highlighters brought out in unusual shades, (I'm looking at you, Jeffree Star!), and now highlighters with a duochrome finish! Now that's something I can get on board with. I'm a huge fan of duochrome eyeshadows, and I'm known for grabbing anything and everything with a duochrome finish.

I have a couple of these types of highlighters swimming around in my collection, but in particular I wanted to talk about the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit as this is the ultimate duochrome highlighting palette!

From L to R - Blue Ice, Star, Purple Horseshoe, Pink Heart, Lucky Clover & Blue Moon

Firstly, look how beautiful the swatches are? That was one swipe. The formula of Anastasias glow kits just gets better and better!

I ummed and ahhed over this palette for some time, wondering where I could fit duochrome into my base routine without looking a little bit crazy! I've seen this palette on a huge range of skin tones, and after seeing how gorgeous it looked, I decided I needed to up my highlighting game, and fast. I'll list a brief description of each shade below, taken straight from the ABH website!

Blue Ice - Diamond white with an icy blue reflect.
Star - A moonstone fusion of mint, platinum and silver reflect.
Purple Horseshoe - A glittering lavender with an arctic blue reflect.
Pink Heart - Pearl white with a pink opal reflect.
Lucky Clover - A shamrock-infused gold with canary yellow diamond reflect .
Blue Moon - Frozen blue with a silver reflect.

I'm spotting brands bringing out their own duochrome highlighters, and I can see this being the start of a new collection in my beauty stash. I will link a few existing duochrome highlighters that I have in my collection already! 

I'm very excited to see what's coming out in terms of these duochrome gems, let us all have an intergalactic glow!

Have you tried a duochrome highlighter yet?

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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Liquid Lip We All Need

Yes, a very popular topic amongst the beauty community, but as long as brands keep throwing out new, incredible variations on this trend, it's not going to leave our mouths! (Or lips, more precisely). 

Today I want to talk to you about the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks, simply because in my opinion, they've totally set a new standard for a liquid lip. I've been using so many different brands of liquid lipsticks, but never have I found one that's truly faultless. Don't get me wrong, I love my Kylie Lip Kits, Jeffree Star Liquid Lipsticks & plenty others, but these standout. 

I first discovered Huda Beauty, or the Kattan family in general some time last year, (I know, where was I?!), and I've totally fallen in love with not only the brand, but the family too. Seriously, when does the show 'Keeping up with the Kattans' begin?!
I went to Dubai last September, and I picked up my first pair of Huda Beauty lashes, (which by the way I refuse to use as they're very sentimental to me!). I should probably purchase a couple of pairs that'll dare to use.. 
When Huda announced the Lip Contours, I was so excited to get my hands on a couple which I was lucky enough to receive for my birthday! I was immediately on the Cult Beauty website, and purchased three of the new liquid mattes.

Based on online swatches, I selected three shades, and waited eagerly for them to arrive. I'd heard a lot of things about the formula, most notably that it 'goes on like water', and 'feels like nothing' on the lips, sounds like a dream to me! 

I went for 'Spice Girl', a true 90's brown, and one of my go-to shades. 'Trophy Wife', quite an unusual purchase for me, but a customer in work was wearing it and it looked gorgeous! It's a slightly bright pink shade, but super wearable. 'Muse', my most worn! This is one of those shades, y'know, the Instagram shade. Mauve, brown, nude, pink.. hard to describe, but another go-to!

From L to R - Muse, Trophy Wife & Spice Girl

I can happily confirm, it's true what they say, these literally feel like nothing on the lips. I don't notice them break down in colour throughout the day, and I certainly don't experience any dryness. Possibly one of my favourite things about this product is the scent. It smells like holiday, sunscreen, coconut, you know the scent. 

I'm 100% picking up a bunch more shades when I decide which ones I'm after! (Oh, and when I'm not looking under vending machines for spare change). 

Have any of you tried the Huda Beauty Liquid Matte? 


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection

I'm sure you're all fully aware of the collection thats taken the beauty world by storm, of course it's the Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection!
Like most people, I was introduced to this with the release of the 'Champagne Pop' pressed shimmering skin perfector. I received this as a birthday gift, and I've been hooked on the shade since, so when Becca & Jaclyn announced the Champagne Collection Face Palette, I was desperate to get it! It was so difficult to get a hold of with it being in such high demand, not to mention the price of it being over in the US! Luckily, on one of my frequent browses on Space NK, I spotted it! It was one of those 'add to bag, pay, done' situations.

The packaging is super luxurious. You can tell love and effort has gone into creating this palette. While having a couple of products in one place can be handy, it is quite heavy, so I'm not sure I'd use it as a travel palette! I travel a lot, and it's hard enough trying to narrow down my 'on-the-go' beauty products without carrying a paperweight!
However, that doesn't mean it doesn't make a beautiful addition to my vanity.. white and gold? Very 'instagramable'. (When is that word going to be added to the Oxford dictionary I wonder?).

Shades from L to R - Rose Spritz, Amaretto, Pamplemousse, Champagne Pop & Prosecco Pop

The selection of blushers are beautiful, although I would probably switch Pamplemousse for a peachy shade, however I think Pamplemousse would be beautiful on deeper complexions. All shades are super pigmented and blend beautifully. A light hand is required! My favourite of the trio is 'Amaretto', the perfect brown toned pink. I loved this so much that I went on the purchase the Champagne split in 'Amaretto & Prosecco Pop'. 
You get a pan of Champagne Pop, (of course!), and the new creation, Prosecco Pop. Champagne Pop is slightly peachier in tone, whereas Prosecco Pop is a lot more gold. I actually prefer Champagne Pop to Prosecco Pop, I find it to look a lot softer and it almost melts into my skin. Unfortunately I don't think is in stock anywhere at the moment, but you can purchase these items individually!

Now here's a product I definitely didn't see myself being enamoured by, but one that's totally taken front seat in my make-up routine. The rest of the products in this post were received as a birthday present from my parents, and I wanted this purely because I'm a huge Jaclyn fan, and I love the Champagne Pop line, not because it was something I necessarily needed. I saw myself occasionally using it as a cream highlighter, or as a base for my powder highlighter, but oh no! I decided to mix it with my foundation, and sweet Lord it was the most beautiful creation known to man. Bare in mind I'm an oily gal, so adding dew to my base isn't my priority, but this added the most beautiful 'lit from within' glow to my skin, bringing out gorgeous golden tones. If you're looking for some glow, (who isn't these days?!), definitely pick up one of these babies, it'll change the game completely. 

Here we have another variation on the Champagne Pop highlighter, and this is aimed at more precise highlighting, you know, the cupids bow, nose & brow bone, that type of thing! Unfortunately, this just doesn't do it for me. Don't get me wrong, the colour is beautiful, but the way it applies is just far too dry for my liking. I like products of this nature to be creamy and bendable, but this requires a little more attention than it should. I love the idea of it, but it's a miss in my opinion!

Who other than Jaclyn Hill to create the most deluxe brush? I couldn't even bare to throw away the gold box it came in!
If you're in the market for a highlighter brush, definitely check this one out, it's super soft and distributes the products beautifully. I'd even consider using this for blusher as it does seem to cover quite a lot of surface. 

I didn't pick up the poured version of Champagne Pop as I can't see myself using it, but if you like a cream highlighter, it's one worth picking up!

Have you tried anything from the Champagne Pop range? Comment below, I'd love to know!

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Monday, September 12, 2016

Update: Where Have I Been & New Blog!

Plants - New Look 

Well it's been quite some time since I've shown my face around here! I thought I'd create a little update post, (for those who are interested), rather than shooting out new beauty posts without warning. 
I haven't posted on any of my social channels for around a month, the longest I've ever gone since the beginning of the world wide web! This certainly wasn't a planned 'hiatus', but I can truthfully say it's over and I'm back! 

For quite some time I've wanted to 're-brand' myself. Let's be honest, a blog that near enough writes solely about beauty shouldn't be called 'fashion by nicole'. I wanted the name to be perfect, and I guess this really is 'my beauty space'! However I would like to delve into other topics too, throw a little bit of lifestyle in the mix, I'm sure you won't mind.
I also changed my Instagram name to 'nicolecourchee', simple enough! If you're not already following, please go ahead!
Also, please excuse the basic layout of my blog, my lovely boyfriend will be helping me out with all of the things I definitely couldn't do by myself!

Huda Beauty Liquid Mattes - Cult Beauty

As you may know, I'd been working on a beauty counter for seven months, and it rapidly became apparent that it wasn't the right brand for me. This led to me feeling consistently uninspired and I lacked so much motivation in many aspects of my life. It dragged away my creativity and eagerness to succeed, something I've always been very proud of about myself. I'm an incredibly hard worker, and whenI get the chance to sink my teeth into something, nothing will stop me. I'm now working for another brand which I'm so excited about, just one day with the company and I can feel the positive energy, it fills me with the energy to push the boundaries!

My head is swimming with ideas for blog posts, and I've been collecting so many new things and trying out lots of new products, plenty of reviews to come! I'm excited to embark on my new journey, and share my passion of beauty, (and various other topics), with you all!

Christian Louboutin Lipstick - Selfridges

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Beauty Trends: The Artis Brush Dupe

Here's my second post in the 'beauty trends' series! I have to admit, these are tougher to put together than I thought! There's so many beauty trends around, but I fund my entire collection myself unlike a lot of beauty bloggers, so I have to be quite selective about what I purchase, and generally only buy into trends I'm interested in/will get use out of. 

I'm sure you've all seen these 'Artis' style brushes plastered all over the internet. Yes, I know that's not their official name, (what is it by the way? haha!), 'Artis' is the brand that kicked off the trend with this new style of make-up brushes. Unfortunately, the Artis brushes are incredibly pricey, and certainly aren't a purchase I'd take lightly. However, these Primark dupes are something I'm definitely willing to part with a few £'s for!

I hate to say it, but I am the biggest skeptic when it comes to Primark beauty products, I can't help it, but I very seldom have a positive experience with the products. I get that I 'shouldn't' expect much for the little I pay, but why do I want to purchase beauty products that don't work? I guess you'd wonder why I have a vast collection of these little toothbrush type-things.. well, they were a huge success! 

Large Face Brush

There is no 'official' name for each of these brushes, so I named it myself.. 'large face brush', pretty accurate!
I picked up this brush first, parted with my £4, and went away to see if it was worth even that. I planned to use this brush for foundation application. I didn't expect much, infact I expected a streaky mess on my face, but not at all! The application was as seamless, if not more than my regular buffing brushes! I found that I needed a little more foundation than usual as the brush does soak up more than I'd care for, but it really doesn't bother me much. The handle is plastic, so it can be a little flimsy if you're heavy handed, but as long as you're careful, you'll have the most beautiful, flawless base.

Medium Face Brush

My favourite brush out of the three! I tried this for a variety of things before settling on using it for concealer application. It wasn't flexible enough to use for cream blush or contour, but it was firm enough to use for patting in concealer. I've never been content with the way I apply my concealer, I've always found it can be a little cakey, or even too sheer, but using this brush to pat and lightly blend has been revolutionary to my make-up routine, my concealer has never been so flawless! If you get any brush from this range, I highly recommend this one, for £3, it's a steal.

Small Face Brush

The final of the three, and the smallest! Also, my least favourite. I tried this for cream contour, and it was a streaky mess. It dragged across my face, definitely a no from me for this purpose! The only use I get from it is for more precise concealer, if I need a little help getting closer to my tear duct for example! I'd love if anyone else could recommend a way for me to use this? For £2.50, I wouldn't say 'don't' try it, if you have smaller areas to conceal, it could be really good for you, but I find it just collects dust in my room now!

I'm not sure if these brushes are going to be here to stay, or as this post suggest, a 'trend', but I'm really loving the idea of them, and the fact that they work beautifully too! I purchased a few back-ups, but I'm looking at expanding my collection of these, venturing into other brands, and of course, Artis!

Have you tried these brushes? What do you think of this beauty trend? Comment below!
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Monday, August 1, 2016

Colour Pop Haul & My Experience Ordering to the UK

If you're remotely tuned into the beauty world, there's no question that you've seen Colour Pop Cosmetics circulating the scene and quite frankly, completely taking it over!
I know that since I set my eyes on those lippie stix, (what feels like a million years ago), I had to get a hold of them! I would trawl the website, looking for loopholes in the system meaning I could get a package delivered to the UK, and of course, nothing! I suppose you could say I had the option of using a US postal service, but the whole thing seems a little complicated if you ask me, and low-key expensive. 

When it was announced that on July 12th, we'd be able to have Colour Pop products delivered to our door no matter the location, (albeit a few exceptions!), I think I shed a tear. I was actually at my brothers graduation whilst placing my order, one minute after the international shipping went live, my hefty order had been placed.

As it's been such a long wait for international shipping to begin, there's been ample collaborations that have come and gone, and countless limited edition products, but nonetheless, I managed to rack up my total to $177, plus $35 shipping! I didn't mind paying out for the products, but that is one ridiculous shipping price. I'll touch on that later.

On to the products!

From left to right - Lumiere, Tootsi, Brink, Pillow Talk, Taurus & Climax

Lippie Stix

Possibly my all time favourite Colour Pop product! I had already tried two of the lippie stix out prior to ordering directly from Colour Pop, as a UK website called Lustre Cosmetics was stocking some bits, (for a slightly increased price, I'll add!). I actually repurchased the shade 'Taurus' as it's the most stunning brown shade I've ever used. The one I currently have on the go is a shadow of the product it used to be, writing rubbed off the packaging, covered in all kinds of powders and shadows from my over flowing make-up bag! I'm glad to have a fresh one in my collection!

I purchased a variety of matte and matte X formulas. The matte X formula is stunning, so pigmented, so creamy and a dream to use. The two I have in that formula is 'Pillow Talk' and 'Climax'. I couldn't resist getting a shade out of my comfort zone! 
If you pick anything up from Colour Pop, make sure you grab yourself one (or two) of these!

From bottom to top - Lumiere, Tootsi, Brink, Frick N Frack, Dopey & Taurus

Lippie Pencil

Another product that I already owned one or two of! The perfect partner for your Colour Pop lippie stix, or any other lip product for that matter! These are of a top quality formula, super creamy, pigmented and the shade range is excellent. I picked shades to accompany the lip products I'd purchased, however they go beautifully with the majority of my lip product collection too. 

From left to right - Lumiere 2, Dopey, Teeny Tiny, Frick N Frack, Are & Be & Limbo

Ultra Matte & Ultra Satin Lips

I'd tried one Ultra Matte out before, although I really didn't give it a good test as the shade was totally not for me. (It was 'Kapow' if you're wondering!). But the formula seemed lovely, and the pigmentation was great. I picked up four ultra mattes and two ultra satins, and let me tell you, the ultra satin formula is second to none. It's true what all the US beauty gurus say, it really is incredible! I need some time with the ultra mattes to gage my true thoughts as I really haven't had a chance to give them a go. I can do a full review on just the ultra mattes if you'd like?
Again, there's every shade under the sun, Colour Pop really don't miss a thing! Of course, I stuck to what I know best, the mauves! (I'm sure I'll pick up a crazy blue shade at some point though!).

From bottom to top - Amaze, Sequin, Stereo, Telepathy, Belladonna Lily, Slave 2 Pink & Fantasy

Super Shock Eyeshadows

Okay, this is the kind of product you need to see for yourself, touch in person, these are a whole new world of incredible. I have tried these before, I actually have quite a number of them, and I can agree with most others that the mattes aren't anything to dance about, but the shimmers/metallics? I will DANCE. I will pop, lock and drop for these babies. One swipe, and your eyelid is in complete disco ball mode. I chose a mixture of classic gold/copper shades, and a few pops of colour. How stunning is Slave 2 Pink?! I chose the first two because I've seen Amrezy coat her lids in them numerous times, and if it's good for Amrezy, it's good for me!

Please, if you care about your face, get yourself a super shock shadow. 

Highlighter - Butterfly Beach, Blush - Aphrodisiac

Blush & Highlighter

This looks like the perfect highlight and contour duo, doesn't it?
This 'contour' shade is actually from the blusher section, and I thought it was a dusty rose.. it even says in the description that it's the perfect sculpting shade, so I don't know what I was thinking! Either way, it truly is a gorgeous shade to bronze/contour with, and I'm looking forward to trying out my first cheek product!

The highlighter is slightly darker in person, but for my current post-holiday state, it's going to be an excellent match for my skin-tone. I've already got one of these products from Colour Pop, and I found the consistency slightly difficult to apply in comparison to my other highlighters, but I guess it's about getting used to the unique Colour Pop formula!

Brow Pencil - Black N Brown

Brow Pencil

Alright alright, that attempt at drawing an eyebrow is below average, but I had good intentions, okay! 
I'm quite content with my eyebrow product collection, and there's never anything I particularly want to add to it, but I figured for $6 and a lot of hype behind it, why not pick a brow pencil up! I assumed mine would be in the shade Black N Brown, it's actually a very accurate description of my eyebrow colour, and it's perfect! It's incredibly pigmented and easy to use, and it comes with a spoolie on the end which is always a huge thumbs up from me! One quite bad downside is that you can't twist the product back down again.. what kind of madness is that?! As long as you remember not to over twist it up, you should be fine, but just pre-warning you!
I really want to try the creme pots/pomade next!

Ordering, Shipping & Delivery

On to the less exciting part of online shopping. The additional fees! I have been waiting for the day Colour Pop shipped internationally for the longest time, so I had mentally prepared myself, (and my bank balance) to be open minded about the coming fees. Ordering was the same as any other online retailer. Shipping though.. wow. I had anticipated something along the $20 mark, but I hadn't expected to be hit with a whopping $35 rate! Daylight robbery at it's finest.. or not so finest. When you've got plenty of other US retailers shipping out products for significantly less, it's quite frustrating when such a successful business can put you out of pocket like that, but hey, I'm sure they'll become more accustomed to international shipping in the near future.

Speaking of acCUSTOMed! Customs. The 'C' word. I don't know one person who isn't afraid of getting hit with that poison pen letter through their door. I think it's only me who isn't massively fussed about it. I take it into consideration when making international purchases, and I weigh up whether the total I'll be spending is worth the products, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't, but it's worth thinking about! I mean, I definitely don't appreciate customs fees, especially as there really isn't a boundary of whether you'll receive one or not, just a case of the waiting game! So I spent $212 in total including $35 shipping, and I received a customs fee of £31.99. From experience, that's not too bad considering the amount I'd spent. 

We're nearly at the end! So I get my package home, I grab a knife, (no no, this isn't going to a dark place), swiftly open my package to reveal my beautiful new products neatly packed, and very carefully packed too, I'll add!
It's only when I come to searching for my 'Where the Light is' quad by Kathleen Lights that I realise something or some things are missing! I specifically remember ordering 30 products, so I whipped out my order sheet, checked off the products that I'd actually received, only to find I was missing my eyeshadow quad and a lippie stix! Quite disappointing, but I thought I'd let you know that I've been in touch with customer services, and they are having them shipped out to me now. A little unfortunate I have to wait again though!

Overall I'm really impressed with my experience and my products, despite a little glitch! I can't say I'll be ordering frequently as the shipping is just so not okay.. but I definitely will be doing large orders here and there, so stay tuned for round two!

You can purchase Colour Pop products here!

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