Friday, August 21, 2015

KIKO Rebel Romantic Review

Hello! I'm back with another review, and I must admit, I'm really enjoying writing up about products and introducing you guys to what's good on the market! 
As a complete and utter beauty junkie, (and hoarder), I'm like a moth to a flame when it comes to new releases of products, especially when it comes to brands that I'm head over heels for. 

Today's post is going to be chatting about a few new released from the KIKO 'Rebel Romantic' range. I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with KIKO, if you're not, you definitely should be! The quality of the products is the same you'd find in MAC, (I've been told by a former MAC employee myself), yet the price of products you'd find in the drugstore, (in some cases cheaper!). 

First, I'm going to talk about my favourite product of the bunch, and that's the 'Glowing Potion'. Sounds magical, doesn't it? It's a serum, but essentially it's a primer, or at least that's how I use it! Although I have oily skin, I've recently discovered it's my T-zone that's the issue. The rest of my face could certainly use a little extra glow, and this does the trick completely. This is my favourite product I've tried from the range so far, and it also has hyaluronic acid in it, (getting ahead of the game with anti-aging!).

Next up from the range, is the 'Colour Defenition Eyeliner and Kajal'. I got mine in the shade 'Cuddly Marsala', which is unmistakably a brown, but definitely has a slight maroon tinge to it, at least it does on me! This glides on the waterline like a dream, and wearing a soft brown instead of opting for black creates a gentler look. They have 6 shades of these, and for £5.90 a pop, who's complaining?!

This palette is a neutral lovers travelling dream. I personally opt for brighter shades for my lids, but for every single look I do, I definitely use these shades. Whether it be for the crease, transition shades, deepening the outer corners, or highlighting my brow bone, every shade has it's purpose to pull every look together. The shadows themselves are super buttery and pigmented. This quad is in the set 'Harmonious Beige'. 

Apologies for the not so flattering swatches, but my skin tone on my arms never compliments a swatch, haha! PS! They do this palette in four different colour-ways, and let me tell you, I NEED 'Fiery Rose'. It's so beautiful!

The last product I received from the range, is a bronze & highlighter combo in 'Light to Medium'. If you ask me, it looks similar to the Charlotte Tilbury 'Cheek to Chic' blushers, but I haven't tried that, so I couldn't say for sure. I personally struggle a little with products that are mixed together, but these two shades are perfect for me. I'm not someone who likes a heavily bronzed look, and I steer clear from deep, red toned bronzers. The bronze side of this is very subtle as you can see in the swatch below, and the highlight isn't shimmery, so I have no problem blending the two together to create a natural, sun-kissed glow.

I really hope you enjoyed this post, and found it useful! I highly recommend checking KIKO out. They don't have many stores in the UK, but even have a little browse on the website and I guarantee you'll find it irresistible. As far as the Rebel Romantic range goes, I couldn't recommend it enough. The packaging alone is absolutely to die for, and not something you'd expect for the price you're paying! I don't own everything from the range, but I went into the store and left covered in pretty swatches, and a long, long shopping list!

Have you tried anything from the range? Are you a fan of KIKO? Let me know!

Glowing Potion - c/o KIKO
Colour Definition Eyeliner & Kajal - c/o KIKO
Reckless Spirit Eyeshadow Palette - c/o KIKO
Bronzing Powder - c/o KIKO
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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rodial Instaglam Illuminating Powder Review

 So, I'm back with a beauty post! My absolute favourite. If you've been keeping up with me via Instagram/YouTube, you'll know that beauty and make-up is my ultimate passion, and whilst I do love fashion and putting together outfits, my body confidence isn't playing ball game, so I've fallen further in love with beauty!

I've given this product a shed load of air time, but I feel like it deserves it's own blog post, a little one on one. All for very good reason, as it's the most incredible beauty product I've ever used. At £52, it's pretty pricey, there's no denying.. but the minute you sweep the powder across your cheekbones, I guarantee you'll be sold. This is marketed as an 'illuminating' powder, so it's not limited to just highlighting your face. This can be used as an all over powder for a beautiful luminous glow. It adds dewiness to any look without looking oily or glittery. As someone with oily skin, I'm always apprehensive when it comes to highlighting more than my cheekbones, but this product 100% does it for me. 

Pictured above, is the result of a single swipe of the product. No additional pressure, no back and forth-ing, just a simple swipe! Super pigmented, right?! Below is the result of finely blending that onto my hand, and similar to what to expect on your face. Of course, you can control the intensity of the product, it's all down to preference. Personally, I add a little extra to my cheekbones, and lightly sweep any additional product to the tip of my nose, chin, and the centre of my forehead.

I have a bunch of tutorials on my channel using this product, so feel free to check those out! (Click here to view my channel).

After trying this product out from Rodial, and finding it near impossible to use anything else, I think I need to get a hold of the contour powder! I'd have a little browse on the Rodial website, (linked below), and scout out some new luxury products to fall in love with!

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Pretty In Peach

Hello! I'm back today with an outfit post! Wow, it's been months! I briefly updated my disappearance on my previous post, so I won't go into it now. 

I've had a bit of a nightmare trying to get these pictures up. My laptop wasn't having it, I had to use a different camera, and I had to resort to my back garden as the outdoors wasn't agreeing with me. But nonetheless, here is my first outfit post in a while!

I decided to style this set up all smart n stuff' with a pair of fancy heels, however it's just as simple to pop on a pair of sandals and head out in the sun! (A more preferable option, in my opinion!). I love the floaty style of this two-piece, however I tucked in the top to add some shape to my waist. If you're a busty lady, I'd probably recommend sizing up in the top as it's squishing my chest, but everything is true to size other than that. I believe it's on sale at the moment, so go pick yourself up a bargain!

Like most girls, I'm OBSESSED with anything lace-up at the moment. I mean, who doesn't want to channel so Kardashian vibes?!
These shoes are from EGO, and they're absolutely stunning. I will say though, they take some serious 'heel wearing will-power'. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, I do apologise about the quality of the photos, I seemed to have misplaced my 50mm lens! I've found it now though, so my next outfit pictures will be of higher quality.. I hope!

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