Monday, February 23, 2015

The Vintage Vamp - Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette

As I was spending some time in London for London Fashion Week, it only seemed right that I hit Oxford Street and did a little damage to my bank balance..

After having this particular brand shoved down my throat by endless bloggers and youtubers, I'd built up quite a wish-list. I finally took the plunge on Saturday and picked up my first Charlotte Tilbury product, in the form of this stunning berry toned eyeshadow quad. 

I spent a fair bit of time swatching all of the different shades, making sure I was selecting the best palette for me, (after all, £38 for four eyeshadows.. there's no room for error!). I happily settled on 'The Vintage Vamp' quad. I've been looking for some berry shades to experiment with, and these are exactly what I had in mind.

I love a sparkly lid, so in the look I've created, I did actually use a shimmery pigment from Make Up Store, but the rest of my eyeshadow is down to this luxury quad. 

 As you can see, the palette is super wearable, and whilst I've gone for a more muted look, the shades are 100% build-able and can create a more intense, smokier look. 
I love selecting a shade I've used on the top of my eye, and smoking it below my lower lash-line as it pulls the whole look together, and gives it a seamless finish. 

I'm thoroughly impressed with my first Charlotte Tilbury product, and I'm so ready to try out some more, (well, once my bank balance has been replenished!).

Has anyone else tried any Charlotte Tilbury products? What do you think? What should I try next?

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