Tuesday, October 13, 2015

New In Beauty: Makeup Revolution Matte Blushers


I've been building up a bunch of products I want to review recently, and here's the first of them!

Now, I know I titled this as 'new', but these Makeup Revolution blushers have been out for a little while now, however they are new to my collection! 
I had wanted these as soon as they were released as I'm a sucker for a matte blusher, and I finally took the plunge and ordered the entire range! Yeah, I don't do things by halves. My bank balance, (or lack of), can vouch for that.

They retail at £3 each, so you really can't go wrong. Even with the one shade that I can't get to work for me as a blush, I've managed to work it as an eyeshadow!
They're incredibly pigmented, and I mean.. incredibly pigmented. Particularly the more vibrant shades, but they all require a very light hand for application. 
I don't find them to be chalky at all, and upon swatching, they're very buttery to touch.

(From L to R) - Divine & Dare

As you can see, these two are super vibrant shades. I find Divine to be slightly more wearable for me as I love a cool-toned pink blush. Dare is a more intense take on Divine, and is almost neon. This would look stunning applied with an extra light hand. I also think this would work beautifully when working with pink eyeshadows, and would be a great addition to the crease to tie a look together.

(From L to R) - Beloved & New Rules

 Okay, as much as my brain is telling me to go from left to right, I need to address the elephant on the screen. That red though?! This is called 'New Rules', and goodness me, this is intense. I did try it on the cheeks, but no matter how lightly I applied the product, and no matter how much I blended it out, it still looked a little clownish on me. HOWEVER, and that is a big however, I got a little creative, and I was putting together an autumnal red-toned eyeshadow look, and popped this directly into the crease and it was magic. I would purchase this with the intention of using it as an eyeshadow alone, and if it works as a blush for you, then great! It's actually one of my favourites for that reason!
Beloved is your classic peach shade. It has the slightest pink tone to it, but it's definitely more of a peach. This is gorgeous, especially for this time of year and while it's a matte shade, it adds a little brightness to the skin with those pink undertones.

 (From L to R) - Nude & Fusion

So Nude is my favourite shade out of the entire collection. It's essentially a classic, nude blush. It does have a peach tone running through it, but it's such a wearable shade. I've been wearing this almost every day since it arrived, and it's such an easy shade to pop on the cheeks and be done! I highly recommend this one as a starting point if you want to give this formula a go!
Fusion caught my eye on the website, but is slightly more peach toned in person. The swatch looks kind of scary and very red, but it's just a really pretty peach shade!

So there we have it! All 6 shades. I'm a huge fan of Makeup Revolution, and they're products just keep getting better!

Which is your favourite shade? Have you tried any of these blushers out?

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