Friday, July 28, 2017

The Most Talked About Palette Of 2017

Of course, it's the Jaclyn Hill X Morphe palette! We all knew Jaclyn was creating something magnificent with all of the social media hints dropped over the past months, and I'm pretty sure we were all hoping it would be the most 'bomb' eyeshadow palette to hit the scene. 
This palette has drawn so much controversy, (beats me why?!), but nonetheless it's been hot topic for the beauty community whether it's good or bad. 
As a huge supporter of both Jaclyn Hill and Morphe, I was pretty confident I'd be purchasing the palette. Upon seeing the swatches, like most people I just freaked out and had to have it! I did try to get it during the initial launch. I waited 45 minutes in a virtual queue and was unsuccessful and very disappointed, but luckily I was able to get it on the restock! 

The shade range is perfect for me, a large selection of warm tones but with pops of colour! I'm already a huge fan of Morphe eyeshadows, so to hear that the formula of these is even better was very interesting to me. Let's get into the swatches!

As you can see, the eyeshadows are crazy pigmented. The last four on the bottom row were a little patchy, but from a personal preference I'm not too fussed as they're the shades I'm least likely to reach for. The metallics were all incredibly buttery and intensely pigmented and they apply to the eye just as well as they swatch! The mattes are the same quality as the original Morphe matte eyeshadows, some are slightly softer to touch, but both are amazing quality anyway and super blendable.

The price of this palette was hiked up quite a bit in comparison to the usual £22ish price point, the only difference being the quality is supposedly better. Whether or not the quality of the eyeshadows is better than former Morphe palettes, the quality is outstanding and definitely worth the $38. I'm disappointed there's no mirror as this would be perfect for travelling, but I'll manage as I always do! I'm also so confused as to why shipping to the UK is so expensive? Surely such a huge company can seek out better shipping options? Who knows, maybe in the future! 

You can tell Jaclyn has put her heart and soul into this palette, everything is done to perfection and this is such a great palette to have in your collection. Whether you have one palette or one hundred, this one will definitely have a place in your stash. I hope to see Morphe continuing this great quality whilst maintaining their initial price point! 

I'd love to know if any of you have tried Morphe products? What do you think of the brand?

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Huda Beauty - Is It Worth It?

I've been wanting to write about Huda Beauty for quite some time now. Since I first discovered the brand, the family, the empire, I've been a loyal fan and consumer. If you know anything about the beauty community, you know about Huda Beauty. Huda and her family have created a brand that caters to every person and every trend, providing exceptional quality. I think this initial write up answers the question in my title, but read further for more in-depth reviews on each of her products, (so far!).

It would be wrong not to start with the product that whisked the brand off its feet, lashes! For the longest time Huda Beauty consisted of beautiful false lashes before venturing into other beauty products. I picked up my first ever pair from Dubai of all places! It's actually the pair of Samantha lashes you see in the picture above. It's the one pair of lashes I will never use, purely because it holds a lot of great memories and reminders for me. Memories of a life-changing trip to Dubai, and a reminder that anything is possible. Work hard, and you can achieve everything you've ever dreamed of. 
Despite not using this particular pair, I can confirm that the Huda Beauty lashes are crafted to perfection and look absolutely beautiful. There's so many styles catered for everybody, so have a browse and find your perfect lash!

Shades L to R - Icon & Trendsetter

The first make-up product to launch was the lip contours aka lip liners. Whilst the beauty community isn't short of lip liners, there's something about Hudas innovation that made these so desirable for myself and others. They glide on super soft and really shape and prep  the lips for your lipstick. Any fine lines on my lips are diffused when I use this as an all over lip colour, I do love topping it with a liquid matte though! I want to pick up a few more of these as they're staples in my collection.

Shades L to R - Venus, Muse, Medusa, Spice Girl, Flirt and Trophy Wife

The Huda Beauty liquid mattes were highly anticipated by many, including myself! After seeing sneak peeks on the Kattan family Snapchats, I'd already clocked all of the shades I was going to be purchasing. Obviously, I picked up all of the nudes suitable for my taste and still find these to be my go-to for a liquid matte. The formula is ultra thin and lightweight meaning it doesn't dry out my lips or look 'cakey'. They also smell like a tropical coconut holiday which I absolutely adore! If I could bottle that scent and use it as a perfume I 100% would. There's even more shades in the range now, and I've definitely eyed a few up!! If you were to ask me what my favourite liquid lipstick formula was, Huda's win every time.

Shades L to R - Bossy,  Rose Gold, Angelic, Flamingo, Henna & Moon Dust

I don't know how she does it, but as soon as Huda announces a new product, I've already mentally wired her the money for the product. That's what happened when the 3D Textured Rose Gold palette was released. I knew it would be pricey, but I was adamant it would be mine. £56 later, I dived into my dream palette head first. It's full to the brim with rich warm tones, plums, pinks and of course the innovative textured shadow formula. The textured shadows definitely should be applied with your finger as they're not your typical glitter shadow! They look like foil on the eyelids, it's incredible! There are a couple of regular metallic shadows too which I opt for when I don't want to fuss around too much with my make-up that day. I've swatched a few of my favourite shades, including a textured shadow!

Shades L to R - Fiji, Seychelles, Tahiti & Zanzibar

Another twist on a cult product! The '3D Highlighter'. You'd wonder what could be done next in the beauty community, and the Huda Beauty team is always one step ahead! The idea of this palette is to create a 3D-like appearance using a variety of highlighter tones. I picked up the Golden Sands edition as they're the shades I generally reach for most, but there's also a palette called Pink Sands that I still want to add to my collection! The melted strobe is a rich buttery cream highlighter made with real pearls and shea butter. This can be used alone, but I love topping it with the powder highlighters. There is in detail instructions on how to create the 3D effect, but I like using these to my individual taste! I'm completely eyeing up the new Summer Solstice palette with that stunning purple! 

Shades L to R - Enchanting & Shameless

The latest product released by Huda Beauty is the lip strobes! I'm so glad that these launched at a time where I've totally got into glossy lips. The shade range is gorgeous, full of shimmering unusual glosses. I say unusual as there's so many different micro glitters in them and shifts of different colour. I picked up two that caught my eye the most, but there's so many more that I want! Enchanting is a light gloss with a pink shift rippling through which looks stunning in the light. Shameless is slightly red-based, with gold and pink glitters. I love dabbing these over nude lipsticks for a different effect. Oh, I should mention that they're non-sticky! Praise the Lord!

I'm so excited to see what's next for the brand. I know that they're bringing foundation out which I can't wait to buy!! If you wanted to try Huda Beauty products, you need to go for it. A brand you can 100% trust in quality. I'd also suggest keeping up with the family too, they're so beautiful inside and out and inspire me every day!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Top Summer Bronzers - Drugstore and High End

I love a bronze-y look pretty much all year round, but there's something about the Summer months that really make me want to dive head first into my bronzer collection, (obviously fully expecting to look like BeyoncĂ©..). I don't like things too red, too orange or too glittery, so choosing the perfect bronzers can sometimes be struggle, particularly in the drugstore when most of the bronzers tend to be saturated in shimmers. 
I've narrowed it down to my go-tos from both drugstore and high-end, so hopefully you'll find a new bronzer to fall in love with!

The e.l.f bronzer is actually a duo with a blush, so I guess you're really getting bang for your buck with this product! The blush is actually a little bit too light for my skin tone, so I'm just focusing on the bronzer. It's such a beautiful toasty brown that really brings warmth to your complexion. If you're looking for a little on-the-go palette, this is the perfect package as it comes with a sizeable mirror too! I'd say this is great for light-medium/medium skin tones, and they do lots of other duos with different tones, so there'll definitely be a perfect match for you. 

The new Max Factor bronzer has fast become my current favourite! It pretty much goes against everything I like in a face product, yet somehow it's perfect! When I say it goes against everything, I'm talking about the fact that it's visibly loaded with shimmers AND it's baked, (I'm not too fond of baked products). I'd actually been looking at this bronzer for a while, but I was so sure I wouldn't like it when it was on that I'd put off purchasing until the right offer came along, (hello Boots 2 for 3!). It creates the most perfect golden bronze-y glow, and adds just the right amount of shadow on my skin. The shimmer is undetectable, instead creating a super natural glow. If you're looking for a new affordable bronzer for the Summer, this is my top recommendation. 

I've spoken about the Sephora Bali bronzer hundreds of times on my blog, so I won't ramble on too much, but if you're able to get it, it truly is one of the most beautiful bronzers! A perfect mixture of warm and cool tones, and blends like a dream. I'm going to be so sad the day I run out of this little gem! It ain't easy for us UK girls who love Sephora!

One that's definitely not new on the scene, but that's certainly a cult favourite is the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. They've extended the Hoola franchise into creams and liquids, also bringing out a lighter version of everyones favourite bronzer. I'm a true fan of the original Hoola bronzer, and I find it works on my skin tone no matter how it differs throughout the seasons. It's actually pretty similar to the Sephora bronzer in terms of colour, it's the perfect mixture of warm and cool meaning it also provides a subtle contour too. I tend to use bronzing products the same way I would a contour powder, and I love Hoola for this.

Ahhhh, this is the real deal when it comes to 'high-end' products. Tom Ford is the business, and if you're spending some serious money on your make-up, it better be the best thing you ever put on your face. I picked up the Tom Ford 'Terra' bronzer after some serious hype over it, and it truly is worth it. Particularly with the amount of product you get in the pan, it marginally justifies the whopping price-point! It's slightly warmer than the other bronzers, but definitely not orange and there's absolutely zero fall-out. If you're in the market for splashing out on a bronzer or if you're a luxury beauty fanatic, it's definitely one to add to the collection as it will last a life-time.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe discovered some new bronzers to check out! Feel free to suggest some more that I might like too!


Sunday, July 16, 2017

How I Deal With Problem Skin

Ahh, the joys of problem skin. You think you're having a great skin day, and then a spot rears its ugly head. I get my fair share of problem skin, I have done since I was a young teenager. In the past few years, I've mostly suffered from persistent breakouts on my cheeks, if it's not one side, it's the other and I never get a break! Recently, I had a huge breakout of spots on my forehead, I'm not sure why, but it happened. I picked up a product that I haven't grabbed for since I was a teenager, and boy has it made a difference.

I picked up the Clinique Anti Blemish Cleansing Foam as I had been faithful to this range when I was a spotty teen in need! I know my skin isn't in a state where it requires the full 3 step system, but one product from the range is all my skin has needed to prevent these pesky little bumps. It's a simple cleansing foam, with anti-bacterial properties which help to fight and prevent breakouts and it does just the job!
I team this with my Sonic brush, a staple in my skincare routine since February of this year. Since using this brush alongside my cleanser of choice, I've noticed a tremendous difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. You can purchase this with an anti bacterial cleansing head, but I'm find with the regular head! It doesn't come cheap, but it's a worth-while investment.

Treatment products! Sometimes cleansing your skin with the right products just isn't enough. When my skin is a little shabby, I reach for my masks and my drying lotion. My favourite mask for problem skin is the Origins 'Out of Trouble' mask. You leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse away with warm water revealing squeaky clean skin with a lot less redness! I usually apply it where I need it as it can be a little drying where it's not wanted. 
As an overnight treatment, I dip a cotton bud into the Mario Badescu trying lotion and apply it onto any blemishes and ones that are beginning to rise. This doesn't shift them overnight, but it starts to kill them in their tracks!

Finally, hydrate!! After using all of those drying products, it's so important to keep the skin hydrated. I used to think my excessively oily skin didn't need any additional moisture, but using a good oil-free moisturiser massively changed the game. It rebalances my skin, meaning I'm not over producing oil to compensate for a lack of moisture and in turn getting more breakouts! Products aside, I've also been drinking so much more water, and my skin is super happy about it.

I hope this post was useful for anyone who's having some trouble with their skin! Let me know any products that you love to use to help your skin out!


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

US Beauty Brands You Didn't Know The UK Sold - Part Two

The struggle is real for us UK beauty fanatics when it comes to picking up the brands that we want, but slowly, US brands are creeping overseas and becoming accessible to us. I keep a close eye on new launches and how to get a hold of US beauty products without taking out a loan for customs charges! I did a post like this a while back which I'll link here, but things move fast in the beauty industry, so I'm thinking of making this a regular series!

Shades L - R - Fiji & St Lucia

The first one is a brand that's bank friendly, and that's e.l.f cosmetics. I'm surprised it hasn't been in the UK sooner, and although they've had their own UK website for some time, its actually hit the drugstore! That's right, you can get a hold of it in Superdrug! Super exciting. I have initially picked up their little blush and bronze duos and I'm so impressed with them. I've heard so much about this brand, so I can't wait to add more products to my collection.

Thanks to Beauty Bay, we can now get Ofra Cosmetics delivered to our front doors customs free! I had actually ordered so many liquid lipsticks from Ofra's website last year and the formula and quality is outstanding, so I'm happy I can order it with ease directly in the UK. I hadn't tried the highly coveted highlighter formula until now, and like Nikkie Tutorials says, it truly is blinding! There's quite a price difference between the liquid lipsticks and the other products, but if you're in the market for a belting highlighter, grab one of these!

Walking into Selfridges with no plans to spend any money, (sounds like a disaster waiting to happen really!), and then stumbling across the IT Cosmetics counter on opening day.. well, it's safe to say I spent some money. I picked up the two main things I'd been after from the brand, the CC cream and the Bye Bye Pores powder.
I haven't actually used the powder yet, but the CC cream is more than you'd expect. It's actually full coverage and super dewy. It's like skin, but better! There's so many things I want from IT, but given the fact it's on the higher end of prices, I'll take my time!

My holiday staple! This is summer in a pot. I'd always heard Youtubers in the US talking about this brand, and I was dying to smell it myself! It doesn't come cheap, at £18 for the small pot, but I decided it would be a treat for my summer holiday. Even the scent of it now takes me back to soaking up the sunshine, care-free. It's actually designed to firm the body, but I personally just slather it on my skin for the scent alone! They have a bunch of other products in the range that look amazing too. They have it in store in Selfridges, or online on Cult Beauty.

I'm so happy to see this brand in the UK. Buxom is now sold in Debenhams stores and online and surprisingly quite affordable! I own one of their gel lipsticks, and they're only £15 a go which is impressive for a high-end brand. Buxom is so well known for their glosses, particularly the White Russian range, and having swatched a bunch of products in person, I'm really impressed. If you get a chance, pop in store and have a play around, or check out some reviews online! I'm thinking of grabbing a gloss next!

Groundbreaking skin treatments right on our doorstep. I just adore GLAMGLOW. They're dropping more and more products to the UK, and I can't get enough of it. I have all of the masks I think, and I love them all. They're so indulgent, and the packaging feels so luxurious. My favourite mask is the YouthMud mask as when my skin is having a breakdown, this totally purifies it and helps my skin to breathe again. I just spotted the Sonic mask on the Debenhams website too.. oops, into the basket!! 

I hope you enjoyed this post, and enjoy shopping the US brands even more!


Saturday, July 8, 2017

Beauty Trends - Glossy Lips

A few months ago, I started a series on my blog called 'Beauty Trends', where as the title states, I talk about a current beauty trend, and share some products related to it! Trends in make-up are something that's ever-changing, so I created this series as a way to share my thoughts on them.

Today, I wanted to discuss 'glossy lips'. You're probably thinking, 'How is this a trend? They've been around forever?'. True! But we can all agree they're fast emerging from all beauty brands, both high-end and drugstore, and matte lips are beginning to take a back-seat. (Our dry lips are jumping for joy!). Never in a million years did I think I'd be a 'gloss gal' since the mere thought of a lip gloss makes my hair stick to my face. With that being said, I'm incredibly picky when it comes to which ones I'm prepared to leave the house wearing, so I thought I'd share a variety of ones that have made my collection. (Ps, I'm kind of into my nudes!).

I thought I'd start by sharing my favourite high-end glosses. I have a lot more from the Kylie Cosmetics range, but 'Like' is such a 'me' shade, a classic brown nude! Besides the shades, another huge similarity with these glosses is that they're all super pigmented. The Jouer gloss in particular is almost like a super shiny lipstick, it's divine. I'm not a huge fan of a sheer slick of gloss on my complexion as it seems to wash me out, so opting for glosses with a strong pigment are the perfect way for me to dip into the trend, without compromising on my overall look!
Bare Minerals do a huge range of non-sticky nude glosses to suit all skin-tones and tastes. I picked up 'Flirt' as it leans towards the mauve-y tones that I'm totally obsessed with.

Here is a drugstrore/affordable selection of my favourite lip glosses! Again, super similar shades, but I just can't run the risk of a bold glossy lip, it's mayhem. 
I found that I steered clear of the drugstore when it came to my quest for the perfect gloss, and it's probably because of all of those childhood experiences, y'know, Barry M candy flavoured glosses, Bourjois 3D glosses in sparkling reds.. don't get me wrong, they were the business back in the day, but totally not my vibe now.. anyway, I digress! To my pleasant surprise, I picked up some REAL gems in the drugstore, some I even wear more than the high-end ones. The Maybelline Vivid Hot Lacquers are not something you want to sleep on, run and check them out, they're seriously a handbag staple of mine!

Colour Pop Ultra Glossy Lip in Super Cute
Colour Pop Ultra Glossy Lip in Nonsense

Finally, I wanted to go on to glittery lips! I love to pair a liquid matte with a glittery gloss, it transforms any lipstick into a show-stopping disco ball, and who doesn't want that?
I don't have a huge amount of these in my collection, but I wanted to share some that are worth checking out!
Huda Beauty lip strobes are new on the scene, and they are stunning. I've never seen glosses that have such dimension and colour shift. There's a huge colour range in this buttery smooth formula, from glistening golds and holographics, to glitterball pinks and enchanting purples. I picked up these two first, but I'm already itching to pick up my next lip strobe!
The other two I swatched are no longer on sale, so I won't tease you with them too much, but a classic clear gloss laced with flecks of glitter is a total must in my collection these days. I'm constantly being mesmerised by insta-girls with multi-dimensional lips, and if chucking a slick of glitter gloss into my make-up routine is going to make me look half as good, I'll definitely be doing it!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and you found a gloss or two to add to your make-up bags! Leave me any suggestions of glosses you guys like below so I can check them out too! <3


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Kylie Cosmetics Vacation Collection - Is It Worth The Hype?

One thing you can always count on with me, is that I'm a sucker for a new beauty launch.
As the years have gone on and I've tried more and more products, I'm so much pickier with what I deem as 'worth the hype'. At the end of the day, if you're spending your hard earned cash on these products, they've got to live up to expectations!

Kylie Cosmetics is a real pain in my bank balance, I can't resist her new launches, I can't resist those bundles!! There is a reason for it though, and it's because I'm consistently impressed with the quality and presentation of the products. However, this is the first launch I've got a hold of where there's a multitude of new product lines, so here's my thoughts!

I've been a huge fan of Kylies eyeshadows since the Bronze Palette launched, so I knew I'd love the quality of the 'Take Me On Vacation' palette, it was a case of whether the shades would be enough to my taste for day-to-day wear. I actually think this looks so much more beautiful in person, the colours seem a lot more vibrant. 

I purposely didn't do the classic 'hard swatch' that appears all over social media, although that is usually how I choose to swatch! As this is a review, I wanted you to see how each shadow appears with one swipe on my arm. 
As you can see, the shadows are overall nicely pigmented. There is definitely a chalky theme running through the very pale shades on the top row, but I've used these on the eyes and it doesn't seem to be an issue. The shimmers are creamy to the touch, and they apply to the eye very similar to how they swatch. If you want a more foiled finish, definitely use a wet brush!
Kylies mattes always blend really well for me, and the variety of colours in here can create so many looks that I usually opt for! You even have those pops of colour, which I personally would use on my lower lash-line.
You do get a brush with this palette, as we did with the Royal Peach Palette, both of which are very good quality, and I always add these to my main brush collection. 

I was very excited about these! I had never tried the 'velvet' formula before, and totally matte lips are starting to take a back-seat for me, (although I'll always love them!). The shades are the same in both sets, so essentially you would buy whichever formula you prefer, unless like me you got the bundle which means you receive both!

Shades/Formula L to R Velvets & Mattes - Naked, Birthday Suit, Commando & Bare

So as you can see in the swatches above, the colours are exactly the same, the only difference being the finish. Personally, I prefer the velvet formula as it's super creamy, but still has that 'matte' look. My only complaint is that you do get that ring of colour of the inside of your lips! If you've tried a Kylie Cosmetics matte, the matte formula in these ones is of course no different, they can get a little dry, but they're still comfortable to wear. 

I really wish there was a deeper nude in this collection, these shades are a little too pale for my medium skin-tone, so I wear a deeper lip liner with them. For those with fairer skin, I think Naked and Birthday Suit would be perfect classic nudes, with Commando and Bare being a gorgeous pink-toned nude. 
If you were to buy one set, I'd suggest the velvets, but make sure you know you'd get your use out of the shades as they're all of a very similar colour family.

My heart stopped when I saw these swatched during the reveal of the collection. Serious heart-eye emojis. 
As someone who's becoming a regular wearer of lip-gloss, (never thought I'd say that!), these were totally up my street as they're perfect to layer over lipsticks too!

Shades L to R - Glitz and Glamour

Look at those swatches, glitter heaven! They come in two gorgeous shades, Glitz and Glamour. Glitz is more of a soft peachy gold, with Glamour being the rich true glittering gold.  I like to layer these over a matte lipstick, and then blot them down so the glitter lasts all day on the lips. You can definitely feel the glitter in them, so if you don't like the feel of anything on your lips, you won't be a fan, but if you don't mind that then definitely grab one, (or both!). I really hope she brings out more of these, wouldn't some holographic ones be insane?! 

This colour is a real head-turner. It's a super bright almost neon purple. It's absolutely not a colour I usually opt for, but I LOVE it. It's so unusual, and with a tan it's just a knockout shade. I'm glad she chose this colour to be the stand-alone lip kit as it's definitely one you could do with having a matching lip liner to!

My pictures doesn't show how bright the shade is, but I can assure you it's not one for the faint hearted. Surprisingly, for such a bright shade, it doesn't apply patchy or uneven, so one coat is all thats needed for an even application. If you love your bright colours, and are looking for something unusual, this is worth checking out.

Since I was yet to try out one of Kylies 'Kylighters', I was really looking forward to trying this little duo to see how her face products perform. 

Before I share my thoughts, I just thought I'd point out that both swatches are built up on this occasion, particularly the bronzer as it's a very close match to my skin-tone, only more cool-toned. 
As the bronzer is so close in colour to my own skin, it really didn't show up very well on me. It's a shame because the formula was really nice and it was easy to blend. This would be perfect for fair skin, but wouldn't work on medium/deep skin unfortunately!
'Glow Up' highlighter is a beautiful light champagne gold, a classic shade that I usually wear.
If you like a softer, more natural glow then you would love this. I like it for day-to-day wear, when I'm not trying to take someones eye out with my highlight! Overall, I think the palette is limiting to who can use it because of the bronzer shade, however if it would work for you, it's a lovely set.

I was the most excited about these three products in the bundle! Besides the Wet Set, (which I didn't manage to get a hold of!), these were the most hyped up out of the entire bundle. I completely agree with the rave reviews, they're stunning!

Shades L to R - Santorini, Fiji & Tahiti

Aren't they beautiful?! Each 'Ultra Glow' comes in a small pot, and is in the form of a loose powder. I've never used a loose powder highlighter before, I'm not sure there's many out there! At least none that are accessible to me with ease. I'm always concerned I'll create a mess when I use these, but they actually apply so well, and incredibly smooth. These are definitely a 'blinding' highlighter, but they melt into the skin, yay for no harsh lines!!
Santorini is a classic pale white gold, ideal for fair skin tones. Fiji is a beautiful soft gold, my favourite out of the three! Tahiti is for those who love a pink glow, and a very rose-y gold.
I'm so into this product, if you can get a hold of it when it's back in stock, go for it! This is another one I hope she brings out in a huge range of shades!

So, is it worth the hype?!

Unless you're a make-up collector like me, the bundle isn't necessary. You do get a lot of products in it that are catered to lots of different skin-tones, meaning you'll have at least a few products that aren't 'perfect', and for the price you're paying, they should be!!
Luckily, you can buy the items individually, and there's quite a few stand-out products that you should jump at. The Ultra Glow powders are a must. I'd go as far to say pick up all three! For $14, it's so worth it. If you're in to glitter glosses, the Super Glitter Glosses are a beautiful new addition to Kylie Cosmetics. I love love love all of the products for the most part, but those two are my stand-out recommendations, and totally worth the hype!

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