Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Cleansing Trio Dream Team

Hello! It's been a while, a long long while! As I have done numerous times, I took an unexpected break from blogging, infact, from social media in general. The truth is, I love talking about make-up, beauty, skincare, and anything else that captures my interest, and more importantly, I love writing about it. Since I was away for so long, it became a little bit anxiety inducing the idea of writing a post, despite products and ideas sparking my interest. I decided to bite the bullet and do what I love, so I'll be writing about things I personally enjoy reading, and I hope you do too!

Todays post is about a trio of cleansers that have transformed my skin over the past few months. I decided to purchase all three of the Glam Glow daily cleansers to see how each one treats my skin, and I'm surprised to say that I love them all equally. Usually, I'm quite picky on whether something is worth the money. I invest so much on skincare that I'm pretty well clued up on if something is worth the splurge! 

This was the first cleanser I tried out of the three, my skin wasn't in particularly bad condition at the time, so I just wanted something to deep clean it and keep it fresh! I actually ended up repurchasing this one as I noticed I was using it like theres no tomorrow. It really helped with the overall clarity of my skin and I had a much smoother complexion instantly! Half of the cleanser is mud, and the other half an oil which lather into a foam when applied to the skin.

I switched over to this cleanser when my skin was experiencing some blemishes, and it was a dream to use. I could actually feel my skin breathing after using it, and over time my blemishes disappeared. It isn't one you see instant results with, but definitely with daily use I noticed my skin improving dramatically. This is a mud to foam cleanser, and it can be quite messy with it literally looking like a grey mud, so be careful when using it! I definitely made the mistake of using a white towel.. oops!

Since I'd invested most of my time with the other two cleansers, I wasn't too bothered about trying this one out in a hurry, but I get milia on one side of my face, and I really hate it! After some research, I discovered that regular exfoliation can help to shift it away, so this cleanser seemed like the perfect option. It does have a gritty feel to it, which personally I love as it feels like it's sloughing away all of the rubbish on my skin. Despite not being fussed about trying this one, I actually love it and I will continue to use it regularly to shift the milia. Does anyone have any other tips for getting rid of milia?

I don't think you need to go out and buy all three, but definitely try one of them if you can get your hands on it! 

I have so many things I want to write about and share with you, but also please let me know of any posts you'd like to see!


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