Saturday, April 22, 2017

Spring Beauty Essentials

Hello! Today I decided to share some of my Spring beauty essentials with you. I guess you can assume from the picture above, I'm all about fresh, glowy skin this time of year, and I'm about to share with you a little collection of products that help me to achieve that!

I guess it's wise of me to begin with the base! You can't build a great house on poor foundations. I take great care of my skin, I'll be sharing some posts based around skincare very soon, but something I've discovered is amazing for a glowing complexion is the new Clinique Fresh Pressed powder cleanser. I've been using this on and off for a little over a month now, I say on and off as it's not necessarily something you need to use everyday, more as something to amp up your current routine. This does what it says on the tin, (or the box), it instantly brightens my face, and smooths out any texture in preparation for make-up. If you're after a new cleanser to give your skin a boost, grab yourself a box asap!

We often take good care of our skin, but neglect to look after our under eye area, which should be a main focus! The skin under our eyes is 50% thinner than that on our face, and it's always a massive give away of things such as ageing, tiredness, and more. I've been loving using this Bobbi Brown eye cream recently as it's super hydrating, leaving my under eyes looking as radiant as the rest of my skin, and helping to keep dehydration lines at bay!

On to the actual make-up, I love a dewy finish this time of year, so I've been reaching for the Double Wear Cushion Stick foundation. If you're super oily, I'd give it a miss as it's only since my skin has balanced out that I'm able to wear this, but for dry/dry combination skin, this is heaven sent. It's not super full coverage like it's sister, the cult classic Double Wear, but a nice medium/buildable foundation. The product is dispensed from a sponge, however I still like to use a blending brush to apply! 

An obvious one I suppose, but who doesn't need a bronzer, especially in the warmer months?! I love a naturally bronzed complexion, and this one from Sephora ticks all the boxes for me. I don't contour specifically, I rather use my bronzer to warm up those areas. With that being said, I wouldn't want a super warm toned bronzer for that purpose, and this one is a perfect mix of warm and cool! It's even lovely thrown in the crease of your eye!

It's time to add a little flush of colour to the cheeks, and I personally love a pop of peach on mine, so the new Benefit Galifornia blush is a dream. It's a super barbie-style peach. Of course, this is a whole palette, but I like having options, okay! It also includes some of my favourite bronzers, so I love having this palette on hand to complete most of my look. 

What would a glowy make-up look be with out the ULTIMATE glow? I've been a huge fan of the ABH glow kits since 'gleam' and 'that glow' hit the scene, and have since collected four more, including the killer collaboration which is with beauty guru Nicole Guerriero. I'm not massively familiar with Nicole, but the palette called my name, (quite literally). The variety of shades is gorgeous, and definitely something different which is proving hard these days with the amount of new released we're being hit with! The shades melt into your skin like butter, and provide you with a seriously enviable glow. 

Last but not least, you just have to have your staple spring/summer fragrance on deck before you leave the door! Mine is the classic Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder. It instantly takes me to a tropical island, (okay, in my head), but it just gets those good vibes flowing. If you haven't tried this fragrance, give it a smell when it hits the stores again! 

What are your Spring beauty essentials?! 


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