Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Spectrum Collections 8 Piece Eye Blending Set

Happy March everybody! Yep, I'm gonna say it. How quickly is this year going by?! Scary.
I'm ashamed to say I left it over a week (?!) since my last post, (thanks work), but I finally have some free time so I decided to pop up my review of the Spectrum Collections '8 Piece Eye Blending Set'. 

These babies arrived just around a week ago, so I've had the pleasure of testing them out throughly as I've been using them every day. I also got the Large Fan Brush, but I decided to focus this post solely on the eye brushes, as I'd like to get some more face brushes and do an additional post on those! I'd already heard a lot about Spectrums brushes, so I jumped in head first and picked up the entire eye brush set. The price point is incredible. I paid around £24 for 5 eye brushes from Real Techniques, so to get 8 in this set for £29.99 is amazing. I actually rate the quality of these brushes higher than I do any others I've used before, including the highly raved about Bold Metals brushes. 

I was going to list my favourites out of the set, but I realised they're all individually useful for my eye make-up! In large sets of brushes, you normally find you end up with very similar brushes, and that you didn't necessarily need them all, but this set is packed with unique brushes, tailored for each and every part of your eye make-up routine.

As this set is names the 'blending set', it's only right for me to talk about that! There's a mixture of dense and some.. not so dense brushes (????), and you'll find the softer of the set is ideal for blending, leaving no harsh lines, and doing exactly what you've guided it to do. The dense brushes are best for packing on the colour, and are amazing for creating vibrant eye looks which I love!

Finally, the packaging. Not a lot to say about this as.. LOOK! It's pink! Such a dream for any girls make-up collection. These babies do the talking for themselves. I mean, who doesn't want brushes with blue and purple bristles?! 

I 100% recommend these brushes, I can't wait to pick up some face brushes to experiment with next! 

Has anyone else tried the Spectrum Collections brushes? Will you be picking some up yourself? What are your favourite make-up brushes? 

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