Monday, October 26, 2015

New In Beauty: Freedom Makeup Strobing Kits


I've been so excited to write this post up, but I wanted to give these products a good try before sharing them with you all.

As you all know, contouring/strobing/sculpting has become huge over the past year or so. I appreciate that it's always been around, but I feel like more recently it's been more accessible and has now been incorporated into our every day makeup routines in one way or another. I personally contour whenever I do my makeup, usually opting for a powder for a more subtle look, and when I'm going all out, adding cream products in the mix.

I'm sure you've all had enough of the Anastasia Beverly Hills pricey contour palettes being forced down your throats, so I'm here to introduce you to a couple or budget friendly alternatives!

Freedom Makeup is a relatively new brand on the scene, and is the sister brand to my beloved Makeup Revolution. Freedom Makeup is here to offer us professional quality makeup, at super affordable prices. After trying a bunch of their products, I can definitely agree with this. 

Anyway, enough rambling! Onto the palettes!

First up is the Pro Cream Strobe Palette. Both of these palettes are very compact, and come with six shades. Three for highlighting, and three for contouring.
I find this to be the warmer of the two palettes, and as you can see from the swatches, it's super pigmented. I was concerned that this would be very 'waxy' and difficult to blend, but oh my was I wrong! It's super creamy, and just as blendable as my ABH cream contour kit! A winner in my eyes. Nobody likes harsh contour lines! You get a high quality contouring brush, and this is so soft, and is perfect for sculpting those cheekbones. 

This is the Pro Powder Strobe Palette. This one contains very 'traditional' contour shades, very cool-toned with a banana powder to finish it off!
Unfortunately with my arm skin tone, I find it hard to show off swatches properly, but don't be fooled, these powders are super pigmented! I've been using this palette in particular everyday, using the middle contour shade to create a natural shadow, and the banana powder to set my under-eye concealer. (Ps, you get the same brush with this palette!).

My verdict is.. YES! You need these palettes. Okay, maybe not everybody needs both of them.. but I personally would recommend picking them both up! I love combining cream and powder contour for an ultra sculpted look. These palettes retail at £10 each, including the amazing brush! 

Have you tried these palettes? What do you think of Freedom Makeup? What's your favourite contour palette?
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  1. I own the Make-Up Revolution contour palette which has gorgeous bronzer, highlight and blusher included in the palette, but as their powders I haven't yet had the chance to use cream contour kits so I might try something like this out! :)

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    1. Yeah that palette is amazing!! I'd definitely try this out! I have another Freedom post coming soon using cream contour sticks, so you might find that interesting/useful too!! xxx


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