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March Glossybox 2014

I don't normally do 'beauty' related posts, however it doesn't mean I don't thoroughly enjoy beauty and all things make-up!
I've been a subscriber to Glossybox UK for around 7 months now, (according to the ever-growing stack of boxes on my desk), and I still get that child-like excitement each time the pretty pastel pink box arrives. 
It can be rather 'hit and miss' with these boxes as the products are chosen for you, so you may find a couple of products that you wouldn't put to use, however I must say I am pleasantly surprised with the contents of my March box!

Obviously as i've just teared into this package, I haven't tried the products out in a 'reviewable' way, but I just thought i'd give you all an insight into what I received in my box this month.

Mitchell and Peach Body Cream

I'm a big fan of creams/lotions/moisturisers, and I have been since I was very small as I've always had an absurd obsession with moisturised hands, so I was thrilled to receive this and i'm hoping it meets my expectations!

Dove 60 Second Treatment Shot

I wish I had a wonderful hair story involving bleached hair, crazy hairstyles etc, but unfortunately, my damaged hair is due to the misfortune of having essentially 'rubbish' hair!
I'm always on the look out for deep conditioning products to apply to the ends of my hair, and i've heard a few things about this product, so who knows? Maybe this could be the answer to all of my hair troubles?

Juicy Couture 'La La Malibu' and 'Malibu' Perfume

I have never tried out Juicy Couture's perfume range, so when I opened this, I immediately had a little spritz on each wrist. I can't particularly notice a difference in each of the scents, but  it's a really lovely summery scent and it makes me feel as though i'm relaxing on South Beach! (I wish).

Sleek Pout Polish in 'Raspberry Rhapsody'

How gorgeous is this colour?! I was so excited to try this product out when I opened it up, however i'm a little disappointed in the colour pay-off. I was expecting the colour to pop on my lips, given the bright shade, however it's just a sheer pink gloss. It's a lovely product, nonetheless, but I prefer an opaque lip. 

Bellápierre Cosmetics Ltd Shimmer Powder in 'Whesek'

The final product in my Glossybox! Quite often in my Glossyboxes, I receive some form of eyeshadow. I love experimenting with different eyeshadows, and my eyes are generally the focal point of my make-up. Recently, i've been wanting to dabble in the arts of the 'smokey-eye', and this product is perfect for the look i'm going for! It's a pretty, metallic grey powder, and the colour pay-off is excellent. I'm really looking forward to having a go at the smouldering, Kim Kardashian eye look with this product!

Check out Glossybox yourself here!
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  1. Once you’ve tried the hair treatment let me know how it goes! my hair is such a state from years of bleaching it & dying it crazy colours been looking for a decent treatment for years now x

    1. Gonna give it a try tomorrow so I'll let you know!! Hoping it does the trick once and for all! X

  2. Replies
    1. I know I'm so pleased with it this month! Didn't even have to pay for it as I completed some surveys haha! X

  3. I have always wondered what the glossy box contained!
    You should do a post every time you get one hun, so intrigued about the things you receive!
    Hannah xo

    1. Aww yeah I definitely will do! It's so exciting it's like a mini Christmas every month haha! Xx


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