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Huda Beauty - Is It Worth It?

I've been wanting to write about Huda Beauty for quite some time now. Since I first discovered the brand, the family, the empire, I've been a loyal fan and consumer. If you know anything about the beauty community, you know about Huda Beauty. Huda and her family have created a brand that caters to every person and every trend, providing exceptional quality. I think this initial write up answers the question in my title, but read further for more in-depth reviews on each of her products, (so far!).

It would be wrong not to start with the product that whisked the brand off its feet, lashes! For the longest time Huda Beauty consisted of beautiful false lashes before venturing into other beauty products. I picked up my first ever pair from Dubai of all places! It's actually the pair of Samantha lashes you see in the picture above. It's the one pair of lashes I will never use, purely because it holds a lot of great memories and reminders for me. Memories of a life-changing trip to Dubai, and a reminder that anything is possible. Work hard, and you can achieve everything you've ever dreamed of. 
Despite not using this particular pair, I can confirm that the Huda Beauty lashes are crafted to perfection and look absolutely beautiful. There's so many styles catered for everybody, so have a browse and find your perfect lash!

Shades L to R - Icon & Trendsetter

The first make-up product to launch was the lip contours aka lip liners. Whilst the beauty community isn't short of lip liners, there's something about Hudas innovation that made these so desirable for myself and others. They glide on super soft and really shape and prep  the lips for your lipstick. Any fine lines on my lips are diffused when I use this as an all over lip colour, I do love topping it with a liquid matte though! I want to pick up a few more of these as they're staples in my collection.

Shades L to R - Venus, Muse, Medusa, Spice Girl, Flirt and Trophy Wife

The Huda Beauty liquid mattes were highly anticipated by many, including myself! After seeing sneak peeks on the Kattan family Snapchats, I'd already clocked all of the shades I was going to be purchasing. Obviously, I picked up all of the nudes suitable for my taste and still find these to be my go-to for a liquid matte. The formula is ultra thin and lightweight meaning it doesn't dry out my lips or look 'cakey'. They also smell like a tropical coconut holiday which I absolutely adore! If I could bottle that scent and use it as a perfume I 100% would. There's even more shades in the range now, and I've definitely eyed a few up!! If you were to ask me what my favourite liquid lipstick formula was, Huda's win every time.

Shades L to R - Bossy,  Rose Gold, Angelic, Flamingo, Henna & Moon Dust

I don't know how she does it, but as soon as Huda announces a new product, I've already mentally wired her the money for the product. That's what happened when the 3D Textured Rose Gold palette was released. I knew it would be pricey, but I was adamant it would be mine. £56 later, I dived into my dream palette head first. It's full to the brim with rich warm tones, plums, pinks and of course the innovative textured shadow formula. The textured shadows definitely should be applied with your finger as they're not your typical glitter shadow! They look like foil on the eyelids, it's incredible! There are a couple of regular metallic shadows too which I opt for when I don't want to fuss around too much with my make-up that day. I've swatched a few of my favourite shades, including a textured shadow!

Shades L to R - Fiji, Seychelles, Tahiti & Zanzibar

Another twist on a cult product! The '3D Highlighter'. You'd wonder what could be done next in the beauty community, and the Huda Beauty team is always one step ahead! The idea of this palette is to create a 3D-like appearance using a variety of highlighter tones. I picked up the Golden Sands edition as they're the shades I generally reach for most, but there's also a palette called Pink Sands that I still want to add to my collection! The melted strobe is a rich buttery cream highlighter made with real pearls and shea butter. This can be used alone, but I love topping it with the powder highlighters. There is in detail instructions on how to create the 3D effect, but I like using these to my individual taste! I'm completely eyeing up the new Summer Solstice palette with that stunning purple! 

Shades L to R - Enchanting & Shameless

The latest product released by Huda Beauty is the lip strobes! I'm so glad that these launched at a time where I've totally got into glossy lips. The shade range is gorgeous, full of shimmering unusual glosses. I say unusual as there's so many different micro glitters in them and shifts of different colour. I picked up two that caught my eye the most, but there's so many more that I want! Enchanting is a light gloss with a pink shift rippling through which looks stunning in the light. Shameless is slightly red-based, with gold and pink glitters. I love dabbing these over nude lipsticks for a different effect. Oh, I should mention that they're non-sticky! Praise the Lord!

I'm so excited to see what's next for the brand. I know that they're bringing foundation out which I can't wait to buy!! If you wanted to try Huda Beauty products, you need to go for it. A brand you can 100% trust in quality. I'd also suggest keeping up with the family too, they're so beautiful inside and out and inspire me every day!

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  1. OMG Nicole your making me want to buy the entire collection from them right now xD they look such good quality!

    Isobel x

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