Saturday, July 5, 2014


Not necessarily the most creative of blog post names, but straight to the point! Right?
I don't normally don the snakeskin print all that often, but for a little over a month, i've been loving it! I worry how soon it will be until my wardrobe looks like a reptile enclosure. 

I made quite a large Missguided order recently, (no surprise there), and this halter-neck dress is one of the lovely pieces I ordered! As I said in my previous post, I love halter-necks. They're especially lovely for summer! 
With the print of this dress being quite 'dark', it's something you can transfer over to your A/W wardrobe, yet can still rock in the summer as it's a lovely floaty material, and shows off some back and shoulder!

Am I a walking Missguided advertisement? I think I might be! 
My shoes are also from Missguided! I already own the black leather ones from Topshop, and I thought these would be a lovely summer boot. They look and feel a whole lot more expensive than the price they are!

I was also recently sent some goooorgeous gold and yellow midi rings from MYU Fashion, so I painted my nails to match! They sell some beautiful clothes too, so i'd definitely recommend checking them out! They sell their items via Depop, '@MYU', or just e-mail them via their Instagram, '@myufashion'.

(Apologies for my toe-nails not being painted, personally i'm not fussed, but I realise it grosses some people out).

RINGS - c/o MYU FASHION - (unsure)
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