Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I'm actually really pleased with how these pictures have turned out, so shout out to mama bear for being so fabulous! 

I may have taken 'payday treats' to a new extreme after looking at all of the pieces I ordered from Missguided! No regrets, they're all magical and beautiful.
You can only imagine the Missguided filled blog posts to come! (Like they're not in every single one anyway, ha!).

Anyway, the reason I mentioned that is because this dreamy palm-tree print crop top was only £4.99 in their sale! I purchased the 'daytime' one not long ago, so when I saw the 'sunset/evening' one in the sale, it was completely sold. (I can only describe it like that as it actually makes sense to me!).
I'm sure I've featured this skirt before, but it's my trusty AA lilac skater skirt which was a birthday present last year! It looks lovely with this top, really bringing out the lilac hues.
Yep, it's a kimono.. again. Sorry, not sorry! It's not my fault there's so many beautiful kimonos out there, what's a girl to do?!

My shoes are my newest and seventh pair of Public Desire beauties. I have never been so dedicated to a shoe store, haha! All for a very good reason though, and that's super beautiful and affordable shoes!
I must say this about every single pair of PD shoes, but these are truly the most comfortable shoes in the history of ever. They were having a 20% off everything promotion at the time I ordered them, so I only paid around £12 which is incredible. Even the measly £14.99 they actually are is incredibly reasonable. 

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