Sunday, September 7, 2014


Since the sun has decided to show itself recently, I decided it heavily inappropriate not to debut some of these gorgeous summery pieces I'd had hidden away. (Obviously layered with a duster, it's not that hot!).

I think it's fairly obvious this isn't a matching two-piece, but it certainly works as one in my opinion! I purchased this from Boohoo, and each piece was a bargain! 
I will say, the skort is pretty darn short, so the duster was essential for more than one reason!

I'm rapidly going from kimono obsessed, to duster coat obsessed. I own three to-date, but let's see how long it is until that number increases.
This one is from Primark, and was an absolute steal for £17! I bought this after falling in love with the plain black one, so I'm so pleased I managed to get a hold of it in white before it sold out! I find duster coats are perfect for this transitional stage of the seasons, where a coat is too much, but going bare is a no-no! (Also, they're pretty good for covering up, when your skirt is a little short!).

I popped on my lenkas, and white pleather rucksack to finish off the clean white look!
Although, I seriously wish it was a dreamy white Grafea over my shoulder! 
One day, one day.

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