Sunday, March 30, 2014


As you all probably know, orange is hot this Spring/Summer, and I for one am all for it!
I've always thought that purples and orange go beautifully together, or maybe i'm just nostalgic for the times of Spyro the dragon? Either way, my current picks are based around these two colours and I hope to be the proud owner of all of these pieces soon.
I will leave clickable links below of where to find these products. 
I will add, I don't think the lilac jellies are in stock at the moment, but hopefully they will be soon so I can get my hands (and feet) on them!

Lilac Jellies - La Moda  
Amethyst Necklace - Empty Casket
 White Pool Sliders - Topshop
 Bikini - Triangl 
Skort - Topshop 
Cigarette Trousers - Topshop

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  1. I love love love those purple jellies. I have white ones but purple and pink are most definitely on my wishlist!

    Lindsey. x


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