Thursday, November 13, 2014


I've always loved the 'minimal' look on other people, but I always feel I look a little dull when I try to rock it myself. After slowly collecting quite a few basics, I decided it was time to put an outfit together and try it myself! Now my wardrobe is bulking with muted shades and versatile pieces, and I absolutely love it. More often than not, simple pieces are cheaper.. bonus!

I've been trying to find the perfect longline sleeveless blazer, but as I've never tried one before, I couldn't justify spending Zara prices on one! Stumbling across this perfect little black one on Pretty Little Thing was the answer to my prayers. I also picked up the matching  trousers, but I use those for work at the minute! (Boring). They currently sell them in mustard and cobalt blue, but I'm hoping they bring a white or camel out soon!

Instead of a pair of plain black jeans or trousers, I decided to pair this with my new faux leather trousers from South Avenue to spruce things up! I've been seeing a lot of faux leather doing the rounds this season, so I figured it was time to try it myself! They're high-waisted which is perfect, and they're so incredibly comfortable. I'm someone who hates restriction when it comes to clothing, and these are perfectly flexible for my needs.
(Ps, I have a 20% off code for you all to use on South Avenue, 'NICOLE20'), you're welcome!

To tie in with my plain white tee from Primark, I popped on my Missguided pointed brogues!

I hope I managed to kiiiiiind of pull off this look.. let me know what you think!

PS, apologies for the pictures. The wind was/is absolutely ridiculous. 


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  1. Loving this outfit! So simple but it really works! <3 Jenn xx

  2. I think you look great!
    These basic pieces really look good together and I love that it's monochrome! That sleevless blazer is gorge!



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