Monday, October 3, 2016

Influencer Collabs & Why We Should Support Them

More and more we're seeing our favourite social media influencers teaming up with huge brands to bring us exciting products they've collaborated on. I, for one, get so excited about these launches in particular because I know that these products have been perfected by people who's opinions we trust, and recommendations we swear by. 

Over the past year or so, there's been a huge increase in influencer collaborations, and I generally purchase every collaboration from somebody I'm a huge fan of in support, but I also like to explore with influencers I'm not so familiar with! 

I don't know about you guys, (those who don't live in the USA), but have you ever tried purchasing directly from the Morphe website? The shipping fees are astronomical! Thankfully we can get the majority of their products from places like Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty, but unfortunately, their collaborations only ever seem to be available on their website! (I was a very lucky birthday girl, and received this as a gift).

I had never heard of Deysi Danger until this collaboration, but as a huge fan of Morphe, I trusted this would be of excellent quality. There's a variety of shades and finishes for all skin types and preferences. I personally favour the bottom row, with the beautiful golden tones, but there's a lovely mix of pinks, duochromes, and even two matte shades! You can see the thought and attention thats gone into this palette, to ensure there's something suitable for everybody. Big thumbs up from me!

This is one HELL of a collaboration. One of the top beauty vloggers and top beauty brands joining forces to create a capsule collection. I'm constantly in awe of Nikkie, and her insane talent, so it didn't really matter what she came out with, I was having it! 
She carefully put together a beautiful palette, along with a purple 'Better Than Sex' mascara, full-size sketch liner, glitter pigment and a small shadow insurance. 

I was actually in London at the time of her meet up and release in Debenhams, so I swung by to check it out! I'm not patient enough to queue for hours, but I got so close to Nikkie! I can't believe I saw her in the flesh, crazy. Anyway, I grabbed my palette and went about my day. 
I wasn't actually all too excited about this, as I'm usually a 'warm-tones-only' kinda gal, however, I've used this so much! I'm particularly loving the bottom half, (hah).

The last collaboration I wanted to share with you is brought to us by one of my all-time favourite vloggers, Kathleen Lights. I purchased this some time last year, and it actually introduced me to one of my favourite liquid lipstick brands! Another benefit of these collaborations is often discovering new holy grail beauty brands! Ofra is a brand I'd never even heard of until this collaboration, and now I have an extensive collection of their liquid lipsticks and their highlighters.

I'm loving how involved brands are getting bloggers and vloggers in the industry. It's so much more personal than them picking any old celebrity off the red carpet to slap their name on the front of something they have no idea about, and you can guarantee you'll love the product! 

Have any of your purchased an influencer collaboration? Have you discovered new brands/influencers through these? Comment below!

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