Sunday, July 16, 2017

How I Deal With Problem Skin

Ahh, the joys of problem skin. You think you're having a great skin day, and then a spot rears its ugly head. I get my fair share of problem skin, I have done since I was a young teenager. In the past few years, I've mostly suffered from persistent breakouts on my cheeks, if it's not one side, it's the other and I never get a break! Recently, I had a huge breakout of spots on my forehead, I'm not sure why, but it happened. I picked up a product that I haven't grabbed for since I was a teenager, and boy has it made a difference.

I picked up the Clinique Anti Blemish Cleansing Foam as I had been faithful to this range when I was a spotty teen in need! I know my skin isn't in a state where it requires the full 3 step system, but one product from the range is all my skin has needed to prevent these pesky little bumps. It's a simple cleansing foam, with anti-bacterial properties which help to fight and prevent breakouts and it does just the job!
I team this with my Sonic brush, a staple in my skincare routine since February of this year. Since using this brush alongside my cleanser of choice, I've noticed a tremendous difference in the texture and appearance of my skin. You can purchase this with an anti bacterial cleansing head, but I'm find with the regular head! It doesn't come cheap, but it's a worth-while investment.

Treatment products! Sometimes cleansing your skin with the right products just isn't enough. When my skin is a little shabby, I reach for my masks and my drying lotion. My favourite mask for problem skin is the Origins 'Out of Trouble' mask. You leave it on for 10 minutes and rinse away with warm water revealing squeaky clean skin with a lot less redness! I usually apply it where I need it as it can be a little drying where it's not wanted. 
As an overnight treatment, I dip a cotton bud into the Mario Badescu trying lotion and apply it onto any blemishes and ones that are beginning to rise. This doesn't shift them overnight, but it starts to kill them in their tracks!

Finally, hydrate!! After using all of those drying products, it's so important to keep the skin hydrated. I used to think my excessively oily skin didn't need any additional moisture, but using a good oil-free moisturiser massively changed the game. It rebalances my skin, meaning I'm not over producing oil to compensate for a lack of moisture and in turn getting more breakouts! Products aside, I've also been drinking so much more water, and my skin is super happy about it.

I hope this post was useful for anyone who's having some trouble with their skin! Let me know any products that you love to use to help your skin out!


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