Saturday, October 3, 2015

New In Beauty: Labelle Liquid Lipsticks

Hello! There's so many products that I want to, and will be talking about on my blog, and my Labelle liquid lipsticks have been high on the list!

I have mine in the shades 'Vintage', and 'Sassy'.

This shade is called 'Vintage', and it's your classic red. The pigmentation is incredible, as expected from a liquid lipstick, and it dries to a beautiful true red. The wands on these products are long and fairly thin, meaning application is so much easier. 

This one is in the shade 'Sassy', and it is a very sassy pink! This isn't usually a shade I lean towards, but it certainly adds a pop of colour, and is absolutely stunning with purple eyeshadows and a pink based highlight. 

These are un-edited swatches, and how they look when they're dry. As you can see, they're super opaque and bursting with colour. I love a bold lip, and you can be guaranteed you'll get that with these liquid lipsticks.


Vintage. (Apologies I didn't leave this to dry properly!).

These are only £9.99 each, and for a high quality liquid lipstick, it's a bargain!
They have 8 in the range, so check them out here. They also sell them in bundles, so if you spot more than one you like, you can purchase them at a discount! I'd love to do a full swatch and review video on my YouTube channel, so hopefully I can pick up the rest of the range at some point as you guys seem to really enjoy those videos! They're so useful to see what shades you want to purchase and to get a good idea of the application.

I also want to mention that Labelle UK is one of the first online brands that I spotted selling American beauty products to UK customers, so I highly recommend checking them out as you're likely to find pieces you've been lusting after but never been able to get a hold of! 

What are your favourite liquid lipsticks? Let me know in the comments!!

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