Sunday, April 3, 2016

Urban Decay Afterglow 8 Hour Highlighters

I recently 'over-indulged', and purchased the majority of the new Urban Decay Summer collection, including all three of the new highlighters! As a self-confessed highlighter junkie, and an Urban Decay fanatic, I obviously had to purchase all three shades. 

First up is 'Sin'. A golden, champagne shade. I believe this is everybody's favourite so far, I guess since it's a classic highlighter shade, it's the easiest to wear. I feel like I can never have 'too many' champagne highlighters.. Anybody else feel the same?? The consistency is super buttery, and quite thick, (if that makes any sense??). I find this to be very long lasting, something which I generally struggle with, with highlighters. 

Next up is 'Aura', a frosty pink shade. Although I don't wear them as frequently as I do other shades, I do love pink toned highlighters, particularly with cool-toned makeup. Like 'Sin', the consistency is a dream. I don't mind wearing very frosty highlighters, even though they may not necessarily flatter my skin-tone, but this would be even more perfect for fair-skinned ladies and gentlemen. I'd say this is slightly more glittery than other highlighters I own, but realistically, who doesn't want to be drenched in glitter??

I actually never intended on purchasing 'Fireball', as it looked a little too unwearable for me, however, after trying it on my skin, I fell in love with it! It's gets better every time I put it on, and it also looks incredible dusted over the top of your blusher too! This one is definitely more of 'glow' finish than the other two. It has a unique blue shift in the light, which would normally not be something I'd want on my cheekbones, but somehow, it works!! (At least in my opinion..).

(From L to R - Sin, Aura & Fireball)

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  1. Aura would definitely be the shade I'd buy, as I love a pink shimmery highlighter! I love to used the shade hemisphere in the sleek make up highlightin palette on my cheekbones and the highlighter out of the make up revolution contour kit palette!

    Isobel x

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