Monday, May 26, 2014


Ah! So the weather has noticeably changed since my last post, yay! Of course, that meant I was a lot more eager to get outside and shoot some pictures. 

I was recently paid, and bit by bit, i've been spending my wages. I'm waiting on a couple of orders, but today I went into town with my boyfriend to change our money up for our holiday on Sunday, which meant I did a little shopping! One of the pieces I picked up, was this gorgeous little pink gingham shirt from H&M. I'm sure i've seen a couple of bloggers in it now via Instagram, but it looks a lot nicer in person! You can button it up to the top, but I think it looks cuter with a few buttons un-done for a more casual look. 

I'm wearing a pair of the 'vintage blue' Joni jeans, but I won't talk about those too much because really, who doesn't own a pair?! I've also featured these pastel pink jellies before, but they are so, SO soft! I own three pairs of JuJu jellies, and these are by far the softest pair, and yes, that's a good thing as you don't want them to rub your feet! 
I've featured this bag possibly a few months ago, but it's still one of my favourites. It's just a slouchy PU leather pastel pink backpack from Primark, super bargain!

You could dress this up a little more with a statement necklace and some rings, but I didn't actually own anything I had in mind! I think it would look perfect with a statement light pink jewel necklace. 

This will be one of my last few outfit posts as I go away on Sunday for two weeks and I have a lot to do! But I have a wish-list i'd like to get up before then, and hopefully another outfit post, but time will tell!
Has anyone got any nice holidays planned? 

TOP - H&M - £12.99
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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Seems quite an inappropriate outfit considering the weather? Oh well, all in the name of blogging! 

This little candy stripe crop is from the fabulous Beach Melba, which I received along with my beautiful gingham two-piece, (which you can see me style here). 
I definitely think the tank style is the way to go for me, as I find them much easier to wear and the fit is perfect, so for my next Beach Melba pieces, this is the style i'll be going for! 

I did struggle on what to style it with, as I couldn't get a hold of the matching set, but my apparently fashion forward boyfriend reminded me I own these amazing shorts! The yellow in the shorts really compliments the thin yellow stripes of the top, so it works really well. However, this would go just as nicely with some simple denim jeans, which is what i'll be wearing it with after my holiday!

This is very much a holiday outfit for me, and one i'll be taking to Greece with me (eeeep a week today!!), so of course I had to chuck on my sun hat! I find it difficult to find a sun hat I actually like, as most of them are dressed with silly bows and tassels, so this simple floppy one is an absolute godsend. 

My bag is my absolute favourite! I picked it up over Easter in Primark in Oxford Street, and put it back last minute, trying to be 'good' with my money. Of course, as soon as I got home I was filled with regret, and luckily I found it in the Manchester branch! It fits my camera and lense in perfectly, and for £6, who's complaining?!

It seems the weather hasn't cheered up since my last post, so lets hope it does for my next one! I'm really not a fan of trying to pass off goosebumps as an accessory. 

HAT - NEXT - £18
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Saturday, May 24, 2014


Another wish-list! Oh, I love to wish. Mostly for shoes, clothes and fried food.
Anyway, via the magic that is Instagram, I discovered a brand called 'Spy Love Buy'. They sell the most perfect shoes. Chunky? Yep. Pastels? Yep. Affordable? Hell yeah! 
Considering Topshop and countless other high-street brands are selling these styles for extortionate amounts of money, the prices are unbeatable. Also, with free delivery too, what are you waiting for?! 

I've put together five of my current favourites that I have my eye on, and all is linked below! 
What's your favourite out of my top five? I think the pastel pink pair is my next priority! 

Pastel Pink Cleated Heel Sandals
White Cleated Heel Sandals
White Peeptoe Cleated Platform Heels
Black Chunky Platform Zip Up Boots
White Leather Buckle Peeptoe Shoes
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So today's post is slightly different, but something I love creating! I think wish-lists are perfect for gathering together pieces that I intend on buying, and inspiring others too! Personally, I make quite a few of my purchases through other peoples wish-lists, and it also enables me to discover new brands. 

Anyway, today's focus is on Choies. I've loved Choies ever since first hearing about them from Barbara on YouTube, (please go and watch her videos, she's incredible!). 
They sell the most amaaaazing pieces, from shoes, to dresses, to cute little two-pieces! 

I managed to narrow my wish-list down to six items, (one of which I already own, and you can view on my blog here), but I can guarantee i'll be posting a few more of these in the future! I've left links to each of the items below, so go and have a look for yourself! 
Also, if you'd like me to do weekly wish-lists for various brands/trends, let me know as I find them interesting and useful! 

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Thursday, May 22, 2014


Howdy! I have had such a busy week! I wish I could spend ALL my time blogging and doing all that 'bloggy' business, however I need to work to fund this fabulous endeavour! Yep, I've been working like a little horse this week. My day off on Sunday will be very much appreciated, but for now, i'm trying my best to fit in blogging amongst other commitments. 

My style certainly varies. One day, i'll want to be in all black with chunky boots, and another day i'll want to be a human candy stick. I think this trench-coat definitely toys with my darker side, however i've added it to a brighter outfit and it doesn't seem so mysterious! 

The dress. Oh the wonderful, wonderful dress. I am in love with this piece of art. Did I pay stupid amounts of money for this on eBay? Nope! I purchased this dress from a seller on Depop for £15! It is a dupe, so I may have over-payed as they're selling them very cheap on Choies, but I justify it with love! The material is a lovely thick neoprene, just like the Zara dress. I can't fault it!

My shoes have been featured on my blog before, they're simple ankle strap flatforms from Topshop, (that I got cheap on eBay). Super simple, adds edge to any outfit!

I'm very much hoping the weather improves soon, as I froze to death shooting these and required frequent arm rubs from my boyfriend! 

DRESS - DEPOP - £15 (similar here)
MAC - H&M - £29.99
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Monday, May 19, 2014


How beautiful has the weather been recently?! As much as I hate the sticky heat, when it cools down a little, it's just bliss. 
I had the MOST fun shooting these pictures today. Me and my boyfriend took the opportunity to search for some new locations to shoot in, and we came across a tree swing which glides over a somewhat drying up river. Oh, the photo opportunities! (Which I fully took advantage of!).

I mentioned this in my previous post, but as i'm going away soon, I needed to stock up on some floaty crop tops, and this is one of the pretty pink ones I picked up from ASOS! At only £8, it didn't break the bank. It's such a versatile piece, especially for me as I like to skim over my middle area, so I wear them with pretty much anything!

I've been after this little PVC number for quite some time now, and I finally have it! Let me just say, PVC and heat... not a good combination! Hello sweaty Betty. But on a positive note, it's super flattering and as it's a thick material, it's very forgiving as far as A-line skirts go!

To complete the 'colour-block' look, I popped on my pastel pink jellies. I looove pastel blues and pinks together. They're so pretty and girly! 
I'm off to continue to enjoy this beautiful weather, I hope you're all enjoying it too!


TOP - ASOS - £8
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Friday, May 16, 2014


Original blog post name, right? I'm sorry, my creative side has shied away so it appears!
Anyway, notice something different? Yep, I have ombré hair! (For the millionth time). I always seem to want to revert back to my lighter ends during the warmer months and have done for the past three years!

So, the outfit! A month or so ago, I placed a rather hefty order on Missguided which included two of their pretty pastel bralets. I'm actually surprised one of them has only just featured on my blog considering how much I love them! I love this style of top, however I feel it suits those with less of a chest as I look like a 'porn star', (choice of words, courtesy of my mother). Also, I really should have sized up as the 'cups' just aren't covering my chest enough, as you can tell. Nonetheless, I love this top and I want more, especially the neon palm print one! 

This skirt is another past order of mine that hasn't seen blogging daylight yet! I ordered three colours in this little number as the price was just irresistible.. for a weak gal anyway. 
It's a lovely, thick scuba material, which is my favourite to wear at the moment. The skirt is from my beloved Boohoo, and they stock 5 or 6 colours I believe! 

My earrings compliment the skirt so nicely. I bought these when ASOS had their 20% offer on and I completely forgot I had this gorgeous skirt to pair it with! To date, they're possibly my favourite statement earrings I own as they feel so expensive, (and look it too!).

My coat is of course my Missguided favourite, and my shoes are the shoes that never leave my feet at the moment! A perfect pair of white Birkenstock dupes from Topshop. They're literally the most comfy shoes I have ever worn, and go with practically anything. 
And finally, my hat! My hat is my faaaaavourite piece in this whole outfit. Since wearing my black fedora to death, I decided on picking up a floppy hat in a summery colour, and what better colour than lilac, ey? And for £15, it would be rude not to!

HAT - ASOS - £15
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