Friday, March 28, 2014


It can be difficult to keep on top of 'outfit posting', but I have discovered a useful tool which will allow me to post more frequently when my designated photographer is busy, and that tool is the timer option on my camera! (Although I guess you could say the tool is me for not figuring it out sooner!). Yes, I have taken these pictures myself, involving lots of running back and forth, and lots of out-of-focus shots. However, I have managed to narrow it down to a neat selection!
It needn't be said that I am thoroughly obsessed with pastels, and with the high-street stores continuously bringing out gorgeous ice-cream pastel shades, I'm spoilt for choice!
I have shown this blazer in a previous post, here, and I was really disappointed there wasn't a matching bottom half to complete the set. I certainly wasn't expecting to find this blazers' other half in Primark, yet there it was, in all of it's pretty pastel delight. 
I was in awe at the rails of pastel skorts in every shade. I tried on the yellow and lilac also, but decided the green was perfect! I think i'll have to pick the others up on my next trip.
This top is part of a co-ord that has been around the block and back in the blogger-world, and I did used to own the black and white version, however I returned it and purchased this one as it's perfect for this season. 
Unfortunately, these white flatforms are no longer available, and I purchased mine very cheap on eBay! I absolutely love flatform sandals, and i'm currently waiting on some holographic ones from La Moda.
Finally, my beloved bag. I have been after this bag for so long, but I thought I wouldn't get much use out of it due to the loud colours and print. It then occurred to me that I don't care! I thought, 'This is a beautiful bag and must be thrust upon the world'. So I am currently thrusting.. (the bag, that is). 

BLAZER - NEW LOOK - £24.99
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