Thursday, March 6, 2014

PASTEL BLUE SUIT (featuring Olly)

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but i've added a couple of things to my blog, (an 'about me' section and 'where else to find me'), so check those out if you like! 
Now i've mentioned those, lets talk about this amazing suit I put together!
I'm a little bit obsessed with Charlotte Fishers' instagram/blog/wardrobe and everything she posts becomes my next 'must-have' item. I saw her wearing this gorgeous pastel blue blazer from Forever 21 and almost immediately bought it myself!
I love high waisted trousers, I have quite a few pairs in different prints but these are by far my favourite. They were fairly reasonably priced for Topshop at only £30. They stock a couple of other colours which i'm extremely tempted to purchase when the bank balance allows!
A staple piece that should be in every girls wardrobe, the white cami. I have quite a number of these as they're so flattering and easy to wear. This one is from Next and is only £12! I got mine, (and a few others), for £9 with the help of staff discount. 
I've done a post including these shoes before so i'll leave the link here which includes the details!

Hope you like my dog, Olly, featuring! It was hilarious looking at his confused little face wondering what I was doing. 

BLAZER - FOREVER 21 - £24.75
CAMI - NEXT - £12
SHOES - ASOS - £42

fashion IG - fashi0nbynicole
personal IG - nicolecourchee

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  1. Aw cute post!! Love your dog and my mention aha!

    1. aww thankyou!! i didn't think you'd actually see it so i'm made up! xx

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