Saturday, November 29, 2014


After having such a horrid past week or so, this is cheering me up having the chance to blog a little!

With it being Black Friday, obviously work decided to put me in to work a 9-6, which meant I would be missing out on a LOT of shopping. Not on my watch! Yep, I spent my entire break mooching around the shops, searching for bargains. Much to my dismay, the offers were pretty poor, and I only purchased one thing, but I am in love with it.
I picked up this snowy white coat from H&M. I'd actually spotted it before and regretted not buying it, so I jumped at the chance when I saw it dangling off a rail on it's own. Admittedly, it is a little too big for me, but nothing was going to stop me from buying it! I did receive a measly 10% off it, but for only £35 to begin with, there's not much to complain about.

As the coat is fairly lengthy, and I decided to have it tied, I didn't feel the need to wear any bottoms, (oops!), but I wore my well-loved roll-neck jumper I've had for years underneath for some additional warmth.
I love the look of a roll-neck underneath a coat, it looks so 'chic', plus, it keeps you warm!

I've been obsessing over the fluffy heel trend ever since I saw the sneak-peeks from A/W14 press days, and now I own a nude pair, and these black ones from Linzi Shoes!
These ones are so practical, (as practical as heels can be), as they zip up at the back, rather than having an awkward strap. It's a little sad how excited I was about that, haha! I love scrolling through all of the shoes on Linzi. They have so many pairs that I fall in love with, so affordable too!

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Okay, so I've finally accepted the frequency of my blogging is reducing at the moment, and that it's okay!! It's incredibly difficult to fit it in when the sunlight disappears at 3pm, and I don't get home from work until 4pm! Nonetheless, I thoroughly enjoy when I can pop a post up, and I hope you do too!

This is a super comfortable look for me. Like I said in my last post, I'd quite like to bring things back to basics, but that doesn't mean I don't love a bit of fluffy pastels!
I've been obsessed with grid print for absolutely ages, and I already own the black on white version of this duster coat, so having the reverse colours makes me super happy and satisfies my grid print needs!
This one is from South Avenue, and is so much cheaper than some of the others I've seen about, I'd recommend checking them out first before making a purchase, because more often than not, they sell the exact same item for a fraction of the price! (PS, get 20% off with the code 'NICOLE20').

I really love culottes, but I'm swaying more to the 'cropped trousers' look, as it probably flatters me a little more! I purchased these ice blue ones from Missguided as soon as I saw them. I desperately want the light grey ones now, although I'm considering sizing down as these come up a little big! Does anybody else size up a lot to accommodate for comfort? I do, but often find myself with ill-fitting clothes, boo!

To match my trousers, I popped on my new super soft ice blue stole from Debenhams. They were having their 'mega week', where everything in store is up to 25% off, and being staff, I took FULL advantage of my additional discounts. I must have got this for less than £10!
This is the first stole I've purchased this season, and now I have the bug. I NEED THEM ALL. I also accessorised with my beloved baby blue Grafea. Regardless of my colour scheme that day, this baby comes with me everywhere!

Well, this is fast becoming a long post! I have to ramble about these shoes though. Yep, that's right. Alexander McQueen babies on my feet! No, I'm kidding. But they so could be! They're actually from Missguided, and for less than £30! As soon as payday came around, they were straight into my basket. Despite looking uncomfortable, the patent leather is incredibly soft and flexible. Winner!

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Thursday, November 13, 2014


I've always loved the 'minimal' look on other people, but I always feel I look a little dull when I try to rock it myself. After slowly collecting quite a few basics, I decided it was time to put an outfit together and try it myself! Now my wardrobe is bulking with muted shades and versatile pieces, and I absolutely love it. More often than not, simple pieces are cheaper.. bonus!

I've been trying to find the perfect longline sleeveless blazer, but as I've never tried one before, I couldn't justify spending Zara prices on one! Stumbling across this perfect little black one on Pretty Little Thing was the answer to my prayers. I also picked up the matching  trousers, but I use those for work at the minute! (Boring). They currently sell them in mustard and cobalt blue, but I'm hoping they bring a white or camel out soon!

Instead of a pair of plain black jeans or trousers, I decided to pair this with my new faux leather trousers from South Avenue to spruce things up! I've been seeing a lot of faux leather doing the rounds this season, so I figured it was time to try it myself! They're high-waisted which is perfect, and they're so incredibly comfortable. I'm someone who hates restriction when it comes to clothing, and these are perfectly flexible for my needs.
(Ps, I have a 20% off code for you all to use on South Avenue, 'NICOLE20'), you're welcome!

To tie in with my plain white tee from Primark, I popped on my Missguided pointed brogues!

I hope I managed to kiiiiiind of pull off this look.. let me know what you think!

PS, apologies for the pictures. The wind was/is absolutely ridiculous. 


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Monday, November 10, 2014


Let me begin with how appalled I am with being unable to get out a shoot any pictures in the last nine days. Blogging is my favourite thing to do, and the fact I've been unable to do anything regarding it in such a long time made me very upset, so I'm so pleased that I've been able to get out today and shoot some pictures! Due to work, lighting and weather, I can't guarantee my posts will be every other day, but I will try so hard to get out whenever I can as I have so much to show you all!

I was recently sent this beautiful checked duster coat from iKrush, and I thought I'd add an autumnal vibe by wearing a whole lotta burgundy! The jacket is nice and lightweight, so it's perfect for a day of shopping where a heavy coat is greatly unappreciated!!
The fact that it's a simple black and white check, means you can pair it with any other colour and it'll still look great! I believe it's only £24.99, and you get 25% off your first order.. so what's stopping you?!
I ordered a couple of pairs of culottes in the Dorothy Perkins sale, and wow, for only £10, they're absolutely amazing! The quality is excellent, and albeit slightly big on the waist, the fit is perfect! They do them in almost every colour, so I highly recommend grabbing them ASAP, (I know I did..).
My hat is an 'oldie but goodie' from Primark, and I matched that and my lipstick to tie in the with colour of my culottes.

I've wanted these shoes for soooooo long, but for £60 I was a little unsure whether to splurge or not.. but when I spotted them on ASOS for almost half the price, well obviously I bought them. (Even if that did mean dipping into my savings.. hashtag broke as hell).
As they do them in half-sizes, I purchased the 5 and a half, and they're a great fit! I've seen them on other websites too, but sold at full price, so ASOS is the way to go!

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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Despite my love for two-pieces, I've been yet to own a shorts suit! It was love at first sight when I spotted this gorgeous winter-y blue one on Verity Anne, and I absolutely had to have it!

Verity Anne is an online hand-made clothing company, selling a huge variety of clothing, from winter coats and party dresses, to cute pastel suits and playsuits. The particular suit I chose comes in pink, and an absolutely beautiful pastel green! It was touch and go whether I chose the green or not, but I went for the blue in the end as I know I'll get a lot more wear out of it! I suppose it all depends on how you like your clothes to fit, but if you like things a little looser, I'd recommend sizing up as I think it's a little more fitted than it looks! 
I did wear this with a white coat over the top for additional warmth, but I removed it for the pictures as I looked a bit like a polar bear..
My top is a summer favourite from Miss Pap, and is a perfect staple for any time of the year! I've seen these knocking about on almost every single website, but the price and quality of this one is incredible. (I think I need to stock up on a few more colours!).

My shoes are one of my many pride and joys at the moment, and I was very kindly treated by my boyfriend to them after he saw me rolling around the place. whining that I didn't have them! They're the perfect ice-blue boots, and they're a perfect match with this suit. They do these shoes in a gold glitter, blue velvet, black croc, and plain black too! I see a collection coming along..

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