Thursday, July 31, 2014


You will have seen this fabulous brand featured on my blog months and months ago, but Someday By Laura is back, and in the form of a beautiful 60's style shift dress.

I love the cut of this dress, it's so flattering, with the perfect mash-up of strappy and tank-style straps.
As I'd already purchased a two-piece from here, I was expecting the material to be the same, as most places seem to stick to very similar materials, however I was delighted to find it's a lovely thick scuba material. Definitely a favourite amongst us girls! (Mostly because scuba is super flattering and skims over those un-slightly areas!). 
Seriously ladies, head over to her Instagram (@somedaybylaura) to see all of the unique, handmade pieces to offer! 

I must say, I felt very 'city chic' in this outfit, and a little 'Daphne' from Scooby Doo! Possibly because of the colour of the dress, and the chunky shoes?
You've seen my shoes before, (and the holographic version), so I needn't ramble about those, but if you haven't previously seen them, they're from Public Desire!

Is that a Zara city bag, you ask? Nope! It's one of the many ridiculously good bargains from Primark!
I'd wanted the Zara city bag since last year, and Primark had brought out dupes in red and navy, but I gave up hope that they'd bring it out in black until it was bestowed upon my eyes in Oxford Street! Ahh, I haven't looked back since.

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I'm actually really pleased with how these pictures have turned out, so shout out to mama bear for being so fabulous! 

I may have taken 'payday treats' to a new extreme after looking at all of the pieces I ordered from Missguided! No regrets, they're all magical and beautiful.
You can only imagine the Missguided filled blog posts to come! (Like they're not in every single one anyway, ha!).

Anyway, the reason I mentioned that is because this dreamy palm-tree print crop top was only £4.99 in their sale! I purchased the 'daytime' one not long ago, so when I saw the 'sunset/evening' one in the sale, it was completely sold. (I can only describe it like that as it actually makes sense to me!).
I'm sure I've featured this skirt before, but it's my trusty AA lilac skater skirt which was a birthday present last year! It looks lovely with this top, really bringing out the lilac hues.
Yep, it's a kimono.. again. Sorry, not sorry! It's not my fault there's so many beautiful kimonos out there, what's a girl to do?!

My shoes are my newest and seventh pair of Public Desire beauties. I have never been so dedicated to a shoe store, haha! All for a very good reason though, and that's super beautiful and affordable shoes!
I must say this about every single pair of PD shoes, but these are truly the most comfortable shoes in the history of ever. They were having a 20% off everything promotion at the time I ordered them, so I only paid around £12 which is incredible. Even the measly £14.99 they actually are is incredibly reasonable. 

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Monday, July 28, 2014


So, I've been meaning to blog this two-piece for a while now, but I never got round to it, so when I received this beautiful pair of Barbie pink shoes from Linzi, it immediately came to mind!

As you may have seen in a previous post, (linked here), I attended the Linzi A/W press event and was lucky enough to preview all of their beautiful shoes which will be out in the next couple of weeks, so I was really excited to be given the opportunity to chose a pair to feature on my blog. They have so many beautiful pairs suitable for all occasions, but I chose these super cute pink ones! I've been lusting after a pair of shoes in this style for the longest time, so I'm so pleased to own a pair!
Unlike most of the shoes in this style on the market, these are a lovely soft suede finish as opposed to the tough faux leather, making it super comfortable for your feet! (No breaking in required!).

As I mentioned, I think this two-piece is the perfect match for the shoes as the flowers are a variety of pinks! I wanted to purchase this a while ago, but it went out of stock when I got around to it! My boyfriend was very sweet and surprised me with it when it came back into stock, so I'm very happy!

I feel like I've grown an unhealthy attachment to this kimono, I find it goes with everything/makes everything look so much better! 
If you'd like to see my extensive collection of kimonos, check out my instagram, (@fashi0nbynicole), and you'll see I need kimono rehab!

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Thursday, July 24, 2014


I was really struggling for a name for this blog post, but it seemed pretty apt to name it after the lovely necklace I'm wearing!
I was very kindly sent this beautiful statement necklace from London Style, which is a British jewellery brand selling quality statement pieces. 
I'm completely obsessed with the detail and the stones on the necklace. They're such a unique combination of gems, definitely a standout amongst most other statement necklaces on the market. I couldn't possibly get a good enough picture of how stunning the emerald green stones are, so please take my word for it!
I also have a couple more pieces to show you from their range, so look forward to seeing them again!

I think it's clear my outfit has been based around my necklace, so I went for the blues!
My trousers are an absolute STEAL from Primark. I don't think it would be a very 'Nicole' blog post without some Primark! I also picked them up in a Barbie pink, which shall be featured soon.
Actually, my top is another Primark bargain from a few summers back! Loose crops are my favourite, especially in this killer heat, anything fitted is a no-no in this weather.
Recently, I'm never without a trusty maxi kimono. (The most forgiving summer essential!). This one is from New Look, which I've now purchased in a lighter blue! (Obsessed, right?!).
And finally, another colour in the rainbow that is my jelly shoe collection! I spotted these in Ark on my way to the check-out. It was one of those 'yep, that's mine!' situations!
Anyway, I decided to take a seat in a few of these shots, not entirely sure it works for me as I'm not so sure I should be compressed as much as I should be stretched out. Does that make sense? No? Okay, I'll stop. Enjoy your evenings my lovely people!

KIMONO - NEW LOOK - £22.99 (very similar)
SHOES - ARK - £9.99
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Soooooo, I think I possibly have an addiction to lilac? It's always been my favourite colour since I was younger, but now as it's the 'in' colour, it's absolutely everywhere, furthering my addiction as it's so easy to get a hold of it!

But yes, this outfit is essentially a whole lotta lilac, with some clean cut white, (and of course, some fabulous holographic!).
Being a shopaholic, my letter box is frequented by lots of lovely packages, and the most beautiful white lace bralet arrived this morning from the lovely people at Miss Pap
I'd been after this bralet for the longest time after seeing it's debut in Topshop, but I can't justify their extortionate prices, so I'm absolutely made up that I now own one! 
The fit and quality is incredible, certainly amazing for the £14.99 price tag! However I definitely recommend sizing up if you have ample bosom!
They also do lots of different colours too, so go and check them out! (Also, if you do make a purchase, use the code 'JULY10OFF' for an additional 10% off your order). (You're welcome!).

As I'd recently bought this beautiful lilac necklace from Simply Beaux Jewels, I really wanted to style my outfit accordingly so I could show it off! The quality is amazing, and they're always offering amazing discounts, check out the site for yourself and use the code 'SBJ20' for 20% off your order! I got this necklace for a measly £4.20, thanks to the discount! 
Whilst in London for the Linzi Shoes event, me and the lovely blogger girlies went to Primark in search of this amazing lilac kimono.. which we all found.. and bought. (Oops!). I have a thing for maxi kimonos, and maybe, just maybe I ordered three from New Look last night.. (Yep, I did).

Some seriously exciting news for me, as you all will know, I'm the biggest fan of Public Desire, and I was extremely lucky enough to be sent this insanely beautiful pair of holographic platforms. I already own the fully white pair, (which have been featured in previous posts), so I'm thrilled to have the holographic ones too! Honestly guys, they're the comfiest platforms, EVER. (And on sale too!).

Sweet Jesus I've rambled! And I've not even mentioned my trousers or bag?! Okay, short and sweet. Bag, River Island. Trousers, Missguided. I've featured the trousers a while back, and I'm sure you've all seen the bag before, as it's taken the blogsphere by storm!
Aaaaaaaand breathe!

'Hey guuurl, what's the 411?!'
(A representation of that photo).

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