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Budget Skincare - Does It Work?

It's true, I'm a bit of a skincare snob. I've struggled to find skincare from the drugstore that's even come close to my less affordable products, hence my built-in distrust in how they'll perform. I know it's not a great mind-set to have, but it's something I'm trying to break away from! It's only in the past year that I've become really interested in taking care of my skin, and with that has come with lots of experimenting! My most recent discovery has been the brand The Ordinary. I'd spotted this on different beauty websites, but never paid any attention as I was stuck in my own routines. Let's just say, I found the mother-load with this brand! The Ordinary is a brand that puts aside the frills of a product, and focuses on the actual contents of the bottles they sell. Rather than upping prices with fancy bottles and packaging, they give us the straight ingredients we need!

Let's discuss!

I actually picked up five items to try, but at the time of shooting these images, I'd only put these four fully to the test, (and continue to use as I'm writing this). I've since gone on to use the fifth item, Azelaic Acid Suspension 10%, and I'm not convinced it's the right product for me. Anyway, lets talk about these serums first!

Here's some fancy, complicated looking products! I know, the facts and figures don't make much sense to me either. The Advanced Retinoid is something I've heard of many a time, particularly involved with high-end skincare, so to see this listed on a product that costs £5.50 is an instant sell! I use this as my evening serum, and I've found my skin isn't breaking out as much, and I'm also seeing a much more even complexion. It's super lightweight and a little goes a long way, as with all of these products to be honest.

Next up is the Lactic Acid! Well, somehow I got it into my head that this was my 'daytime' serum.. I couldn't have been more wrong, and I tell you why. This is a 'peeling' serum. I was popping this on every morning before my moisturiser and make-up, and after a while, I noticed my skin was shedding here, there and everywhere. I don't mean shedding like a snake, more like natural exfoliation, but it looked horrendous under my make-up! I've stopped using this in the daytime, but let me tell you, it clearly works! If you find your skin is a little congested, I'd pick this little bottle up and you'll unveil brand new healthy skin!

This was a tough transition for me, using a new moisturiser. I'm hopelessly devoted to my Clinique Moisture Surge, and trying something else had never been on my agenda, but for a mere £5, I decided to give it a go. This is such a gorgeous, rich moisturiser, and yet is still able to remain oil free, making it suitable for everybody! I lather this on of an evening, and use it underneath my primer in the morning and my skin feels plump and hydrated. You really need such a small amount of this, I actually bring any excess product down to my neck. 

This primer is EVERYTHING. Seriously, go and order it asap. It's £4 for a start, which is absolutely insane considering this is the best primer I have ever used. I've already purchased a second one of these. I really feel like I don't need any other primer after using this one. As a total make-up junkie, it's a little unrealistic, but this will remain my holy grail. Don't be afraid of the word 'silicone'. This is the silkiest, smoothest primer, and totally smoothes out imperfections without that slippy silicone feel. 

So there's a little round up of the products I've used from The Ordinary so far! There's even more things I want to try, including their foundation, so I'll keep you updated as I try new bits and bobs out! I've also tried a few more drugstore skincare products, so if you'd like any reviews, please let me know!

Have you tried anything from The Ordinary? 

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  1. Not bad prices at all really! Never heard of this brand before but willing to try it out!

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