Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Beauty Essentials

Hello! Today I decided to share some of my Spring beauty essentials with you. I guess you can assume from the picture above, I'm all about fresh, glowy skin this time of year, and I'm about to share with you a little collection of products that help me to achieve that!

I guess it's wise of me to begin with the base! You can't build a great house on poor foundations. I take great care of my skin, I'll be sharing some posts based around skincare very soon, but something I've discovered is amazing for a glowing complexion is the new Clinique Fresh Pressed powder cleanser. I've been using this on and off for a little over a month now, I say on and off as it's not necessarily something you need to use everyday, more as something to amp up your current routine. This does what it says on the tin, (or the box), it instantly brightens my face, and smooths out any texture in preparation for make-up. If you're after a new cleanser to give your skin a boost, grab yourself a box asap!

We often take good care of our skin, but neglect to look after our under eye area, which should be a main focus! The skin under our eyes is 50% thinner than that on our face, and it's always a massive give away of things such as ageing, tiredness, and more. I've been loving using this Bobbi Brown eye cream recently as it's super hydrating, leaving my under eyes looking as radiant as the rest of my skin, and helping to keep dehydration lines at bay!

On to the actual make-up, I love a dewy finish this time of year, so I've been reaching for the Double Wear Cushion Stick foundation. If you're super oily, I'd give it a miss as it's only since my skin has balanced out that I'm able to wear this, but for dry/dry combination skin, this is heaven sent. It's not super full coverage like it's sister, the cult classic Double Wear, but a nice medium/buildable foundation. The product is dispensed from a sponge, however I still like to use a blending brush to apply! 

An obvious one I suppose, but who doesn't need a bronzer, especially in the warmer months?! I love a naturally bronzed complexion, and this one from Sephora ticks all the boxes for me. I don't contour specifically, I rather use my bronzer to warm up those areas. With that being said, I wouldn't want a super warm toned bronzer for that purpose, and this one is a perfect mix of warm and cool! It's even lovely thrown in the crease of your eye!

It's time to add a little flush of colour to the cheeks, and I personally love a pop of peach on mine, so the new Benefit Galifornia blush is a dream. It's a super barbie-style peach. Of course, this is a whole palette, but I like having options, okay! It also includes some of my favourite bronzers, so I love having this palette on hand to complete most of my look. 

What would a glowy make-up look be with out the ULTIMATE glow? I've been a huge fan of the ABH glow kits since 'gleam' and 'that glow' hit the scene, and have since collected four more, including the killer collaboration which is with beauty guru Nicole Guerriero. I'm not massively familiar with Nicole, but the palette called my name, (quite literally). The variety of shades is gorgeous, and definitely something different which is proving hard these days with the amount of new released we're being hit with! The shades melt into your skin like butter, and provide you with a seriously enviable glow. 

Last but not least, you just have to have your staple spring/summer fragrance on deck before you leave the door! Mine is the classic Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder. It instantly takes me to a tropical island, (okay, in my head), but it just gets those good vibes flowing. If you haven't tried this fragrance, give it a smell when it hits the stores again! 

What are your Spring beauty essentials?! 


Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sephora Shopping In Paris

I've just got back from a beautiful weekend in Paris with my boyfriend, and of course, it was incredible in every way, with the most beautiful buildings, and even better pizza, but me being me, I had to take a trip to Sephora! Us beauty-obsessed British guys and gals have a huge Sephora shaped hole in our hearts, and I feel like I've returned to the mother-ship everytime I visit one! Have a look at what I picked up on this trip!

This was my splurge item, the item I almost left the store without but quickly made a mad dash back to the counter to grab it! I didn't realise it, but I'm actually a bit of a blusher collector. I can't resist a peachy glow on the apples of my cheeks, and this has been so highly spoken about that I wanted it in my collection! It looks so beautiful, and if like me, you love a peachy blush, I'd say it's worth the dollar bills!

This isn't something I intended on purchasing as I'm not really looking for a new bronzer, but the colour was gorgeous, and the price was right! I kept swatching it and it was so soft and buttery, and upon application on my face, it blended out beautifully. I've actually not stopped using this since I purchased it, and I even use it in the crease of my eye for a warm bronzed everyday eye look!

A classic Sephora purchase, whether you're a regular shopper there, or just visiting, you just have to pick up a sheet mask or two! I'm not convinced they're life-changing, but they're definitely fun! At just under 4 euros, they don't break the bank either. I decided to pick up two new ones, the orchid mask and the avocado mask! I haven't tried these yet, but if they do blow my mind, then I'll pop up a review!

(From L to R - Dusty Rose, Ashton & Coral Sunset)

Probably the most exciting purchases! I'll start with the Sephora cream lip stain. I picked another one up last month in Rome, and I fell in love with the formula, so I knew I wanted to expand my collection asap. I picked up the shade 'Coral Sunset', which is a beautiful burnt orange, my favourite! I probably should delve into the brighter oranges now we're nearing Summer, but I can't help loving this autumnal hue! The Sephora make-up range is pretty well priced in general, so I didn't think twice about picking another one of these up, and I'm sure it'll become tradition to keep adding them to my collection!

Now, the babies. I see ABH liquid lipsticks to be the first on the market, correct me if I'm wrong, but they're the first ones I ever saw a few years back! Because of this, I've always dreamt of owning my own, but they're so ridiculously hard to get a hold of in the UK for some reason?! I didn't even know they had an ABH counter in the Paris Sephora, so I made a bee-line for it when I spotted it! It took me no time at all to pick up the highly coveted shades, 'Ashton', a warm brown, and the self explanatory 'Dusty Rose'. The formula of these is actually lovely, and I'm definitely going to need a few more!

I am a huge Huda Beauty fan, even huge is an understatement. Of both the family, and the brand, I'm inspired by them daily, their work ethic, the love they have for eachother, and everything they've achieved together, it's beautiful. Despite not being big on spending a lot of money on my lashes, I will always support Huda and her brand, so I picked up my favourite pairs! I bought my first pair of Huda Beauty lashes a few years ago in Dubai, and they remain untouched as they're almost like a little souvenir for me! Obviously I'm going to use these ones, I'm particularly excited about the Harmony lashes!! 

I hope you've enjoyed this haul-style post! I love reading these myself, and I wanted to share my purchases! You may see one or two things crop up in a favourites post! Have any of you been to a Sephora? And are you as crazy as me in there?! To be fair, this was pretty well restrained. Let's just say, let me loose on those US brands and me and my bank will have a problem! Haha!


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Cleansing Trio Dream Team

Hello! It's been a while, a long long while! As I have done numerous times, I took an unexpected break from blogging, infact, from social media in general. The truth is, I love talking about make-up, beauty, skincare, and anything else that captures my interest, and more importantly, I love writing about it. Since I was away for so long, it became a little bit anxiety inducing the idea of writing a post, despite products and ideas sparking my interest. I decided to bite the bullet and do what I love, so I'll be writing about things I personally enjoy reading, and I hope you do too!

Todays post is about a trio of cleansers that have transformed my skin over the past few months. I decided to purchase all three of the Glam Glow daily cleansers to see how each one treats my skin, and I'm surprised to say that I love them all equally. Usually, I'm quite picky on whether something is worth the money. I invest so much on skincare that I'm pretty well clued up on if something is worth the splurge! 

This was the first cleanser I tried out of the three, my skin wasn't in particularly bad condition at the time, so I just wanted something to deep clean it and keep it fresh! I actually ended up repurchasing this one as I noticed I was using it like theres no tomorrow. It really helped with the overall clarity of my skin and I had a much smoother complexion instantly! Half of the cleanser is mud, and the other half an oil which lather into a foam when applied to the skin.

I switched over to this cleanser when my skin was experiencing some blemishes, and it was a dream to use. I could actually feel my skin breathing after using it, and over time my blemishes disappeared. It isn't one you see instant results with, but definitely with daily use I noticed my skin improving dramatically. This is a mud to foam cleanser, and it can be quite messy with it literally looking like a grey mud, so be careful when using it! I definitely made the mistake of using a white towel.. oops!

Since I'd invested most of my time with the other two cleansers, I wasn't too bothered about trying this one out in a hurry, but I get milia on one side of my face, and I really hate it! After some research, I discovered that regular exfoliation can help to shift it away, so this cleanser seemed like the perfect option. It does have a gritty feel to it, which personally I love as it feels like it's sloughing away all of the rubbish on my skin. Despite not being fussed about trying this one, I actually love it and I will continue to use it regularly to shift the milia. Does anyone have any other tips for getting rid of milia?

I don't think you need to go out and buy all three, but definitely try one of them if you can get your hands on it! 

I have so many things I want to write about and share with you, but also please let me know of any posts you'd like to see!

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