Friday, September 26, 2014


Firstly, I'd like to apologise massively for my absence on my blog. It's the first time I've had a somewhat lengthy gap in months! Well, it's been about 6 days, but that's still enough time to scare me! Basically, I've been incredibly busy with work, and I've also been struggling with low self-esteem which made me not want to wear nice clothes and look at pictures of myself. I'm still feeling pretty down about myself, but I'm so appreciative of those who do support and follow my blog, and I have a lovely supportive boyfriend and family, and lots of fabulous blogger friends who know how to cheer me up and motivate me! Anyway, on to the outfit, as I'm assuming that's why you're here! (Not to hear about my life woes).

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll have noticed I've worked with the amazing company, 'Hedonia', quite a few times now, so I was delighted when they dropped me an e-mail to see if I wanted to try out another one of their luxury sets! 
I think I know the brand well enough now to vouch for the fact that their pieces are of the finest quality, and the most unique, classic designs. I've never had more compliments on an outfit than I do when I wear a Hedonia set. Seriously guys, my family continuously tell me they want their own, and my Mum is fully obsessed to say the least! Whilst I was walking outside wearing this one today, I had two people stop me to tell me how amazing it is and asking where it's from! That's sign of a show-stopping outfit.
Honestly, I could go on for days! I've been absolutely loving midi skirts at the moment, so I was so delighted to see this new style for Hedonia! Both pieces are a super thick scuba material, and incredibly flattering. (Not a lump or bump in sight! I hope..). There is also a gorgeous blue printed set, but I chose the black and white one as I can style it with so many colours!

My shoes are the famous Topshop Lenkas, and my jacket is one of my favourites from Primark! I kept the colours to a minimum, however I'm definitely going to be pairing this with one of my Grafea's! 

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Sunday, September 21, 2014


I'm thoroughly enjoying the whole girly twist on what could be deemed a very, 'Jack the Ripper-esque' look. Never have I considered purchasing a cape, (besides for fancy dress purposes), but A/W 14 fashion has been incredibly influential on me, and now I own two! I actually really like them, and I now have a list of printed and patterned capes I absolutely must get a hold of!

This one in particular is from ASOS, and was only a measly £22! I think that's a bargain considering the extortionate prices Topshop are charging for similar pieces! It's super, super cosy, and being plain black, it will go with absolutely everything, so I'm really excited to be wearing this throughout the current seasons.

I used to hate playsuits, but recently I've been absolutely loving them! Particularly ones that cinch in at the waist, and are floaty elsewhere. This one is such a lovely silky material, and it fits like a dream. The back of it has pleather cut-out straps, (which I didn't managed to picture!), but it adds an edgy detail to your basic floral playsuit. I was sent this from 5 Fashion, and I also made a little purchase as well after seeing how gorgeous, and incredibly well-priced their pieces are! It's free delivery on everything too, so a definite winner in my eyes! I've also very kindly been given a discount code for you all to use to receive an additional 10% off your purchases with them! Use the code 'NC10' at the checkout to redeem! (Ps, you're welcome!).

To accessorise the outfit, I popped on a pleather choker, and my Dr Martens. I was heading to my boyfriends for the weekend, so driving in any form of heeled shoe was a no-go! Dr Martens are certainly an A/W staple, and I can tell they're going to be my 'go-to' shoe for the rest of the year!

(Enjoying my company so, so much...).

PLAYSUIT - 5 FASHION (use the code 'NC10' for an extra 10% off!
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Thursday, September 18, 2014


I've been majorly crushing on Boohoo recently, but I've just forked out on a holiday to Tunisia with my boyfriend, (yay!), so I can't afford to buy anything until payday! I may not be able to purchase these as of yet, but I thought it rude not to share with you guys! Let's hope these items are cosy in my wardrobe in a weeks time!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I'm currently writing up this post whilst on my break at work as I'm so so busy at the moment, but I love blogging too much to let it slip! So this is dedication!

Obviously, when ASOS announced there 25% student discount promotion, I was all over it, and by 10am I had spent £115, oops! It's not a problem though, as I managed to aquire some gorgeous pieces for a much lower price! 
I love the River Island high-waisted belted trousers, and when I spotted these, it was love. Well, I liked them anyways. They fit perfectly, and are so cute for A/W with the orange flowers, mixed in with some good ol' leopard print. 
I was on my way to my boyfriends house so I wanted to be comfortable, so a loose crop and duster coat was an obvious choice! This is my absolute favourite top at the moment, and it goes with everything as it's so simple and black! I'm extremely tempted to pick it up in a few more colours! 

Well isn't this bag just a match-made with this outfit? I love clear box clutches, and I'm surprised this is the first time I'm owning one! This one is from an online store called Beau Boutique, where they sell loads of branded pieces! (Such as Motel!). You can remove the gold chain and hold it as a clutch, but I prefer keeping it on as I don't have to worry about misplacing it! 

I've been writing this whilst trapsing up and down the place as my local bakery didn't put my damn cookie in my bag!!!! It's not even that nice so I'm extremely dissatisfied. Wah.

SHOES - PUBLIC DESIRE (now on sale!)
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