Tuesday, July 1, 2014


I feel like i'm practically bathing myself in mint clothing/accessories at the moment, i'm just so drawn to the colour! Of course, I was absolutely made up when I received this gorgeous jewellery set from Simply Beaux Jewels, and it was a whole lotta mint green mixed with stunning diamonds. As much as I love minimal jewellery, i'm a sucker for a big, 'in-your-face', statement piece! My collection is looking pretty fabulous at the moment, and I intend on growing it further with lots of jewels from Simply Beaux!
Each piece is a huge bargain, with this set only being £10! You'd pay around £30 for this in Topshop, so i'm thoroughly impressed. There's a beautiful lilac piece i'm completely head-over-heels in love with also!

Oh, and if that's not enough, use my code 'SBJ15' to treat yourself to an additional 15% their entire range!

I put this with my new Missguided palm tree crop top, (my fave print!), and some vintage style mom jeans I picked up from Pull&Bear yesterday! 
Is this white leather beauty a Grafea bag? Nope! Bargain of the month from Primark! (Seriously, I can officially dress head-to-toe in Primark, accessories included). 
My shoes are my absolute favourite to-date, and incredibly comfortable too! I was worried the faux leather would be stiff, but nope, they're super soft and flexible! I managed a whole trip around IKEA in them, (an achievement for me I should add!). 

(A better picture of the necklace, even this doesn't do it justice!)

JEANS - PULL&BEAR - £29.99
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  1. Love the necklace with the top, mint is one of my favourite colours too right now!
    The shoes are gorgeous too x


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