Monday, October 26, 2015

When You're Scared, You Run Away - But What Happens If You Don't?

It's past midnight, and I'm 'spur-of-the-moment' writing up this post. It may never make it to the internet world, but here we go anyway.

I'm always thinking, more often than not very intensely thinking. 
I've been through a lot in my life, more than anyone should. I've been through so much pain over the past six months, or at least the most part of that. I still don't feel the need to explain why, but if you can relate to heartache and loss and many other horrible experiences, I'm sure you can relate. 

I've always spent my latter years backing down from occasions, opportunities, social events for the fear of anxiety. No, I'm not going to ramble on about 'my story'.. it's neither here nor there. Shit happens, life often sucks, what else is there to say? Maybe one day when I feel like it could benefit people, I'll go through the gruelling last 5 years I've lived in relation to mental health, but for now, I'll just cover bits and bobs.. what ever springs to mind.

Anyway, how many of you turn down opportunities? Back away from potentially scary conversations? Hide away and live a sheltered life due to anxiety? 
Over the past few months, I've been beating that little demon down. Booking that train ticket, wearing that ridiculously outrageous make-up, meeting up with an old friend. Let me tell you, these are three of the countless things I've pushed myself to do, things anxiety would normally steer me away from, and these are things, memories that I now treasure. 
I booked a ticket to London last week to meet with a brand, I was terrified, I almost said no. Then I thought to myself, 'Alright, you'll be nervous.. but you'll meet with your first brand. You'll discuss potential opportunities. So what if I get anxious, the feeling disappears, I know from experience. Just do it, just get off your ass and do it'. And I did it. I'm now incredibly excited to be working with Fashion Eyewear, and I also got the opportunity to attend the Lipsy event and meet none other than Michelle Keegan? Yeah, take that anxiety.

I also was recently in contact with an old best friend, and I was so nervous to meet again after so many years had passed. It would have been easy to panic and get too into my head, but I gave myself a damn good talking too. I now have one of the best friends in the world. I have someone who's always there for me, and can cheer me up, eat Chinese food with me and obsess over make-up. 
One of the things I remember about her is her love for roller-coasters and all things 'dangerous', (I guess? Haha!). Unfortunately, (and I really hope she doesn't mind me briefly touching over!), she's suffered so much through her life too, and anxiety plays a huge part in her life, (understandably so). I know it's something as trivial as a roller-coaster, but it really makes me sad that anxiety can take something like that away from somebody. (PS, I appreciate people change and change interests, I'm using this as an example). But this works for most situations. Take me for example, anxiety stopped me watching The Walking Dead for a long time, something I was so enamoured by. I was scared of feeling.. well, feelings. It was scary, but I put the disc in and watched an episode, with my brother by my side. You can't pull me away from that show now! Don't even try. (Love you Rick & Daryl!).
The reasons I stopped watching aren't the show itself, it's memories surrounding the show. I've forgotten them now, I made new memories.
I can clearly see I've gone off on a tangent, but I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you're suffering the consequences of anxiety, tried everything to tackle it. Maybe try putting it to the test? I'm by no means a doctor, and I'm not saying what works for me works for you, but challenging yourself can be one of the most rewarding things. It certainly has been for me. 

Bare in mind, this has taken me five years to get to this place, and nobody can force you to do anything. Only you can force yourself. Do it yourself. 

I really feel this post has gone to too many places, it seriously is just pouring from the head and the heart. Is it even beneficial? I don't know.

To sum up, I have got some of the most amazing friends due to challenging myself, and I have some of the most amazing opportunities, memories, life-changing experiences. Do you know what's most rewarding? I did this. All by myself. I consider myself very independent, very happy and a crazy little bitch and I love it. You can damn well do this. You can take yourself to the most amazing places, mentally, physically. Sometimes you have to scare yourself. Don't run away anymore. Believe in yourself. 

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New In Beauty: Freedom Makeup Strobing Kits


I've been so excited to write this post up, but I wanted to give these products a good try before sharing them with you all.

As you all know, contouring/strobing/sculpting has become huge over the past year or so. I appreciate that it's always been around, but I feel like more recently it's been more accessible and has now been incorporated into our every day makeup routines in one way or another. I personally contour whenever I do my makeup, usually opting for a powder for a more subtle look, and when I'm going all out, adding cream products in the mix.

I'm sure you've all had enough of the Anastasia Beverly Hills pricey contour palettes being forced down your throats, so I'm here to introduce you to a couple or budget friendly alternatives!

Freedom Makeup is a relatively new brand on the scene, and is the sister brand to my beloved Makeup Revolution. Freedom Makeup is here to offer us professional quality makeup, at super affordable prices. After trying a bunch of their products, I can definitely agree with this. 

Anyway, enough rambling! Onto the palettes!

First up is the Pro Cream Strobe Palette. Both of these palettes are very compact, and come with six shades. Three for highlighting, and three for contouring.
I find this to be the warmer of the two palettes, and as you can see from the swatches, it's super pigmented. I was concerned that this would be very 'waxy' and difficult to blend, but oh my was I wrong! It's super creamy, and just as blendable as my ABH cream contour kit! A winner in my eyes. Nobody likes harsh contour lines! You get a high quality contouring brush, and this is so soft, and is perfect for sculpting those cheekbones. 

This is the Pro Powder Strobe Palette. This one contains very 'traditional' contour shades, very cool-toned with a banana powder to finish it off!
Unfortunately with my arm skin tone, I find it hard to show off swatches properly, but don't be fooled, these powders are super pigmented! I've been using this palette in particular everyday, using the middle contour shade to create a natural shadow, and the banana powder to set my under-eye concealer. (Ps, you get the same brush with this palette!).

My verdict is.. YES! You need these palettes. Okay, maybe not everybody needs both of them.. but I personally would recommend picking them both up! I love combining cream and powder contour for an ultra sculpted look. These palettes retail at £10 each, including the amazing brush! 

Have you tried these palettes? What do you think of Freedom Makeup? What's your favourite contour palette?
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Monday, October 19, 2015

New In Beauty: Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection

Quite a lengthy title, but there's a lot to pack in! 

I was recently pleasantly surprised to be woken up to a package being launched on my bed, and inside was these beaaautiful brushes! I knew I immediately had to get to work on these so I can fill you guys in on the details!

As you can see above, the set contains 3 brushes, (with the most stunning, on-trend rose gold handle), and one beauty sponge. 
I've tried Makeup Revolution brushes before, some I've adored and have found themselves a place in my everyday make-up routine, and others have ended up collecting dust. Before I get into each individual brush, I'll just say that the quality of these brushes are comparable to other high-end brushes I've used, and I'm impressed with how much Makeup Revolution are improving as a brand.

This brush is called the 'Powder, Sculpt & Blend' brush. I tend not to take much notice on what a brush is 'supposed' to be used for, and I find a way that it works best for me!
I used this brush to blend both cream and powder contour, and also to smooth out any other harsh lines. You could definitely use this for foundation application as the bristles are incredibly soft, and the flat top makes is easy to buff product into the skin.
This is my favourite out the range, and one that gets whipped out on a daily basis. 

This brush is called the 'Cheek & Highlight, Sculpt & Blend' brush. I only use this brush to 'sculpt', and in particular to apply cream contour. The brush is the most dense out of the range, and doesn't have 'too' much give, so it's perfect for precise application. This is a handy little tool for those who love to contour to perfection.

The last brush in the set is this little guy, and it's the 'Ultra Metals Eyeshadow Blender'.
This doubles up for me as a more precise brush for highlighting, and to blend out my eyeshadow for a seamless finish.
Another super soft brush, and a great one for your collection.

The final piece in the kit is the beauty sponge. Now I'm a huge fan of the original 'beauty blender', and I've never used a brush since, so giving a more budget-friendly alternative a go is something I'm always looking forward to.
My heart still belongs to my trusty beauty blender, but this does an amazing job of applying your base seamlessly. Of course, I wet mine before application, so bare that in mind. It expands quite a lot and covers the entire face quickly and efficiently. It's definitely worth giving a go, especially if you're new to the 'beauty sponge' world!

So there's my thoughts on the Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection! Don't they just look beautiful?

I recommend picking this set up if you're after some new, pretty brushes that cover a whole lot of bases! For £14.99, you can't go wrong! You can purchase it here.

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution brushes? What do you think? Are you going to try these brushes out?

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Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Perfect 90's Nude Lip


Today I'm bringing you a super exciting post, as I've found the 90's lip shade. (Or the Kylie Jenner shade, whatever you want!).

I only recently picked this up, but it was certainly love at first swatch. Yep, that's a thing.
Not just for the shade though, the formula is beyond perfect. Whilst it's a matte finish, it's super moisturising. Say goodbye to flaky lips!
This is new to Urban Decay, and part of their 'Matte Revolution' lipstick collection. The shade is very fitting to it's name of '1993'.

As you can see from the swatch, it's a perfect blend of browns, pinks & nudes. Similar to MAC's Whirl lipstick, but not half as drying. 

It retails at £15.50, so the same price as a MAC lipstick, but the quality is so much better, and rate this higher than any lipstick I own! If this isn't the shade for you, then I still highly suggest checking out the other colours in the range as they're incredible lipsticks.

Have you tried this lipstick out? What's your favourite 90's nude shade?

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

New In Beauty: Masque Bar Charcoal Mask


Okay. I think I've found my dream face mask.
Seriously, I've tried so many face masks, and this one is absolutely incredible, and one that I won't just 'forget' to include in my beauty regime. 

I received this in the mail recently, along with the eye patches, and decided to give it a go a few Sundays back. Peel off masks are my favourite as they're super low-maintenence. I've tried lots of peel off masks before and found them to be 'okay'. Nothing life changing! That was until I started the tug at the edges of this product once it had solidified onto my face. The product itself is a black liquid, and has quite a refreshing, 'spa-like' scent. 
It takes around 30 minutes to dry, depending on how thickly you pile it on! 
30 minutes after application, I'd peeled the mask off and was absolutely amazing by what I saw. It had drawn out ALL of the built up gunk from all over my face.. like a Biore strip for your face! I was staring at the back of the mask for what felt like hours, in complete and utter awe of what just happened! My face felt so smooth and so clean and fresh. I used the mask again a week later and it did the same, incredible job!

The box comes with three sachets, (so three applications), and retails at £9.99 a box! They sell Masque Bar products at Boots, (I'll directly link you below!), and I'm absolutely picking up a couple more boxes. I couldn't recommend this products enough, it's now 100% a staple in my skincare routine, and I can't wait to treat myself to my next application!

Masque Bar Luminizing Charcoal Mask - Boots
Have you tried any Masque Bar products? What's your favourite face mask?
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New In Beauty: Makeup Revolution Matte Blushers


I've been building up a bunch of products I want to review recently, and here's the first of them!

Now, I know I titled this as 'new', but these Makeup Revolution blushers have been out for a little while now, however they are new to my collection! 
I had wanted these as soon as they were released as I'm a sucker for a matte blusher, and I finally took the plunge and ordered the entire range! Yeah, I don't do things by halves. My bank balance, (or lack of), can vouch for that.

They retail at £3 each, so you really can't go wrong. Even with the one shade that I can't get to work for me as a blush, I've managed to work it as an eyeshadow!
They're incredibly pigmented, and I mean.. incredibly pigmented. Particularly the more vibrant shades, but they all require a very light hand for application. 
I don't find them to be chalky at all, and upon swatching, they're very buttery to touch.

(From L to R) - Divine & Dare

As you can see, these two are super vibrant shades. I find Divine to be slightly more wearable for me as I love a cool-toned pink blush. Dare is a more intense take on Divine, and is almost neon. This would look stunning applied with an extra light hand. I also think this would work beautifully when working with pink eyeshadows, and would be a great addition to the crease to tie a look together.

(From L to R) - Beloved & New Rules

 Okay, as much as my brain is telling me to go from left to right, I need to address the elephant on the screen. That red though?! This is called 'New Rules', and goodness me, this is intense. I did try it on the cheeks, but no matter how lightly I applied the product, and no matter how much I blended it out, it still looked a little clownish on me. HOWEVER, and that is a big however, I got a little creative, and I was putting together an autumnal red-toned eyeshadow look, and popped this directly into the crease and it was magic. I would purchase this with the intention of using it as an eyeshadow alone, and if it works as a blush for you, then great! It's actually one of my favourites for that reason!
Beloved is your classic peach shade. It has the slightest pink tone to it, but it's definitely more of a peach. This is gorgeous, especially for this time of year and while it's a matte shade, it adds a little brightness to the skin with those pink undertones.

 (From L to R) - Nude & Fusion

So Nude is my favourite shade out of the entire collection. It's essentially a classic, nude blush. It does have a peach tone running through it, but it's such a wearable shade. I've been wearing this almost every day since it arrived, and it's such an easy shade to pop on the cheeks and be done! I highly recommend this one as a starting point if you want to give this formula a go!
Fusion caught my eye on the website, but is slightly more peach toned in person. The swatch looks kind of scary and very red, but it's just a really pretty peach shade!

So there we have it! All 6 shades. I'm a huge fan of Makeup Revolution, and they're products just keep getting better!

Which is your favourite shade? Have you tried any of these blushers out?

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

New In Beauty: Labelle Liquid Lipsticks

Hello! There's so many products that I want to, and will be talking about on my blog, and my Labelle liquid lipsticks have been high on the list!

I have mine in the shades 'Vintage', and 'Sassy'.

This shade is called 'Vintage', and it's your classic red. The pigmentation is incredible, as expected from a liquid lipstick, and it dries to a beautiful true red. The wands on these products are long and fairly thin, meaning application is so much easier. 

This one is in the shade 'Sassy', and it is a very sassy pink! This isn't usually a shade I lean towards, but it certainly adds a pop of colour, and is absolutely stunning with purple eyeshadows and a pink based highlight. 

These are un-edited swatches, and how they look when they're dry. As you can see, they're super opaque and bursting with colour. I love a bold lip, and you can be guaranteed you'll get that with these liquid lipsticks.


Vintage. (Apologies I didn't leave this to dry properly!).

These are only £9.99 each, and for a high quality liquid lipstick, it's a bargain!
They have 8 in the range, so check them out here. They also sell them in bundles, so if you spot more than one you like, you can purchase them at a discount! I'd love to do a full swatch and review video on my YouTube channel, so hopefully I can pick up the rest of the range at some point as you guys seem to really enjoy those videos! They're so useful to see what shades you want to purchase and to get a good idea of the application.

I also want to mention that Labelle UK is one of the first online brands that I spotted selling American beauty products to UK customers, so I highly recommend checking them out as you're likely to find pieces you've been lusting after but never been able to get a hold of! 

What are your favourite liquid lipsticks? Let me know in the comments!!

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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Timeless Truth Replenishing Mask Review

Hello! It's been a while. I've been spending an awful lot of time on my YouTube channel, trying to improve my content, editing, filming, everything! I don't think I've ever worked so hard on anything in my life. Then again, I've never been so passionate about something before. It may sound dramatic, and when I say 'it's changed my life', I don't mean it in the way the vast majority of youtubers say it, where they're referring to the mass amounts of people lingering on to their every word, I mean it in the sense that it's changed my mentality, and how I cope with things. It's changed me for the better, and I'm super happy about it. Ps, I'd love if you checked out my channel, linked here! (And I'd love even more if you subscribed!!).

A N Y W A Y. Talking about a face mask! I've been lucky enough to try out a selection of beauty products recently, and I've been thoroughly enjoying discovering new favourites. Today, I'm talking about the Timeless Truth Orchid Extract Replenishing Mask. Now this is my faaaaavourite type of mask, along with peel off masks! (How satisfactory are those?!). This is one that is shaped to your face and neck, almost like a cloth with eye holes and a mouth hole!
I admit, I had some serious 'Halloween' vibes going on whilst wearing this, and I did take a few dodgy selfies, but that's not the point. 

I have pretty oily skin, and this is intensively moisturising. I definitely recommend this to those with dry skin as I imagine it would incredible for livening up those dull areas, and bringing fullness and moisture for dryer patches. It's super low maintenance, and not a mask you need to spend hours scraping from your baby hairs. Just simply pop it on the face, leave it for 20 minutes, and pull it off. It's very chilling too, so I definitely appreciated that aspect whilst cooking in my painfully hot bedroom.

This little guy is currently on sale for around £3, and Lord knows I'm going to be trying out a few of the other ones. Low maintenance skincare is my life store. You can buy it from Beauty Crowd, (who by the way sell a BUNCH of American beauty brands that I'm obsessed with, so I highly recommend having a browse!).

PS, here's a pic of me looking like a crazy lady. I'd apologise, but is there really a 'good angle' for this look? Enjoy.

Anyway, my verdict is this is a little godsend for those looking for a little extra life in the skin, and for those wanting to squeeze in a quick and easy pamper sesh!

Timeless Truth Replenishing Mask c/o Beauty Crowd
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