Friday, May 9, 2014

PICNIC TIME (Beach Melba)

Oh this weather wasn't very kind to me today! I was hoping the sun would be shining all day, but unfortunately it was very temperamental, so I had to time it wisely. 

I was recently contacted by the lovely Amanda from Beach Melba, asking if I wanted to try a couple of their products. Honestly, you have to see it for yourself. The pieces are incredible, and at such an amazing price!! It's the first store i've seen full two-pieces for under £20 in all of those gorgeous prints. I chose this super cute hot pink gingham two-piece. Don't I look like i'm off to a picnic? There was also a little matching scrunchie in my package which was a lovely surprise! 

I'm two-piece crazy at the moment, and my favourites are these little handmade gems! The way this has been made is perfect, it's such a lovely fit and looks as though it's fresh from the Topshop racks! There's no need to worry about sizing with the tops as they're adjustable, which was definitely a relief for me as I am... blessed at the chest.

I chucked on my cute bubble bag, (like this outfit wasn't girly enough!), and my New Look sandals, which as you can tell, I wear to death! For once, i'm not actually wearing sunglasses in every single picture, but you can see me carrying my new addition to my ever-growing collection. 

I highly recommend checking out their site,, as they do lots of cute kimonos, two-pieces and separates. Also, as a little extra, they were kind enough to give me a 20% discount code for you all to use 'BEACHFRIENDS20', so definitely snap up some of their lovely pieces!

SCRUNCHIE - c/o BEACH MELBA - (unsure)
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