Monday, July 24, 2017

Top Summer Bronzers - Drugstore and High End

I love a bronze-y look pretty much all year round, but there's something about the Summer months that really make me want to dive head first into my bronzer collection, (obviously fully expecting to look like BeyoncĂ©..). I don't like things too red, too orange or too glittery, so choosing the perfect bronzers can sometimes be struggle, particularly in the drugstore when most of the bronzers tend to be saturated in shimmers. 
I've narrowed it down to my go-tos from both drugstore and high-end, so hopefully you'll find a new bronzer to fall in love with!

The e.l.f bronzer is actually a duo with a blush, so I guess you're really getting bang for your buck with this product! The blush is actually a little bit too light for my skin tone, so I'm just focusing on the bronzer. It's such a beautiful toasty brown that really brings warmth to your complexion. If you're looking for a little on-the-go palette, this is the perfect package as it comes with a sizeable mirror too! I'd say this is great for light-medium/medium skin tones, and they do lots of other duos with different tones, so there'll definitely be a perfect match for you. 

The new Max Factor bronzer has fast become my current favourite! It pretty much goes against everything I like in a face product, yet somehow it's perfect! When I say it goes against everything, I'm talking about the fact that it's visibly loaded with shimmers AND it's baked, (I'm not too fond of baked products). I'd actually been looking at this bronzer for a while, but I was so sure I wouldn't like it when it was on that I'd put off purchasing until the right offer came along, (hello Boots 2 for 3!). It creates the most perfect golden bronze-y glow, and adds just the right amount of shadow on my skin. The shimmer is undetectable, instead creating a super natural glow. If you're looking for a new affordable bronzer for the Summer, this is my top recommendation. 

I've spoken about the Sephora Bali bronzer hundreds of times on my blog, so I won't ramble on too much, but if you're able to get it, it truly is one of the most beautiful bronzers! A perfect mixture of warm and cool tones, and blends like a dream. I'm going to be so sad the day I run out of this little gem! It ain't easy for us UK girls who love Sephora!

One that's definitely not new on the scene, but that's certainly a cult favourite is the Benefit Hoola Bronzer. They've extended the Hoola franchise into creams and liquids, also bringing out a lighter version of everyones favourite bronzer. I'm a true fan of the original Hoola bronzer, and I find it works on my skin tone no matter how it differs throughout the seasons. It's actually pretty similar to the Sephora bronzer in terms of colour, it's the perfect mixture of warm and cool meaning it also provides a subtle contour too. I tend to use bronzing products the same way I would a contour powder, and I love Hoola for this.

Ahhhh, this is the real deal when it comes to 'high-end' products. Tom Ford is the business, and if you're spending some serious money on your make-up, it better be the best thing you ever put on your face. I picked up the Tom Ford 'Terra' bronzer after some serious hype over it, and it truly is worth it. Particularly with the amount of product you get in the pan, it marginally justifies the whopping price-point! It's slightly warmer than the other bronzers, but definitely not orange and there's absolutely zero fall-out. If you're in the market for splashing out on a bronzer or if you're a luxury beauty fanatic, it's definitely one to add to the collection as it will last a life-time.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and maybe discovered some new bronzers to check out! Feel free to suggest some more that I might like too!


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