Friday, March 27, 2015

Feelin' Fancy

I've not done a 'fancy shmancy' post in a while, so when Quiz got in contact with me in regards to collaborating with their occasion wear, I jumped at the chance. 
I absolutely love getting all glammed up, it's just a shame I don't often have the opportunity too! 

I opted for this uber cute halter-neck monochrome jumpsuit. I love the fact that it's a wide-leg jumpsuit, super flattering, and super comfortable. It doesn't actually have a zip, but the material is so slinky that it just 'glides' on to your body.. if that makes sense??
A favourite of mine, (and my mothers), is the silver embellishment at the waist. I tried my best to get a close up, but the camera really doesn't do it justice!

Actually, another favourite of mine is the padding on the chest area.. yay for no ugly bra straps!!!

I popped on my teal pointed heels, mostly as an attempt to compliment my hair!

This is such a gorgeous piece for your wardrobe, and it's price point is dreamy at under £40. (Yep, for real).

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50 Shades of Grey

I guess I kind of went overboard with wearing grey.. but I quite like it!
I shot these straight after work, so apologies for looking a little dishevelled.. (ah, retail).
I've been loving these 'Kim K' style tops, and I also have one in black. Although they're not an off-the-shoulder top, I like to wear it that way as it just won't fall properly on me otherwise! This one is from Miss Pap, and is such a bargain. It's super versatile as well, a top you can wear in the evening, but also chuck over a bikini on the beach. 

Pretty much the rest of my outfit is from Forever 21. I recently had a little splurge on there, and ended up with quite a few grey pieces. I love cropped, high-waisted trousers. They're literally my favourite thing to wear all year! These were so cheap as well at £15, so I got them in good ol' black too!

I popped on my cream H&M fedora, and I really like the way it looks with the shades of grey! 

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Monday, March 23, 2015

Suit n Sliders

Another beautiful summery day today, a perfect shooting day! I recently picked up this suit from New Look, after a long winded search for a reasonable priced white pinstripe suit. Little did I realise that the trousers from this set, were the exact same trousers I picked up in the ASOS sale at the beginning of the year, damn wholesale! I've already featured the trousers in a previous post, but now I can finally style it as a set!

Although the jacket implies I'm going for more 'put together' look, I pulled that right apart with these amazing monochrome sliders! These are also from New Look and were so cheap. I love the whole 'smart-casual' vibe, and since I didn't have any trainers that I would put with this, I opted for the very marmite choice of sliders.

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Chilly Spring Day

As you'll have seen, I've collaborated with Miss Pap numerous time throughout my time blogging, and now I'm excited to be regularly blogging for them! This weeks post is all around these gorgeous staple white ripped jeans. I've wanted a pair for ages, and I think you all know how much I rave about Miss Pap jeans, they're second to none! They're so thick, yet still maintain comfort with that 'easy jean' feel. 
White jeans are perfect for Spring/Summer, and I love that these have rips in them, adding a little edge!

I just chucked on this poncho which I've had for a while, it was a little chilly whilst shooting, so even though it's short sleeved, the thin knit was enough to shield me from the cold.
I also popped on my new criss-cross sliders which I picked up from Forever 21 for an event. They're SO perfect for me as I seriously can't handle a heel for long, but I don't always like wearing 'just' flats, so the fact that these have a thicker and shorter heel is amazing, and I can confirm that I can last all day in them!

Ps, I switched up the location of these pictures half-way through as I wasn't feelin' my look, can I live?

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ripped Jeans and a Spring Coat

This look is super casual and 'Spring-y' as it was an absolutely gorgeous day when the pictures were shot! I can't say much about the weather now, but these images certainly have me yearning for the warmer months. 

I actually wore a very similar look to this to London Fashion Week, switching the jumper for a stripe tee, and the camel coat to a camel duster. I got this jacket in the mail recently from Naanaa Clothing, and it's even better in person. The material is so light, but it hangs like an absolute dream. (Quite bouncy, if that makes sense?). As it's in a very neutral shade, it goes with most of my wardrobe, and will easily see me through the warmer weather.

I'm not sure if I've already featured these jeans before, but they're my ultimate favourites. I must have mentioned in previous posts, but Miss Pap literally do the best jeans.. EVER. They're so stretchy and soft, yet the feel like good hardwearing jeans. A rarity these days, as most are thin and lack shape after some time. 

After getting a little sick of lugging around huge bags with me everywhere, I decided to invest in a couple of smaller bags, just for the essentials. I picked this one up in H&M for only £12.99, and I now own it in black too! (PS, both of them are on sale for £7..whaaaaaat).

Jacket - c/o NaaNaa Clothing (currently 20% off!)
Top - H&M
Jeans - c/o Miss Pap
Shoes - Primark (linked similar)
Bag - H&M (linked similar)

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Makeup Revolution Black Velvet Palette

I have a super exciting post today! I was very kindly sent this palette by Makeup Revolution, which is SO exciting as they're one of my favourite make-up brands! (You'll know that if you saw my February favourites post). 

Anyway, let's begin with the packaging. As the name would suggest, the outer packaging is coated in super soft black velvet, and has a shiny black heart in the centre. This palette is part of their 'I Heart Makeup' range, and I find those products really do excel in presentation. A little extra thought goes a long way!

Moving on to the shade range. As you can see, these are a fairly neutral, 'wearable' selection of eyeshadows, and certainly one you can transform from day to night. Whilst I personally steer clear of intense black shades, there is a variety of deep colours. My favourites being 'Sweet', and 'Wild'. There is three shimmer shadows, and thirteen matte shades to play around with, all of which are super pigmented. Although I know Makeup Revolution always pull through with their pigmentation!

As I stated before, this is a palette that's easily transferred from day to night, and it's also perfect for travel! It may not be the smallest of palettes to carry around, but it packs some serious essentials, a huge mirror being one! I don't know about you, but I always appreciate a good mirror in a palette, super handy for on the go touch-ups!

I swatched all of the shades for you, but these are so much prettier on the eye. Unfortunately, some of fleshier toned colours haven't shown up on my arm very well, but they're absolutely stunning! 

I've had this palette for almost a week now, and I've been wearing different shades most days, and they've lasted so well on my eyes. Morning to night, a whole lotta accidental eye-rubbing and general day to day life! Pretty impressive.

Overall, as I anticipated, I'm thoroughly impressed with this product, and for the mere price point of £7.99.. you can't go wrong! You can buy the Black Velvet palette here! They stock Makeup Revolution/I Heart Makeup in selected Superdrug stores too, so definitely keep your eye out! I've been raiding mine!

Have any of you tried our Makeup Revolution or I Heart Makeup? Will you be adding this palette to your collection?

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Spring Days in Burgundy

How beautiful has the weather been recently? It certainly motivates me to get on with things! It's hard to feel sluggish when the weather is so pretty. Not only did I take this opportunity to shoot some blog pictures, but I also used to bring my little doggy outside! He's not one for the outdoors, but a little bit of fresh air does him good. (Also, he makes my pictures extra cute).

I understand the sunshine wasn't exactly calling for winter shades, but I'm not sure I'm quite ready to bring out the bright colours yet! Although I do see it in the offing..

I decided to pair my gorgeous ASOS sale trousers with this little burgundy check jacket. The jacket is super lightweight, but is made of a very fine knit material, so enough to keep you warm when there's a chill! This is from South Avenue and is an absolute bargain! (PS, you can get 20% off the store using the code 'NICOLE20', you're welcome!).

I layered up a couple of Missguided jersey tops to add a little texture, as I thought just a plain black top would be boring and basic. (Not cool).

PS, sorry for the multitude of pictures of my dog, he's just so damn fabulous.

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