Thursday, July 24, 2014


I was really struggling for a name for this blog post, but it seemed pretty apt to name it after the lovely necklace I'm wearing!
I was very kindly sent this beautiful statement necklace from London Style, which is a British jewellery brand selling quality statement pieces. 
I'm completely obsessed with the detail and the stones on the necklace. They're such a unique combination of gems, definitely a standout amongst most other statement necklaces on the market. I couldn't possibly get a good enough picture of how stunning the emerald green stones are, so please take my word for it!
I also have a couple more pieces to show you from their range, so look forward to seeing them again!

I think it's clear my outfit has been based around my necklace, so I went for the blues!
My trousers are an absolute STEAL from Primark. I don't think it would be a very 'Nicole' blog post without some Primark! I also picked them up in a Barbie pink, which shall be featured soon.
Actually, my top is another Primark bargain from a few summers back! Loose crops are my favourite, especially in this killer heat, anything fitted is a no-no in this weather.
Recently, I'm never without a trusty maxi kimono. (The most forgiving summer essential!). This one is from New Look, which I've now purchased in a lighter blue! (Obsessed, right?!).
And finally, another colour in the rainbow that is my jelly shoe collection! I spotted these in Ark on my way to the check-out. It was one of those 'yep, that's mine!' situations!
Anyway, I decided to take a seat in a few of these shots, not entirely sure it works for me as I'm not so sure I should be compressed as much as I should be stretched out. Does that make sense? No? Okay, I'll stop. Enjoy your evenings my lovely people!

KIMONO - NEW LOOK - £22.99 (very similar)
SHOES - ARK - £9.99
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