Wednesday, May 14, 2014


During todays shoot, I willingly put myself through unbelievable torture. I posed with a swarm of gnats. Yep, all for you guys! Okay, so I didn't choose out of all locations to get snuggly with the bugs, but they just so happened to be in the one spot I wanted to be in!

Anyway, clothes! I've had these trousers for a little while now, and I love them to death. They're my perfect summery trousers. There's so many pretty colours within the pattern, so there's surprisingly a lot that would go with them, but I chose good ol' black. 
I'm off on holiday very soon, and I love floaty crop tops as I can't STAND fitted clothes in sticky heat, so I placed an order on ASOS and here we are!
I know black isn't your 'typical' holiday colour, and it's certainly not my first port of call when out in the sun, but I couldn't resist this one. It's so cool! I'm by no means 'cool', but this makes me feel so edgy and... 'cool'. I've seen quite a few similar to these, but none of them quite cut the mustard for me compared to this one. All of the trimmings are ripped/frayed, (in a good way!), and it looks super beachy.

Is there any other shoes that would go with this outfit? Probably, but how cute do my 'Birkenstock' dupes look with this?! I bought these in, wait for it... NEXT! Yep, the place your elders shop, stock the most on-trend affordable shoes. (The sales advisor in me is showing!). For £20, who needs Birkenstocks?

TOP - ASOS - £8
SHOES - NEXT - £20
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  1. do your feet get sore if you walk all day in birkenstocks?


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