Monday, October 19, 2015

New In Beauty: Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection

Quite a lengthy title, but there's a lot to pack in! 

I was recently pleasantly surprised to be woken up to a package being launched on my bed, and inside was these beaaautiful brushes! I knew I immediately had to get to work on these so I can fill you guys in on the details!

As you can see above, the set contains 3 brushes, (with the most stunning, on-trend rose gold handle), and one beauty sponge. 
I've tried Makeup Revolution brushes before, some I've adored and have found themselves a place in my everyday make-up routine, and others have ended up collecting dust. Before I get into each individual brush, I'll just say that the quality of these brushes are comparable to other high-end brushes I've used, and I'm impressed with how much Makeup Revolution are improving as a brand.

This brush is called the 'Powder, Sculpt & Blend' brush. I tend not to take much notice on what a brush is 'supposed' to be used for, and I find a way that it works best for me!
I used this brush to blend both cream and powder contour, and also to smooth out any other harsh lines. You could definitely use this for foundation application as the bristles are incredibly soft, and the flat top makes is easy to buff product into the skin.
This is my favourite out the range, and one that gets whipped out on a daily basis. 

This brush is called the 'Cheek & Highlight, Sculpt & Blend' brush. I only use this brush to 'sculpt', and in particular to apply cream contour. The brush is the most dense out of the range, and doesn't have 'too' much give, so it's perfect for precise application. This is a handy little tool for those who love to contour to perfection.

The last brush in the set is this little guy, and it's the 'Ultra Metals Eyeshadow Blender'.
This doubles up for me as a more precise brush for highlighting, and to blend out my eyeshadow for a seamless finish.
Another super soft brush, and a great one for your collection.

The final piece in the kit is the beauty sponge. Now I'm a huge fan of the original 'beauty blender', and I've never used a brush since, so giving a more budget-friendly alternative a go is something I'm always looking forward to.
My heart still belongs to my trusty beauty blender, but this does an amazing job of applying your base seamlessly. Of course, I wet mine before application, so bare that in mind. It expands quite a lot and covers the entire face quickly and efficiently. It's definitely worth giving a go, especially if you're new to the 'beauty sponge' world!

So there's my thoughts on the Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection! Don't they just look beautiful?

I recommend picking this set up if you're after some new, pretty brushes that cover a whole lot of bases! For £14.99, you can't go wrong! You can purchase it here.

Have you tried any Makeup Revolution brushes? What do you think? Are you going to try these brushes out?

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  1. I love how these brushes are designed with the rose gold! Love them! I hardly contour so I don't think I'll be buying them as I already own some real techniques contouring brushes. Love the review though!

    Isobel x
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