Sunday, September 14, 2014


I've really been experimenting with my style recently, and I've purchased lots of items that are a little 'out-there' for me. I've always loved the look of tailored dungarees, but always found myself returning them after being too afraid to rock them in public, however, I've finally found a pair I love, yay!

These cropped dungarees were a bit of an impulse buy on Missguided, but I'm so pleased with them! The fit is perfect! It hugs me in all of the right places, and smooths over the, erm.. less desired places.
I would have thought dungarees are more of a summer piece, but the print and colours of these make them 100% A/W proof.
Like the model on the Missguided website, I'm wearing a plain white t-shirt underneath, but I have worn them with grey too, so there's lots of different colours you could pair it with!

I've had these New Balance for absolutely ages, and never have they matched an outfit more perfectly than this one. All of the colours are perfect! I now feel like I need to get more New Balance to match all of my outfits, who said fashion can't be practical too?

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