Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Soooooo, I think I possibly have an addiction to lilac? It's always been my favourite colour since I was younger, but now as it's the 'in' colour, it's absolutely everywhere, furthering my addiction as it's so easy to get a hold of it!

But yes, this outfit is essentially a whole lotta lilac, with some clean cut white, (and of course, some fabulous holographic!).
Being a shopaholic, my letter box is frequented by lots of lovely packages, and the most beautiful white lace bralet arrived this morning from the lovely people at Miss Pap
I'd been after this bralet for the longest time after seeing it's debut in Topshop, but I can't justify their extortionate prices, so I'm absolutely made up that I now own one! 
The fit and quality is incredible, certainly amazing for the £14.99 price tag! However I definitely recommend sizing up if you have ample bosom!
They also do lots of different colours too, so go and check them out! (Also, if you do make a purchase, use the code 'JULY10OFF' for an additional 10% off your order). (You're welcome!).

As I'd recently bought this beautiful lilac necklace from Simply Beaux Jewels, I really wanted to style my outfit accordingly so I could show it off! The quality is amazing, and they're always offering amazing discounts, check out the site for yourself and use the code 'SBJ20' for 20% off your order! I got this necklace for a measly £4.20, thanks to the discount! 
Whilst in London for the Linzi Shoes event, me and the lovely blogger girlies went to Primark in search of this amazing lilac kimono.. which we all found.. and bought. (Oops!). I have a thing for maxi kimonos, and maybe, just maybe I ordered three from New Look last night.. (Yep, I did).

Some seriously exciting news for me, as you all will know, I'm the biggest fan of Public Desire, and I was extremely lucky enough to be sent this insanely beautiful pair of holographic platforms. I already own the fully white pair, (which have been featured in previous posts), so I'm thrilled to have the holographic ones too! Honestly guys, they're the comfiest platforms, EVER. (And on sale too!).

Sweet Jesus I've rambled! And I've not even mentioned my trousers or bag?! Okay, short and sweet. Bag, River Island. Trousers, Missguided. I've featured the trousers a while back, and I'm sure you've all seen the bag before, as it's taken the blogsphere by storm!
Aaaaaaaand breathe!

'Hey guuurl, what's the 411?!'
(A representation of that photo).

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  1. Absolutely love your necklace, soo cheap too! xxox


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