Tuesday, September 27, 2016

USA Beauty Brands You Didn't Know The UK Sold

Alright, maybe you did know about these beauty brands in the UK, but that wouldn't make a very good title would it?! 
Anyway, I'm sure most of us are huge fans of USA beauty brands, some of us being lucky enough to purchase whilst visiting the states, and some of us mad enough to order internationally, (me). Either way, the words on the tip of our tongue is always, 'why can't they sell this in the UK?!'. Our prayers are slowly but surely being answered, with US brands creeping over to this side of the pond. I decided to share three of the most current brands with you all, and show you a couple of bits I've purchased too!

First up is a biggie, Kat Von D! When they announced they were coming to the UK, I freaked out. This was one of those brands that I was willing to fly to the US for just to grab everything I possibly could! Since September 13th, the brand became available to us UK folk on Debenhams online, (soon to be coming into stores). I made quite a hefty order, so I'll share the things I purchased!

In the image at the top of this post, you can see I picked up my staple tattoo liners in Trooper and Mad Max Brown. This is my all time favourite liquid eyeliner, and I strongly suggest you grab them asap!
I also picked up one of the Shade and Light Eyeshadow Quads in 'Rust', purely because I just wanted one of the quads! I already have the original Shade and Light Eyeshadow Palette, so this was just a little add on. Okay, so I've just remembered I forgot to photograph the individual eyeshadow I purchased.. well, to sum up, I'm not a fan of single shadows, and this one was very high quality, but I doubt I'd purchase any more! (I have the Metal Crush Eyeshadow in 'Thunderstruck').
Lastly I picked up a couple of lip products, I was well restrained in my opinion! The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick formula isn't my all time favourite, (check my post on my all-time favourite here), however the colours in her range are so gorgeous that I had to grab a couple! I have Bow & Arrow and Lovesick to accompany my existing collection of Lolita and Jeffree! (I wonder if she'll change the name of that one?!). I also have the Studded Kiss Lipstick in 'Cathedral' which is the most beautiful shade of lipstick I have ever seen. The formula of these are perfect, and I will be expanding my collection very soon!

Next up is a brand that's fast circulating the web, and jumping straight into our wish-lists. Jouer Cosmetics! Who else wishes they were on the Paris trip rubbing shoulders with Manny, Patrick & Nikkie?!
Jouer has been on Cult Beauty for quite some time now, but it's only since the launch of the lip toppers and highlighters that the brand has really blown up. I have a selection of lip products which I've swatched below, and I also have the highly sought after 'Citrine' highlighter, although mine has smashed!! Devastating. I can certainly vouch for its greatness though, (despite its demise). 

From L to R, Skinny Dip, Filigree, Tan Lines, Tawny Rose, Snapdragon & Noisette

The lip products are so well priced for a higher end brand, ranging from £13.50 - £15. I'd sooner invest in one of these than a MAC lipstick! I really want to try more products from Jouer, now to decide where to start!

Ahhh, Tarte Cosmetics! A brand I've always wondered as to why it was never front and centre in UK department stores. I love Tarte, every item I own from them has been incredible, and I'm yet to be disappointed. While you can order Tarte directly from their US website, you can also purchase it from QVC! No customs, no nasty extortionate shipping fees, it's right on our doorstep! (Kind of).

I thought I'd use this opportunity to talk about the Shape Tape concealer, and how it's taken pride of place in my makeup routine. My best friend actually got me this for my birthday, (how well does she know me?!), and I haven't stopped using it since! It comes in the biggest tube I've seen, (in regards to concealer), and the applicator is like a doe-foot on crack. I'm provided with flawless coverage, and 0 creasing/caking.. yes, that does exist!

There's plenty of brands I want to talk about, but I thought by narrowing it down to three, your bank balances can take just a minor hit!

Please share other US brands us UK folk can get a hold of in the comments below! (Any opportunity to spend..).

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