Tuesday, April 26, 2016

NYX Matte Lipsticks - Collection/Review

(From L to R - Butter, Tea Rose, Whipped Caviar, Euro Trash, Strawberry Daiquiri & Sierra).

I remember picking up my first NYX product. It was when I worked at Next, and NYX occupied a very small space in the stores for a short time. I spent a lot of time gazing over the products, and eventually decided on picking up the matte lipstick in 'Tea Rose', a gorgeous delicate 'everyday' pink. After the disappearance of all things NYX in the UK, I gave up on trying to get a hold of more products, until they came back with a vengeance and can now be found in Boots stores, Selfridges, and online websites such as Feel Unique & ASOS. 

It's only recently I added an additional five shades to my collection, and that's down to the arrival of the NYX counter in my local Selfridges. (Honestly, I could browse that counter for hours!).

As you can see, there's a bit of a colour theme.. What can I say, I'm consistent!
I've been a big fan of the brown-y pink tones for a while now, but it's only somewhat recently that I've added muted/burnt oranges to my ever-growing collection. I'd say since the release of Kat Von D 'Lolita II', and Ofra x Kathleen Lights 'Miami Fever', I'm hooked on the shade!

'Tea Rose' and 'Whipped Caviar' are fairly similar, (not to a lipstick junkie, but you get what I'm saying). Both are clearly pink shades, however 'Whipped Caviar' has the slightest brown undertone, making it the more 'trendy' shade of the two. 

'Euro Trash' is my absolute favourite of the bunch. It's a shade I've never managed to find in lipstick form, don't get me wrong, I have about million liquid lipsticks in this shade, but I do love having a classic lipstick bullet!

'Butter' is probably one of the most sought after shades at the moment, not necessarily this lipstick, but the 'greige' shade is massively on trend, and doesn't seem to be leaving any time soon! This isn't particularly a colour I generally get on with as it can wash me out, and this is no exception, but I can't resist having them in my collection! It's definitely more wearable for me mixed with a lip liner or another lipstick.

'Strawberry Daiquiri' and 'Sierra' are both of the burnt orange variety. They look a lot more vibrant in the pictures, but on my actual lips, they're exactly what I'm looking for. I'd wanted 'Strawberry Daiquiri' for a while, but 'Sierra' was definitely an impulse purchase, no regrets though! I wore it on Saturday night for an evening of dinner and cocktails and only re-applied once I believe!

The formula is super creamy and pigmented, it doesn't dry down completely matte, so if you're looking for that super flat, dry finish, then I'd probably suggest an actual liquid lipstick, however don't let that put you off these lipsticks! For only £6.50 each, I think they're great to add to your collection, and to even experiment with colours! 

You can purchase them hereherehere & here

Which shades do you own if you have any? Which shades are you after? Comment below and give me suggestions too!

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