Thursday, May 22, 2014


Howdy! I have had such a busy week! I wish I could spend ALL my time blogging and doing all that 'bloggy' business, however I need to work to fund this fabulous endeavour! Yep, I've been working like a little horse this week. My day off on Sunday will be very much appreciated, but for now, i'm trying my best to fit in blogging amongst other commitments. 

My style certainly varies. One day, i'll want to be in all black with chunky boots, and another day i'll want to be a human candy stick. I think this trench-coat definitely toys with my darker side, however i've added it to a brighter outfit and it doesn't seem so mysterious! 

The dress. Oh the wonderful, wonderful dress. I am in love with this piece of art. Did I pay stupid amounts of money for this on eBay? Nope! I purchased this dress from a seller on Depop for £15! It is a dupe, so I may have over-payed as they're selling them very cheap on Choies, but I justify it with love! The material is a lovely thick neoprene, just like the Zara dress. I can't fault it!

My shoes have been featured on my blog before, they're simple ankle strap flatforms from Topshop, (that I got cheap on eBay). Super simple, adds edge to any outfit!

I'm very much hoping the weather improves soon, as I froze to death shooting these and required frequent arm rubs from my boyfriend! 

DRESS - DEPOP - £15 (similar here)
MAC - H&M - £29.99
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