Friday, September 5, 2014


This is like, a mega big deal for me guys. Forget all of the glitz and glam that came with it, let's focus on the fact that I went to a club!!! Yep, the girl who may as well live under a rock actually went to a club! Okay, now the shock factor has gone, let me spoil you with the details.

So cliché of me, but I was suuuuuper lucky to be invited to the In The Style's birthday party, and Charlotte Crosby's Nostalgia launch! It was a mega event in a big London club, and every aspect of this was very new to me, but also incredibly exciting. As I said, I didn't really know what to expect, so I brought my mahooosive camera and Grafea bag, so squeezing through crowds didn't go down particularly well for me! However, with the flowing bottles of vodka here, there and everywhere, it wasn't on my mind for too long! I'm a sucker for a free bar, and I'm suffering the consequences this morning as I'm having my first hangover! Yay!

I'm sure most of you are interested in the packed out guest list, but it wouldn't be very fashion blogger-y of me if I didn't show off the divine clothing! Now, I didn't dare get my big camera out, so my iPhone shots are going to have to do! I was snapping away most of the night, and 98% of the images are red and blurry, fabulous!

Here is a couple of shots from the runway, and my favourite pieces of the night! I particularly love the blue two-piece, I literally need it.

Again, sorry about the quality of the pictures! But how killer are the clothes?!

The night itself was absolutely incredible. I met up with my fabulous friends Laura (The Pixie Cut), and Danielle (Danielle Kimberley xo), and we were greeted at the club by some rather scary security men, but as soon as we were found on the lengthy guest list, the pleasantries were dished out!
After indulging in the free bar, I found it significantly easier to mingle, so here is a few pictures of me and the lovely people I met!

A blurred one of me and James from Geordie Shore, great!

A not so blurred one of me and Louie Spence! (How sassy?!).

Clearly had a too much to drink! 
Me, Yasmine (Yasmine Chanel), and Charlotte (Things I Do, Think and Buy).

Aaaaaaand of course, me and Charlotte Crosby! Such a beauty and bloody hilarious!

I'd like to say a huge thank you to In The Style for having me, and it was lovely to meet so many bloggers. I hope to meet you all again soon!
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