Monday, September 1, 2014


Okay. I know what you're all thinking. 'How Mrs Doubtfire/Kim Kardashian of you!'.
For a start, I haven't even seen Mrs Doubtfire, (don't shoot me!), but I'm very familiar with the outfit as Robin Williams, (bless his soul), pointed out the similarities between his and Kim Kardashian's ensemble. 
I'm no stranger to the Missguided 'new in' section, and I've been spending a lot of time on there recently, watching the A/W range slowly being fed to us. 
I spotted this insanely perfect maxi dress a couple of days before payday, (fate!), and all of my blogger friends agreed that it's so me! I love the elegance of it. It covered pretty much your entire body, yet it has a cute knee slit, and a v neckline.
I will say, this is not a 'throw on quickly' dress, this is a 'I have 600 hours to kill getting ready' dress. You have to do up each button, and God bless you if you miss a button! 
In the grand scheme if things, it's really not a big deal because the end result is looking like a fabulous, somewhat pretentious, autumnal queen.

The dress in itself is a huge statement, so minimal accessorising is key. I am debuting both my Primark basic box clutch, and my New Look mules!
I bought both of these pieces quite a while back, and don't they go perfectly with this outfit?!
For a start, Primark are upping their game big time. This bag came with it's very own dust bag?! How Chanel? (Kind of). It also has a phone compartment inside, and plenty of space for rubbish you really don't need. Perfect!
My dreamy simplistic New Look mules are perfect for a little extra height, and a little extra elegance. I would love them in white, but I can't find them anywhere! (Not reasonably priced anyway!).

This outfit could totally be dressed down too. I'm thinking tan rucksack, black fedora and Birkenstocks maybe? I'll be experimenting throughout the season no doubt!

SHOES - NEW LOOK (similar here, and on sale!)
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