Monday, November 10, 2014


Let me begin with how appalled I am with being unable to get out a shoot any pictures in the last nine days. Blogging is my favourite thing to do, and the fact I've been unable to do anything regarding it in such a long time made me very upset, so I'm so pleased that I've been able to get out today and shoot some pictures! Due to work, lighting and weather, I can't guarantee my posts will be every other day, but I will try so hard to get out whenever I can as I have so much to show you all!

I was recently sent this beautiful checked duster coat from iKrush, and I thought I'd add an autumnal vibe by wearing a whole lotta burgundy! The jacket is nice and lightweight, so it's perfect for a day of shopping where a heavy coat is greatly unappreciated!!
The fact that it's a simple black and white check, means you can pair it with any other colour and it'll still look great! I believe it's only £24.99, and you get 25% off your first order.. so what's stopping you?!
I ordered a couple of pairs of culottes in the Dorothy Perkins sale, and wow, for only £10, they're absolutely amazing! The quality is excellent, and albeit slightly big on the waist, the fit is perfect! They do them in almost every colour, so I highly recommend grabbing them ASAP, (I know I did..).
My hat is an 'oldie but goodie' from Primark, and I matched that and my lipstick to tie in the with colour of my culottes.

I've wanted these shoes for soooooo long, but for £60 I was a little unsure whether to splurge or not.. but when I spotted them on ASOS for almost half the price, well obviously I bought them. (Even if that did mean dipping into my savings.. hashtag broke as hell).
As they do them in half-sizes, I purchased the 5 and a half, and they're a great fit! I've seen them on other websites too, but sold at full price, so ASOS is the way to go!

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