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February Favourites 2015

My first monthly favourites! Yay! Since I've been trying so many new things recently, particularly in the month of February, I decided it was the perfect time to get involved with the whole monthly favourites gig. 

I realise this post is very 'Makeup Revolution' heavy, but I purchased these products myself and I genuinely am obsessed!

Starting off very bright! This palette is called the 'Matte Brights' palette, and rightly so! The pigmentation is incredible, even more so when this only cost a mere £4! I picked this up to introduce myself into the scary world of bright and crazy eyeshadows, and I haven't looked back since. I then went on to picking up the Urban Decay Electric palette, yet I still find myself going back to this gem as the colours are insane. I highly recommend picking this up if you're in the market for some super pigmented, yet affordable bright eyeshadows! You can purchase it here.

These two favourites compile into one as together they're an absolute dream. I haven't worn foundation in about 6 years or so, but recently my skin had gotten so bad that I've had to shoot myself in the foot and plaster product over them so I don't feel so self conscious. As that's the case, I may aswell enjoy what I'm using! I spent a little while in Boots a few weeks back testing out different foundations, and finally settled on the Rimmel Lasting Finish. It does claim to last for 25 hours, and I definitely don't agree that it does, but it certainly does the job in keeping my skin looking blemish free throughout the day. I apply it with my Real Techniques buffing brush which gives me such a natural, even coverage. You can buy the foundation here, and the brush here.

Back to eyeshadows, and back to Makeup Revolution! This is such a gorgeous little palette. I picked this up on a whim because I loved the look of the colours, and for £2.50, I wasn't too fussed if it didn't perform! Well, these are the most gorgeous purples I've ever used. Normally, when using shimmery eyeshadows, I'm pretty disappointed when the shimmers disappear as soon as I apply it to the lid, but these stay put like nothing else! I'll 100% be picking up the other little palettes. You can buy it here.

Like most people, I love a good 'hyped up' product, and they're usually pretty hit or miss, but I still managed to get sucked in! I'm glad I did on this occasion as this has become my new favourite mascara. I love trying new products, but as far as mascaras go, I'm pretty stuck in my ways and don't often venture out from my beloved Loreal Telescopic, or Rimmel Lash Accelerator, but after being bombarded with reviews of the Maybelline Lash Sensational, I couldn't help but pick it up straight away. It does exactly what I desire, curls and lengthens. Oh, and no clumps. Winner. You can pick it up here.

Now I won't go into too much detail in regards to these brushes as I've just done a post about them which you can check out here to read my opinions, but Spectrum Collections is officially my new favourite eye make-up brush brand. I haven't yet tried the face brushes, (besides one which I love), so I can't really speak for those, but these brushes are incredible, from quality, right to presentation. You can purchase them here.

A new obsession of mine, highlighters! I bought these in Superdrug recently, as I loved the colours. I hadn't heard anything about them, but from my previous experience with Makeup Revolution products, I had high hopes! I was immediately drawn to the lilac-y colour in particular because let's be honest, how often do you see a lilac highlighter? As it's my favourite colour as well, I knew I had to have it. I picked up the creamy white shade too for my collection, and they're my new favourites. The lilac shade looks beautiful when wearing pinks and purples with your make-up, and the white is an all rounder. Obviously the lilac doesn't come off outright lilac on your face, but it has beautiful pinky shimmers running through it. You can pick these up here.

My final favourite of the month, the GOSH 'to play with in Vegas' palette. Another 'spur of the moment' purchase, but one I certainly do not regret. This palette is part of a 'three part' series, and I own those other sets too. I particularly use the middle three shades, and they're super blendable and pigmented. The packaging is super sleek, and easy to chuck in your bag for top-ups, especially with that huge mirror! You can purchase this here.

I hope you've enjoyed my first monthly favourites, and that I haven't rambled on for too long! I really recommend these products, and they're all super affordable. Perfect!

What have you been loving this month? Can you recommend me any new products to try in March?

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  1. Seriously early post from you girl! Loving the brightly coloured palettes. I own one from Technic but rarely use it. Their only about £1.99 from Bodycare. Defo a recommendation for you to try!


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